Christian Apologetics by Douglas R. Groothuis

Christian Apologetics

2012 Christianity Today Book Award of Merit winner! The Christian worldview proposes answers to the most enduring human questions. But are those answers reliable? In this systematic text, Douglas Groothuis makes a comprehensive apologetic case for Christian theism--proceeding from a defense of objective truth to a presentation of the key arguments for God from natural theology to a case for the credibility of Jesus, the incarnation and the resurr...

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TitleChristian Apologetics
Release DateJul 27th, 2011
PublisherIVP Academic
GenrePhilosophy, Religion, Theology, Christianity, Nonfiction

Reviews Christian Apologetics

  • Justin Bailey
    In his Christian Apologetics, philosopher Douglas Groothuis offers his “magnum opus”, a cumulative case argument for the explanatory power and persuasive truth of the Christian faith. In his own words: “Christianity alone makes the most sense of the things that matter most.” (72) Weighing in at around 700 pages, the volume is not particularly innovative; nor is it trying to be. Rather, Groothuis is hoping to update the apologetic conversa...
  • Todd Miles
    A textbook of this magnitude cannot be concisely summarized nor reviewed. Let me commend the book in this way: Christian Apologetics is solidly evangelical and Christ-honoring. Groothuis writes in a clear and concise way. The author exhibits a strong commitment to the authority and sufficiency of Scripture throughout. Christians will be encouraged and strengthened in their faith as they become convinced that there is strong philosophical and inte...
  • Maryann Spikes
    Favorite quotes, summaries and questions:
  • Craig Hurst
    It is probably not a stretch to say that the task of Christian apologetics has been necessary since the Fall. Fallen man rejects God and in his rejection casts doubt on the validity of Christianity. If you need evidence for this then just pick up a recently published book by the dubbed New Atheists Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Daniel Dennett or Sam Harris. If reading any one of these authors does not impress upon you the necessity of ap...
  • Jeff
    If anyone is interested in the topic of apologetics this is a great book. If you are a boardline believer or non-believer, you might find this book gets you to rethink your position. It begins by arguing why what be believe is import, our world view. It then presents the case that God exists using several different arguments, ontological, cosmological, cosmic fine-tuning, intellegent design, moral argument and existential argument. He then goes o...
  • Michael Boling
    The field of apologetics and the subject contained therein seems to be an ever expanding array of subjects. Thus a work that is intended to be a comprehensive treatise on the subject of apologetics will inherently be a rather large tome covering a number of key topics that fall under the umbrella of apologetical discussion. Christian Apologetics: A Comprehensive Case for Biblical Faith by author and Denver Seminary Professor of Philosophy Dr. Dou...
  • Cindy Nipper
    This was part of my assigned reading for my Apologetics class at Liberty University. This was a wonderful book about defending the Christian faith! Many discussions I was well aware of where the author brought additional comprehensible data to, and many arguments I wasn't aware of until this book! A few things I disagree with, but for the most part, I found this book extremely sane and a wonderful source for all Christians! It will help build you...
  • Richard Hillyer
    A great work on apologetics.
  • Rick Mattson
    I appreciate having main arguments on various apologetic issues all in one place. It makes for a good "cumulative case" for Christian faith.
  • John Brackbill
    This was certainly worth my time to read. It is readable (though chapter eleven's discussion on the Kala Cosmological argument was a real brain stretcher for me) and touches on most things. Though, I must admit that I am not widely read in this field such that my review cannot be as helpful as some who are. Here are some things that I was not excited about in the book: "Yet some Christians are reluctant to accept the arguments just given" (referr...
  • Samantha DeVoir
    One of my favorite books on my bookshelf. I go back to this again and again. This book is broken down by different arguments Christians will face and how to approach these. Great reference book and not a boring read.
    This apologetics book is dense, thorough, scholarly, detailed, and exhaustive. It was a very big book, but I felt like I had all bases covered. It was not particularly inspiring or moving, but I'm very glad that I read it.
  • Jonathan Biddle
    Groothuis does a good job of surveying the primary arguments for theism and Christianity and presenting well thought out defenses of them. He writes in an accessible style and assimilates a wealth of learning into the book. My main critique would be that he probably tries to prove too much in one book. When examining the claims and credentials of Jesus, he somehow manages to squeeze in an argument for the inspiration of the Old and New Testament!...
  • Frankie Della Torre
    A massive work that seeks to present a cumulative-case for the Christian faith. Groothuis begins at the bottom, addressing the various views on truth, and seeks to establish what customs are necessary for constructing a coherent worldview. Then, within those parameters, he seeks to first provide good reasons (arguments) for belief in God. Then, upon that foundation, he provides strong reasons to think that God has revealed Himself in the person o...
