Daily Life in Victorian London by Lee Jackson

Daily Life in Victorian London

This anthology has one simple goal: to give the reader a flavour of 'how life was lived' in Victorian London, through the words of the Victorians themselves. It is not a comprehensive study; but I have revisited an archive of ten years' reading and research — nineteenth century diaries, newspapers, magazines, memoirs, guidebooks — in an attempt to include as many diverse aspects of Victorian life as possible. There is, I must admit, a certain...

Details Daily Life in Victorian London

TitleDaily Life in Victorian London
Release DateMay 2nd, 2011
PublisherVictorian London Ebooks
GenreHistory, Nonfiction, Historical, Victorian, Reference

Reviews Daily Life in Victorian London

  • Katy O'Dowd
    I was highly tempted to write this review in the style of a Victorian letter, highly tempted, but was unable to come up with a good enough name for the internet - Circle of Information for Mankind just doesn't have the same ring to it, so I desisted.So back, instead, to Mr. Jackson's wonderful book.And wonderful it is. Many (if not most) reference books are tricky things, dry, creaky tomes that need to be waded through, and wade through you must ...
  • stephanie suh
    This book is a fruitful archive of personal diaries, newspaper/magazine articles, letters both official and private, and other historical records, all of which portray a glimpse of the everyday life of the Victorian Londoners - the poor, the middles class, and the middlings in between - minus the poshness of Downton Abbey. In this book, the reader will peep into many lives of different folks, kinds of job they had, the work conditions, and the pl...
  • Cynthia
    I love the idea, I feel more informed, and I appreciated that the passages were of the more entertaining/readable variety than a lot of Victorian-era writing appears to our modern sensibilities. However, I have an ingrained aversion to cherry-picked primary sources that do not convey the full context or breadth of opinion in Victorian society. For instance, it makes me uneasy that there was were several commentaries on working women by Arthur Mun...
  • Amelia
    I've been a fan of Lee Jackson's Victorian London website for years. In this anthology, he's pulled together some of the most fascinating bits of Victorian life for us to read. The original sources are quite varied, as are the topics. The book is arranged in alphabetical order, from Advertising Bills to Zuleilah, so if you want to know about Coffee Houses, Gambling, Lodgings, Make-Up, the Mesmeric Infirmary, Penny Dreadfuls, Public Toilets, St. J...
  • Harry Rutherford
    This is an anthology for the Kindle compiled by Lee Jackson, proprietor of the website The Victorian Dictionary, which anyone who has some interest in either Victoriana or London will surely have stumbled on at some time or another.If you have visited the website, you'll know what a great resource it is, and you won't be surprised to hear that Jackson has compiled an anthology full of curious and interesting snippets about such subjects as a 'B' ...
  • Kilian Metcalf
    From advertising to Zuleilah, this compendium of contemporary letters, essays, advices, newspaper articles, and advertisements, reveal glimpses of what ordinary life was like for the inhabitants of Victorian London. I particularly liked that all the entries are taken from original sources. I love Victorian literature and history, so I was familiar with many of the topics. I delighted with the topics that were new to me. This book is a must for an...
  • Don Keninitz
    I've always been fascinated by life in Britain during the Victorian era. Fiction only takes one so far in understanding what daily life was actually like, especially for the middle and lower classes. This book is an excellent survey.It consists exclusively of diary entries, letters to newspapers, articles from popular media of the time (especially Punch), travelogues and similar writings, thus giving the reader a first-hand insight into what peop...
  • Diana
    This book is a anthology of snippets of how life was mainly for the middle class and poor of London during the reign of Queen Victoria. It has paragraphs about entertainments, crime, fashion of the era. If your looking for a comprehensive guide to the era this isn't it, but the "soundbites" about each area are very interesting. I enjoyed the book and am planning on finding out more about the sections that intrigued me.
  • Haythem Bastawy
    This is a very interesting anthology of Victorian life in London. It contains passages, adverts, pictures, portraits, articles from all sorts of sources, publications and personal memoirs. Some of the subjects covered are very unusual like bed bugs and bloomerism, some are really funny and some are absolutely shocking. I have never read anything like this before, and I have nothing to regret about the experience, it diffenitely brought Victorian ...
  • Lindsay
    I love the craziness of the Victorians, and this book did give a broad view of how they saw themselves with various cuttings from diaries, newspaper columns and other pieces of the time. At some points it did become a little dry though.
  • Patrick Redmond
    A real eye opener, if you love Londons history, get this!
  • Rebecca Wright
    I am loving this book. Lee Jackson never fails to bring to world of Victorian London to life. Anyone that is interested in what the Victorian Era was *really* like should read this book.