A New Turn in the South by Hugh Acheson

A New Turn in the South

When Hugh Acheson (now a James Beard Award winner as a chef and author) moved from Ottawa to Georgia, who knew that he would woo his adopted home state and they would embrace him as one of their own?  In 2000, following French culinary training on both coasts, Hugh opened Five and Ten in Athens, a college town known for R.E.M., and the restaurant became a spotlight for his exciting interpretation of traditional Southern fare. Five and Ten became...

Details A New Turn in the South

TitleA New Turn in the South
Release DateOct 18th, 2011
PublisherClarkson Potter
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Food, Nonfiction, American, Southern

Reviews A New Turn in the South

  • Shannon
    To Read: Only if you are a foodie. There is a lot in here about using the right ingredients that you should order from a special place in Georgia or whatever. That is great, and I’m sure the items recommended taste wonderful. If you are just a home cook on a budget, like me, you may not have the option to pick the most expensive ingredients. I didn’t think there were a lot of interesting stories or super important cooking tips, so I would not...
  • Sarah
    Did not care for it in any way.
  • Sara
    I wanted to like this cookbook. Hugh Achenson is an Athens legend, who has done great things for the local restaurant scene. The tips and anecdotes about the recipes are great.But what I look for in a cookbook is:• will I actually make the recipes?• could I make the recipes or are they too complex?• are the ingredients easy to find?And ultimately this is a cookbook full of recipes I would never eat. Granted, I'm a picky eater. I don't eat r...
  • Katie
    A good solid collection of recipes that make you feel like you could make southern food and maybe even eat it every day without having your arteries scream in pain/pleasure.It's a cookbook that doesn't take itself too seriously. Instead it's chock full of good recipes presented in a casual manner and there are fun photos and drawings and lots of color. I really pleasant book to sit with.The recipes themselves are homey, but still fancy enough to ...
  • A. S.
    In “A new turn in the south” by Hugh Acheson, the author—a restaurant owner and a food lover—shares his favorite Southern recipes. As Acheson starts the book, he confesses that even though he is Canadian, he has spent a third of his life in the South and is in love with Southern cooking. The cookbook is divided by the following categories: libations (drinks), snacks, soups/salads, first courses, from seas and streams (seafood), things wit...
  • Ken
    Being a born and bred southern, I found Hugh Acheson’s (a Canadian gentleman, btw…) new cookbook, A New Turn in the South utterly fascinated. This clever, idyllic chef and restaurant owner’s take on southern food will keep you hungrily turning page after page to see what he’ll come up with next. The book is beautifully designed and extremely well written. I learned many things from the peppy, fun cookbook but what stuck with me most was t...
  • Bdalton
    My daughter and I visited Atlanta and Empire State South. We had a lovely time. The service was delightful and the food was yummy. This cookbook was a Mother's Day present and always reminds me of that wonderful evening. I have made six different recipes from the cookbook thus far. All have been delicious (except the cornbread. That was great for croutons for the soup, but made poor eating). Everything else was top-notch. I like recipes that are ...
  • Blair
    I have to say, I've read this twice now. I've marked about 10 things that I want to make. I know of about 10 more that I'm just waiting for the proper ingredients to come in at the Farmers' Market. It's a great book - quirky, approachable, tasty and fun. I think this one will go into the favorites/constant rotation list. There aren't a lot of cookbooks that do that for me, but Acheson put out a winner with this book.
  • Deidre
    As Southern as they come with an emphasis on fresh, local food and traditional flavors. The vegetable section of the book is perhaps the most interesting with intriguing options such as cardoons gratin and saffron-braised celery. It's Southern so there's a lot of ham, a lot of greens and more than a few breaded options. Perhaps least inspiring are the desserts with homespun but generic options like peach pie and apple brown betty. Still, the styl...
  • Susie
    I'm sure the recipes in here are amazing. They are the kind of thing my husband could make and I'm sure we'd drool over them. For me, outside of the drinks (which do look awesome!) and some sides (again, they look/sound interesting) it is out of my league. Also, and I hate to admit I need pictures in my cookbooks to understand them, but the design of this cookbook was a little off-putting. It was kind of confusing. This would be a great cookbook ...
  • Tisha
    This book had a few interesting tips, but not a whole lot of recipes that I was interested in. It might be that most were not winter recipes, but also that there was a lot of seafood recipes, which I don't generally cook. The one thing I found disconcerting was that the author claimed that local, sustainable and community were very important, but very often, he noted that he buys things from growers in California or Canada, which are nowhere near...
  • Leslie
    I love the idea of new southern cooking and this book delivers. I didn't like the hand-written beginnings to each recipe; it looks messy and like it's trying too hard to be homey. There are some very inventive recipes included; some twists in old standard recipes. While this is a good addition to any southern cooking collection I still don't like and won't eat collards or okra, but that chess pie sure looked good!
  • Rainey
    This may be one of the most attractive cookbooks ever made. That being said, as someone born and raised and carrying a lifelong love of food and cooking tradition, some of the recipea in this book really showcase Acheson's "outsider" status. I almost wish he chad named this book, "Southern Inspired" or something similar.
  • Jenny
    I love the descriptions, the pictures, and the recipes. I especially like the fact that Hugh Acheson has included recipes for spicy and sweet relishes including two kinds of green tomato pickles. It is unusual for me to find recipes for both the sweet green tomato pickles that my Mother's Stepmother made and the hot and spicy ones that my Great Grandmother made.
  • Simone Brett
    I love the layout of this recipe book; it is an engaging recipe book. I've not tried any of the serious recipes in here as of yet, but what I have attempted had been good. Well worth having as a resource for southern cooking.
  • Autumn
    Aw, this book was really cute and very very Athens. One star for the carrot ginger pickles, one star for specifying 'a hot pepper sauce, such as Texas Pete', one star for good book design and the last star for naming Karen Barker and Phoebe Lawless as the best pastry chefs in the South.
  • Tessa
    Love this book. A true pleasure-to-read-in-bed cookbook! I love Hugh's voice and have eaten at his restaurants: amazing food. He's a humble and talented person, and I can't wait to try more of his recipes!
  • Jasmine
    Hugh Acheson is an amazing chef, and some of the recipes in this book are ones that I really, viscerally, needed. Also, it's lovely, full of images of beautiful Athens, Georgia, the town I have been privileged enough to call home for the last three years. Fantastic cookbook.
  • Pamela
    I need to make a couple chickens, so I can make chicken stock and prepare the other 75% of recipes in this book. Aside from a disastrous experience with lemon chess pie, this is a solid "special times" cookbook, though not a member of the everyday pantheon.
  • Crystal
    I got this at the library and found a few recipes that I want to try, but I won't be buying it.
  • Sandyl
    Hugh has a great since of humor and is a pretty darn good doodler! Loved this book from the library's new acquisitions.
  • Ally
    So excited to finally get my hands on Hugh's new cookbook with love from my college town Athens, Georgia!!