The Great Theft by Khaled Abou El Fadl

The Great Theft

Despite President George W. Bush's assurances that Islam is a peaceful religion and that all good Muslims hunger for democracy, confusion persists and far too many Westerners remain convinced that Muslims and terrorists are synonymous. In the aftermath of the attacks of 9/11, the subsequent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the recent bombings in London, an unprecedented amount of attention has been directed toward Islam and the Muslim world. Yet...

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TitleThe Great Theft
Release DateJan 23rd, 2007
GenreReligion, Islam, History, Politics, Nonfiction, Faith, Sociology, Reference, Research, Spirituality, Law

Reviews The Great Theft

  • Chadijah Mastura
    My parents sent me to two schools at once when I was a kid: to the public elementary school (the secular one) and to an Islamic school (Islamic "madrassah," or "school" in Arabic, often spelled "madrassa" in English). Yet, as the world attention to Islam has been growing as the result of the massive terrorist activities from the fanatics (I call them the lunatics, actually), there are a lot of things I cannot fully explain to my friends from oth...
  • Serign
    Provides a lot of food for thought and reflection worthy material; I was a disappointed by the lack of nuance in a lot of places, but to be fair, the author did state in the beginning that he would be generalizing for the sake of brevity. The term "puritan" in this books seems to be used to refer to most people who don't agree with Dr. Khaled on a given issue; for example, he points to Wahabism as the main cause/promoters of puritanism in our age...
  • Sofia
    This was a highly anticipated read for me, and perhaps this is where the disappointment lay. The book is well argued and has lots of insightful chapters. Khaled Abou Fadl is a scholar of well deserved repute, but I found the argument to be quiet flawed. I don't think it's sufficient to lay the entire blame of extremism on Salafi/Wahabi movements. The historical contexts of both these groups is very well relayed but doesn't go far back enough to f...
  • Sadaf
    I wish all Muslims were able to read this book. A very systematic analysis of how fundamentalism in Islam started and gained strength. He also gives a lot of information regarding issues that you thought were part of Islamic teachings and realize that you have been misinformed all along. Makes me want to read more books by this author. Highly recommended.
  • Nathaniel
    "It is due time that moderate Muslims realize that they are in a state of war with puritan Muslims." - El FadlThe following is drawn in its entirety from El Fadl:To win this very real war that has done inestimable damage to so many Muslims and to the truth of the Islamic faith, it is absolutely imperative that moderates declare a counter-jihad against the puritan heresy. This is not a call for the shedding of blood; it is a call for matching the ...
  • Ay
    i HEART this man and this book. im going to read it again. a most glowing review coming soon...what's so interesting to me about religion and beliefs, is that alot of what we believe has been already predecided for us and pushed so hard that generatons later what we think is truth is in fact nothing more than someone elses opinion/ coloured interpretations of an interpretation of an dont realize the reasons behind the way you...
  • Foxglove
    What an amazing, well written, educating book, a must read book on Islam which taught me so much. Very impressed.
  • Sara Chouki
    Khaleds views are very refreshing, and very much needed in our time. He speaks the words that many think but refrain from saying due to the fear of being condemned or seen to be 'controversial'. Let it be clear that he under no circumstances sees 'Islam' as being the issue in creating extremism, but the interpretation of Islam by some groups. Although I did not agree with all of his points, such as the extent or even the idea of 'reforming' some ...
  • Book
    The Great Theft: Wrestling Islam from the Extremists by Khaled Abou El Fadl"The Great Theft" is the enlightening book about the Islamic divide between the "puritans" and "moderates. The author labels "puritans" as that faction considered fanatical, extremist, and militant; as opposed to "moderates" who are reasonable. Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl is an accomplished Islamic jurist and scholar, law professor at UCLA and former appointee of the Bush admi...
  • Ann El-moslimany
    The GreatTheftThe Great Theft is the usurpation of the religion of Islam from its mainstream roots. The book distinguishes between what the author calls the Islam of the ‘moderates’, that includes the vast majority of Muslims, and the Islam of the ‘puritans’. Addressing both Muslims and non-Muslims. He carefully explains Islamic law, emphasizing the fundamental unity that remained within a wealth of broadly diverse interpretations. That i...
  • Bruce
    "Khaled Abou El Fadl has written an important work for anyone trying to understand the split within Islam. He posits a choice for Muslims who are confronted with negative perceptions of Islam: complain, cry and “grow old in silent bitterness” or “teach others about their faith.” However, the author admits there is a problem because “many Muslims are woefully ignorant about their religion.” He then offers a third option, to study and t...