  • Bridgette Ralph
    I read this book from cover to cover and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Some of it went right over my head, but the challenging material did not discourage me in my pursuit of more knowledge. This book wasn't too lofty for someone in the beginning stages of studying this type of material. It is a great book to have on hand when you are faced with some tough questions. It doesn't have to be read from front to back, but one can choose a chapter that inte...
  • AJ Maese
    A strong cumulative case apologetic for Christianity.Strong points: Positive arguments for God's existence from natural theology are well thought out with good answers to common objections. Excellent treatment of the problem of evil from a compatibilist perspective.Weak points: Transcendental argument could have been presented more compellingly. Arguments for the uniqueness and veracity of Christianity against rival worldviews are good, but leave...
  • Tim
    This book presents a fairly comprehensive apologetic for Christianity using a "cumulative evidence" approach. That is, Douglas Groothuis presents the latest form of the various arguments of classical (ontological, teleological, cosmological, moral proofs) and evidential (e.g., evidence for the Resurrection) apologetics not as individually absolutely decisive, but as collectively making Christianity the most reasonable of the various alternatives ...
  • Brian Watson
    If you had to read one book on apologetics, and you were willing to read over 650 pages, well, this is the book for you. I liked it a great deal. First of all, it was readable. Second, it covered a lot of ground, from different apologetic methods to classical theistic proofs, to issues surrounding Jesus. It also has a chapter on the problem of evil and Islam. I think it could only have been better if there was a chapter on the trustworthiness of ...
  • J.
    Powerful and thoughtful read. It's assigned reading and I'm slogging through. So far I find it very much a fun, insightful, intelligent, and insightful read. Also the author is our professor at our Churches Bible Institute. I especially like Dr. Groothuis's lecture style. He is a professor with the with the Denver Seminary for the past 20 years. The book starts with creation and the arguments pro and cons and ends mor specifically with Christiani...
  • Mark A Powell
    Groothuis bases his work on the defense of Christianity around a mantra that states “the most effective strategy for defending and commending Christianity is to argue that it best explains what matters most.” Although a book as large as this still cannot cover all possible arguments or challenges, Groothuis has delivered a tour-de-force that will not only help believers strengthen their understanding of the faith but show the logical consiste...
  • Brent McCulley
    Groothuis has written simply an excellent handbook on Apologetics that makes for a fantastic read and an even better resource. Groothuis denies that he is an evidentialist in the strict sense, albeit he pretty much takes up all the classicalal apologetic arguments, plus divers new ones of his own. From positive arguments for the existence of God, to defending the reliability of the New Testament, this is a seminal work.Brent
  • Todd
    This is a thick but very accessible book. Dr. Groothuis gives a fair assessment of the various approaches to apologetics. He then moves on to offer compelling evidence for the reliability of the Bible, the existance of God, the resurrection of Christ, etc. This is an introduction and not intended to offer a comprehensive defense of each question. But as an introduction is very good.
  • Chris
    Technically I didn't read it but I took his Apologetics course at Denver Seminary. His class notes were essentially the rough draft of the book. Having looked through it, it is precisely that. So I read indirectly. I do think he is underrated as an apologetics and frequently misunderstood. This is a goof book.
  • Godly
    Brilliant! The book is written in a very readable, conversational yet very well thought out and intellectually invigorating. I particularly enjoyed the discussion on natural theology and the sections on pantheistic religion (Vedanta Hinduism and Zen Buddhism). This is will be my go-to reference for Apologetic material for sure!
  • Alan
    Groothuis did an amazing job providing a truly comprehensive case for Christianity. I took my time with reading it to ensure I got the most out of it. It is one of the most powerful apologetic books I've ever read.
  • Greg
    Very comprehensive introduction to the subject, a little dense in places, but a vey useful book to have on your shelves. I read it right through, but will regard it as a useful reference book in future.
  • Wesley
    Groothuis presents a pretty in-depth look at a lot of issues surrounding apologetics. He knows what he's talking about but I find his writing a bit drab. I also find exclusivism and Reformed theology to be problematic. If you're into those two things, it'd probably be a great read.
  • Stephen
    Read for TTPH611 Appolgoetics/ Fall 2016Quite Good!
  • Andy Smith
    good introduction, don't completely agree with everything. Not a great writer.
  • Jeffrey Backlin
    A very good overview and introduction into Christian Apologetics, in my opinion one of the better intros.