Sakuran by Moyoco Anno


Vendue à une maison close dès son plus jeune âge, Tomeki, une petite fille rebelle cherche par tous les moyens à échapper à la condition de courtisane ou, plus crûment, de prostituée, à laquelle on la destine. Mais, difficile d'échapper à un destin tout tracé ! Les années passant, Tomeki, sous le nom de Kiyoha, devient une courtisane en vue et développe un véritable don pour les choses de l'amour. Un talent précieux dans un monde ...

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Release DateSep 24th, 2019
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Historical, Historical Fiction, Comics, Graphic Novels, Fiction, Cultural, Japan, Seinen, Josei, Adult

Reviews Sakuran

  • Seth T.
    [Introducing Kiyoha: first-time smoker(comment courtesy of Katie Jett Walls)]I care about women. And not just because they're mine or I have some familial duty to the ones who are related to me. I care about women because somewhere over the last twenty years, I began to empathize with them. Not all at once probably, but gradually. It came along with being able to empathize with all sorts of people who were not me. When I was twenty, I didn't get ...
  • Sean O'Hara
    I picked this up without knowing anything about it except it's from Vertical, and Vertical's manga selections are by far the most interesting of all American publishers. When I pulled it out of the box from Amazon, I was struck by two things -- first, it came shrink-wrapped, a sign that it contains content not suitable for children should they find it while browsing the comic section at a bookstore; and second that the cover is really fantastic, ...
  • May
    Watching a rerun of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit was more intriguing than this manga. I get it. Reading about the sexual exploitation of women is a serious subject, no matter what historical period you set it in or what format you choose to tell the story. My biggest problem with this manga lies in its main character, Kiyoha. Yes, she's a survivor. She is also strong-willed, wily to a certain degree and extremely rebellious, especially as ...
  • Victoria
    I wanted to like this book more but it was just too hard to tell what was going on most of the time. All the courtesans pretty much looked the same, so you could only tell them apart based on behaviour, and even then it was only the protagonist who really stood out (I still sometimes had to go back to remind myself what she was wearing, in order to make sure the character I was reading about a few pages later was still her).I've found with a lot ...
  • Yon Nyan (BiblioNyan)
    Sakuran: Blossoms Wild is a tale from the Edo Period of Japanese history. It focuses on the pleasure quarter, Yoshiwara, with our female protagonist named Kiyoha. As a child, Kiyoha was sold to a brothel, where she worked as a maid until she could rise to a prominent position of a courtesan.The facets that make this manga very good consists of the story. It’s presented very honestly and doesn’t shy away from exhibiting the more candid and le...
  • scarlettraces
    (There is an 18+ warning on the back of the book. It possibly should have been on the front for those unwarily browsing in bookstores. This one is definitely NSFW.) I wish, wish, wish Anno-sensei had written more of this story - I wonder if it had run in a josei magazine rather than a seinen one whether it might have been longer. Would also be interesting to see what slant it might have taken - I would have liked to see more of Seiji. Anyway, wha...
  • Anna
    Anno really has a thing for female-centered stories... full of extremely bitter terrible humans & set in hella rotten world!!Which is what makes her works so amazing. Also the color spreads in this book are magic
  • Yoz0ra
    The story presentation was okay. The pacing was odd at certain parts of the books, and the plot is told in a non-linear kind of way. The manga held no punches of what life is like for a courtesan in red-light districts. I strongly remember the lectures the lives of girls sold to brothels (in Japan and abroad) during my Modern Japan class I took last year. The book captures the unglamorous and challenging parts of these women's lives well. Reading...
  • Carrie
    If you want your historical manga fix in one volume it might be up your alley, Anno's Sakuran follows the story on women in the Edo Period of Japanese history. Detailing the lives and customs and loves of courtesans and those who keep them, love them and pay for them, it's a good fit for manga-ka Moyoco Anno whose body of work ranges from cutesy Sugar Sugar Rune to more darker and psychological bodies of work that include In Clothes Called Fat (a...
  • Sarah Gamal
    A waste of time. Kept waiting for it to get better, but it didn't deliver. The art is passable at best and all the characters look pretty much the same. The story's supposed climax -the protagonist's heartbreak- was absolute rubbish.I didn't care about anyone in this thing.
  • S.
    Sakuran, the raise of an Oiran. Made into a film. designs are amazing, too.
  • Alex
    Sakuran is a one-shot manga about a woman growing up in a teahouse (read: brothel) in Edo, Japan. It starts in "present" time, then from chapter 2 onward, recounts the life story of Kiyoha, the protagonist. She was orphaned, presumably (the book doesn't get into it), at a young age and dumped at the brothel, where she was made to be a maid for one of the highest-ranking courtesans. Kiyoha hates it there and hates anyone telling her what to do, so...
  • Julie
    Sakuran gives a story that is not told just a whole lot. Lots of people hear about geisha and mistake them for prostitutes, but the truth is the professional courtesans were a different career at the time. This story follows Kiyoha, a courtesan, who is generally angry at the world for her lot in life. That is for being sold into the pleasure quarters of Yoshiwara in Edo (modern-day Tokyo) as a child. The story is really interesting enough, but th...
  • Anne
    This is a really good comic book! It's set in Edo (today Tokyo) pleasure quarter Yoshiwara, and the environment is especially interesting. I spent forever trying to date the events! I think that my first guess was right and, based on Kiyoha's coiffure, the story is set at the beginning part of the 19th century.The story follows Kiyoha, a courtesan in Yoshiwara. Sold in the brothel as a child, she is trained to be first a maid, then an apprentice ...