  • Anne Meyer
    Detailed and knowledgeable discussion on the conflict within Islam today. The author describes the rift along lines those muslims with puritan worldview and those with a moderate worldview, and discusses how they see Islam differently because of this difference. This goes miles belong the appallingly slack journalism you commonly see to shed light on the situation.Exposes the contradictary behavior of puritan muslims, and disassembles the authori...
  • Kristen
    As its title suggests, this is a book aimed at reclaiming one of the world's great religions from those who have hijacked it - at least in the eyes of the Western world. Real Muslims living in most Muslim countries know the difference between their own moderate faith and the version Dr. Abou el Fadl dubs "puritan." He tells an alarming story of a great tradition of ethical religious jurisprudence (quite similar to the Talmudic tradition, it seems...
  • Cara
    I really liked this book, though in certain ways it seemed incomplete to me. I don't know if that's a reflection of the book itself or merely that it was intended for a slightly different audience, more of an introduction to Islam. Khaled Abou El Fadl divides the Muslim world into Moderates and "Puritans" (I love that term - better than Islamists or Extremists or Fanatics or Fundamentalists or any of the other words people tend to use) and this i...
  • Natalie
    I was dismayed when I realized I had to read this book for an exam. By the next day. I ended up devouring it without problem. This is a fascinating book that gives an enormous amount of information without being needlessly scholarly or dry. This should be on the to-read list of ANYONE. (I feel like the day-today "normal" Muslim gets a bad rap. Especially after taking the intro to Islam class I had to read this book for.)
  • Aasem Bakhshi
    In a way, Abou El Fadl is neatly limning the political dimensions of the discourse he has started in his other book Speaking in God's Name. The book is indeed for a wider audience who is not fully equipped (perhaps not interested as well) with the nuances of Islamic law and theology. I liked the book but I don't believe it has enough to wrestle Islam from the extremists; however, it would serve well to find the least common denominators in scatte...
  • Alex
    This book is a great read for people both familiar and unfamiliar with Islam. My only issue with it is that the author seems to downplay and even ignore western imperialism as a cause for radicalism.Despite this, it's still an excellently sourced and well written book on a very controversial topic.
  • Naomi
    A careful and engaging comparison of major differences between moderate and puritanical Muslim approaches and beliefs, Dr. Khlaed Abou El Fadl's work is a great service to those seeking greater understanding. Recommended for individual and small group study and in congregations.
  • Fadoua
    A must read book for understanding moderate view of Islam. The author loves his religion. He could communicates his love to me, the reader. A wonderful religious book I have ever read! I recommend to non-Muslims as well as Muslims.
  • Alia
    Thought provoking to say the least.
  • Yousef M
    Khaled Abou El Fadl has done a great job of showcasing how and why the state of Islamic practices and attitudes is something that must be addressed beyond political grievances being solved.
  • Mariam
    AMAZING BOOK!! A must read!!
  • Emily Iliani
    Definite must read for all Muslims and a good read for those interested in Islam.
  • Darci
    I was so impressed with this book and how clear it was written. I felt it gave a true picture of most Muslims and how extremists overshadow the true religion of Islam.
  • Humza
    Mildly insightful, but lacking nuance
  • Caroline
    The book was a little rambling and repetitive but there is no doubt he has an argument and makes it passionately, and it was originally published in the years immediately after September 11 so it's urgent and slightly defensive. He summarizes the history of today's fundamentalist/Wahhabi Islam, which he labels 'puritan' (which I think is great because for Americans especially it evokes the idea of puritanism as we knew it here) as having come out...
  • Diba Kazi
    This book deserves 10 stars out of 5! I read Nadia Murad's story and left me completely and utterly heartbroken. The Islamic state militants described by her and scores others do not represent the Islam that i know and practice but given a chance to explain the aspects of Islam, I am at loss of right words. This book logically explains the rise of fanatics, it explains the reason of moderate Muslims like me, my family's feeling of being lost in t...
  • Mhamad El-Aub
    مقدمة لمن أراد التعرف على الاسلام من وجهة نظر معتدلة سواءً أكان مسلماً ام غير مسلم. يقدم خالد أبو الفضل، البروفيسور في القانون و الفقه الإسلامي، بدايةً مختصر تاريخي لنشأة التشدد في الدين الاسلامي مع الوهابية/ السلفية و الظروف التي ساعدت على انتشار...
  • Ms.O Ortega
    Brief, interesting, and successful. It cleared up most of my thoughts on Islam and their faith. Although I was extremely stubborn about the religion and how it works. I'm relieved to finally understand that there's a divide within the religion which explains to ignorant Americans such as myself who are the real 'terrorists'.