Acting Naughty (Action, #1) by G.A. Hauser

Acting Naughty (Action, #1)

Keith O'Leary has been trying to break into acting for ages. When a part in the newest cable television drama, Forever Young, is offered, Keith struggles with the idea of playing a gay man. Adam Lewis, his agent, persuades Keith to accept the role, knowing it's a chance to star in the biggest new hit on TV. Keith reluctantly agrees, dreading working in a diner like his roommate/girlfriend, Patty, to make the rent money. When Keith meets his fabul...

Details Acting Naughty (Action, #1)

TitleActing Naughty (Action, #1)
Release DateMar 17th, 2012
PublisherThe GA Hauser Collection LLC
GenreRomance, M M Romance, Contemporary, Gay Romance, Gay For You, LGBT, Gay, Adult Fiction, Erotica, Short Stories, Contemporary Romance, Novella

Reviews Acting Naughty (Action, #1)

  • ElaineY
    This book ended so abruptly I had to check if I'd missed a page. I didn't. It's really odd - started off well, carried okay though I did pause at one point to wonder how Ms Hauser would end the story because there seemed no way out for these two actors.Keith is waiting to make it as an actor so getting a main role in the hit series is a make or break for him. Carl, the leading man, is gorgeous and terrified of his attraction to Keith being discov...
  • Emanuela ~plastic duck~
    01/18/13: Revised rating after a couple of years of reading m/m: from 4 to 2. Keith and Carl meet on the set of a tv show, where they both play the part of gay characters. Day after day the acting becomes real life and the two fall in love, but they are afraid of risking their careers if the truth comes out.I really enjoyed the story because the show business world is always entertaining and the characters were likable and they had a good chemist...
  • Jane
    I read this on my Kobo, got to the end and exclaimed so loudly my husband came to see what was wrong. I was practically shaking the Kobo to see where the rest of it was. It ends, well, abruptly doesn't cover it. Nothing is resolved, half a dozen plot points are just dangling in the air and I didn't get it. Is there a sequel planned? It might have been an idea to indicate that in some way because as it stands, it's an ending that didn't work for m...
  • Sara Winters
    I wanted to like this book. From the copy, I thought I might enjoy seeing how the scenario played out. And I do have to say the foundation of the story wasn't bad, but I didn't like how it was executed.Both main characters, Keith and Carl, have an annoying habit of acting like overly emotional, weepy women. Any time something remotely stimulating happened, there'd be an abundance of panting, declarations overemphasized with exclamation points and...
  • Beck
    I think we need a new category for m/m fiction...TRANSITIONAL M/M...what I mean by this is, books that readers of m/f romance read as they transition into m/m fiction...This book exemplifies transitional m/m as all the characters are chicks with dicks (even the chicks!) get long adoring looks...& gay sex 101 ("when I penetrate you, you'll enjoy it because there is something there called the prostate which is like a woman's g-spot!")...decla...
  • Maygirl7
    Horrible. No more of her books even when they are free.
  • Deanna Against Censorship
    Light-hearted read that I enjoyed. Clifthanger. Have to read the next book.
  • Ni_kii
    When Keith is offered the part of a gay man on one of America’s longest running soaps, he has to decide whether he can get over his discomfort about touching another man. Realising that it would be stupid to let the chance of a lifetime pass him by, he grits his teeth and gets on with the job at hand. Turning up on set, he realises that things are much worse than he originally anticipates. Upon meeting Carl, his co-star in the show, Keith start...
  • Sarina
    Despite the premise and how much I thought I'd like the book, I had a really difficult time staying engrossed in the story. I really don't even know why because I did really like the book. The book starts with Keith getting the part playing a gay man on a hit new television drama; he needs the job but has a girlfriend and is freaking out about having to touch another guy. Meeting his co-star, Carl, however eases some of his anxiety. Carl is kind ...
  • Amy
    The book started out amazing. This struggling actor hired for the only role he could get: a boyfriend for the soon-to-be-out-of-the-closet star of a soap opera. I loved the first 100 pages of it, as they got over their uncomfortableness and started to get feelings for each other. Then they had sex and the book went downhill. It went from a sweet story with a fun plot to erotica, which I am not a fan of at all. Corny sex-dialogue, pet names, the w...
    Based on the blurb, I thought this book would be more about a couple of closeted actors trying to hide their relationship. In fact, it takes more than half the pages in this book for Keith and Carl to even realize they want to be a couple. Only at the very end are they worried about the media. They're supposedly straight guys, and this is their first same-sex attraction. There are some nice scenes of sexual tension, and when they do get together,...
  • Lee
    I wish I liked Acting Naughty more than I did. The premise of the story held a lot of promise, but very little of it was actualized. The two MCs were likable and played well off each other, and the off-camera sex scenes were believable and didn't overpower the story, but I had a hard time believing a lot of the on-camera sex scenes. They were not handled well. In several instances the MCs become excessively weepy and overly needy and clingy. Not ...
  • Lizabeth Tucker