  • Monique
    There's no denying that Sakuran has a beautiful cover. With coloured pages throughout and a heavy stock of paper, its foil cover is only part of what makes it an attractive item. But how was the content? Eh.My biggest complaint with Sakuran was my complete confusion throughout the book. Characters looked too similar. I could never quite tell who was Kiyoha and who was Mikumo. Speech bubbles were placed to haphazardly, making it hard to understand...
  • Helena R-D
    I had read "Happy Mania" and was familiar with her work. What drew me to this was the adult subject that isn't explored-The Pleasure Quarters of old Japan. Most of the manga that is translated is either too male oriented or simply too childish to read and this is a refreshing change of pace. The story centers around a young woman sold into a brothel who ends up rising and becoming a very popular courtesan, but her yearning for love is what threat...
  • Sarah Hayes
    I have this faint memory of reading the first volume of Flowers & Bees by Moyoco Anno a couple of years ago. It did not make much of an impression, not because it was bad but probably because I only had the one volume and I tend to forget about a series if I don't read more of it. Sakuran therefore became my official introduction to the work of Moyoco Anno and it has me asking: where are the rest of her work in English? Because this woman, clearl...
  • Miss Susan
    mmm. i dunno, the bones of this story are alright and i should have loved kiyoha -- when am i not about fierce girls screaming against the unfairness of the world? but the character designs are so non-distinct that i spent more time trying to confirm who was who than really falling in love with the story. the composition didn't help much either, moyoco anno is fond of dark definite lines which, while not a bad art style in itself, needs a lot mor...
  • Russell Grant
    This one, but the author/artist of the great autobiographical manga "Insufficient Direction" takes a look at the lives of Edo period courtesans with this one. The woman's point of view she brings is refreshing since there's no romantic notions or porny aspects to the book, so you get a sense that it is mostly accurate as to how their lives would of been. The art is great, but my one knock against the book on a whole is that I found it confusing. ...
  • Sophie
    Quick read. I bought this manga at London Expo ComicCon 2014 because I have loved the film for many years now. Because it is a stand-alone manga, there are things that are explored more in the movie, but overall, the story was intriguing and entertaining. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and will definitely re-read it in the future.The artwork is amazing. Although, at times it was hard to distinguish some of the artists apart, the artwork was glorious, a...
  • Amanda
    Unfortunately, this did not live up to the expectations I had for it. The artwork is ok (though I think the beauty of this book has more to do with Vertical's presentation of it than the artists' original work). The story was difficult to follow, and what I could make of it wasn't all that it was cracked up to be. I can see how Kiyoha became so angry and jaded with the way she grew up, and what she had to put up with in the brothel, and I did fee...
  • Jocilyn
    Being an enormous fan of Sugar Sugar Rune, I am pleased to get my hands on a copy of Sakuran. Yet, there really is no comparison. Sakuran reads like a shounen, shoujo and josei manga all in one. As a child, Kiyoha is a feisty uncontrollable minx that can't tolerate the confines of the Yoshiwara. Yet, as she grows into young adulthood, her image and beauty sharpens and courtesan skills take off. The art in Sakuran is a very lovely expose of Edo-er...
  • Emilia P
    Anno seems to be pretty versatile -- I've read her silly personal comics, her serious modern-day manga about eating disorders (In Clothes Called Fat) and now this, essentially pornographic, geisha manga about a young woman who starts out as the lowest brothel attendant as a kid and grows to become one of the most respected geishas, even though she struggles with wanting or rejecting that life... I dunno, I think Anno does a great job with charact...
  • Cm Addams
    I first picked this up because the cover caught my attention. the story was alright but the story seemed a little too voted everywhere to the point to where I got confused. the artist tends to suffer from same face syndrome so without the clothing it was hard to tell the characters apart. the ending is a little tragic but that's what makes me appreciate the movie better. This is the first time I can say the movie was better than the book because ...
  • Deb
    Sakuran by Moyoco Anno from Vertical is a one-shot graphic novel about a headstrong girl who becomes a beautiful, but still willful oiran, or courtesan. It's got a quirky but lovely style of artwork, featuring a heroine who's fascinating and's a different look inside the pleasure quarters of Japan, that captures the rivalries, the customs and the passions of the women who work there, and the men who come to the brothels too.this is one ...
  • Maya
    Moyoco Anno's Sakuran is an interesting story about the Edo period era sex work and the many situations that comes with being a young courtesan on the rise, such is the story of our protagonist, Kiyoha. While I found the story interesting and sad, I could not follow it very well. Despite being beautiful and striking, Anno's art is marred with same-face syndrome and the dynamic scenes lead to erratic pacing. An interesting read for anyone interest...
  • Cat
    3.5 I really liked the art. The story was okay; I don't like it when there is "instantaneous love" in a story, and I especially don't appreciate jaded-by-love stories. I think Moyoco Anno was trying to make a Kiyoha a sympathetic character; the story opens with Kiyoha being extremely cold and mean, and then flashes back to her beginnings as a maid and her upbringing in the pleasure house. However, we can't really pity Kiyoha because of her person...