    Action 1.Straight actor Keith O'Leary has been given a great opportunity, a role in the new cable drama Forever Young. The only problem is that his character is gay. Luckily his co-star and on-screen lover, Carl Bronson, is patient and willing to teach him what to do. Keith never expected to become attracted to his co-star.While an interesting idea, the actual product just seemed amateur. Keith is so childish and whiny. Carl isn't much better and...
  • Beacullen
    I enjoyed this book, I liked the characters, Keith and Carl. Carl acts on a cable show and they add Keith to be his gay partner. They soon realize their attraction is more than just acting. I liked how their relationship built, til they cant help but react. They both seem very in love, the only problem is they're both worried about what it will do to their acting careers if they come out publically as gay. They're both very sweet, and it really w...
  • Melanie
    The beginning of this book was fabulous, I loved the tension and confusion while the MC's were acting. The newness of doing something they've never done before. I liked that Carl seemed to accept it a lot easier and understood Keith's struggles. Got to around 60% or so and I started getting annoyed with all the freaking crying, so I just kinda ignored those bits; in my head, these guys didn't cry. I get that men have emotions too, but even I don'...
  • JustJen
    This started off slowly until the guys started working together, when I really started to enjoy it. When Keith and Carl realized their attraction was real and started acting upon it (no pun intended), I didn't want to put the book down. However, after they passed the point of no return, they were instantly in love with each other, and the oh my God I love you's started to drive me a bit nuts. I did feel bad that there seemed to not be a solution ...
  • Kerry
    Hmmmm. I really liked this book. It was so exciting getting caught up in the awakening romance between two straight men. Carl and Keith are actors who are cast to play gay men in a cable TV show. The more intimate their scenes become, however, the more they come to realize that they have the same feelings for each other in real life. I loved the build up to their finally coming together, but then I think that the author didn't know where to go fr...
  • Mandy Anne
    I tried really hard to like this book, but like so much of Hauser's work, it came across as overly simplistic with insipid dialogue. The troubling part is that her characterizations are usually really interesting, so I did find myself really invested in Keith and Carl, but overall, the writing just didn't hold up. The relationship is very sweet, and while I wouldn't mind reading more about these two, I think I will have to take a break from the s...
  • Nicole
    I thought the sex was pretty hot, but there were a few things that pulled me out of the story. The dialogue was a bit formal (for lack of a better word), and I still can't buy instant pleasure when recording anal for the first time with mi imal prep. I will probably get the next in the series though, because I want to know what happens.
  • Pia Veleno
    Some of the "on screen" sex (during the show) was hot, but otherwise, I couldn't get into the characters, the dialogue (no one uses names anywhere near as often as these two did,) or the story. I had tried a couple of Hauser's freebies and didn't enjoy them, but wanting to give her a fair shake with a longer work like this. I'm sorry to say I'm just not into her style.
  • Ryan Loveless
    I couldn't tell the characters apart because they both acted the same and had the same thoughts. The story could have been improved if the progression from being straight to falling in love with a man was slowed down and we saw more than pages and pages of non-communication as they denied their status to themselves and each other.
  • Wyndslash
    I'm not sure if this was supposed to be humorous, but I found it hilarious because it was so over the top. The main characters, who are supposed to be straight outside of the TV series they are in, act like overly emotional women and not at all "straight" (or at least, the stereotypical perception of it, which is supposed to enhance their front).
  • Tami
    Actors fall in love with their costars all the time, right? What happens when your costar is the same sex as you? And you both happen to be straight?A fun romp that felt like it ended too suddenly. Definitely needed better editing for grammar, but unlike some books I've read, it wasn't so bad as to take me out of the story.
  • DL
    I really wanted to give this book more stars. The tension was nice, the characters were likable. Two actors who believed themselves to be straight fall in love during their scripted relationship. Then an unknown person sends information about their Real relationship to a tabloid. Who was it; what impact did it have; we never find out. The book just ended. Almost in mid sentence.
  • Cecilia Rodriguez
    It was an okay read and I wouldn't have mind reading more about how things turned out for Keith and Carl, but I won't be reading the others since I didn't realize the rest of the series would be threesomes and more:(
  • Katy Beth Mckee
    Keith is straight but can't afford to pass up this dream job. But at some point we see him get real with is co-star and it takes them both by surprise. It turns out to be special even if it won't be easy.
  • Chris
    Ok m/m romance about two (supposedly) straight actors playing a gay couple in a cable television series who begin to have feelings for each other. This book ends with very little resolved.
  • luv2reed
    I really like this book. I'm a fan of the GFY premise and holy moly this book has great sexual tension. Looking forward to the next one in the series.
  • Ashley
    Sometimes seemed a little unrealistic. I can't imagine 2 straight guys who have never considered being with a man falling into the life style that easily or talking that way. But that's just me.