Ever After (Lost Love, #2) by Karen Kingsbury

Ever After (Lost Love, #2)

In this sequel to 'Even Now', Emily is 20 & at college on a soccer scholarship when she meets the man who changes everything for her. In Justin she has found someone to share a faith in God and to return her trust and love; but will their love prove an inspiration also for Emily's reunited birth parents?

Details Ever After (Lost Love, #2)

TitleEver After (Lost Love, #2)
Release DateJan 1st, 2007
GenreChristian Fiction, Christian, Fiction, Romance

Reviews Ever After (Lost Love, #2)

  • Laura
    OH MY GOSH, SO GREAT! I loved this book. And I cried like I actually knew the characters in it! It's a great story, and it also made me think. You have to read it!
  • Brooke — brooklynnnnereads
    There really isn't much that I can say in this review without giving anything away. In fact, you may be able to predict what happens before reading the book (or in the beginning). However, I can not get over how much this book hit me emotionally. It's a fictional novel but it also is similar to a lot of people's life. That alone, I can't get over. It also explains how one life can make a difference to many with a rippling effect. This book truly ...
  • Tiana
    This was the sequel to Even Now, which I gave 3 stars. Even though I wasn't crazy about the first book, it didn't conclude everything, so I felt like I had to read the second one also. I have to say, the first one was better. This story was way too predictable, and of course it wouldn't be Christian fiction unless there were some unnecessary tragedy that occurs, which predictably happened in this book. I think it was supposed to be a sweet book a...
  • Cydnie
    Favorite quote from book: "Love is not possible without sacrifice, and sacrfice is not possible without love" [from authors notes:] When I finished "Even Now"[the prequel to "Ever After":], I was disappointed in the ending - it seemed 'unfinished'. I picked up the sequel, "Ever After" to see if it gave 'closure'. The answer is yes, it did! I liked "Ever After" the best of the two. There is enough 'reminiscing' to fill the reader in if they haven'...
  • Loraine
    SUMMARY: In this moving sequel to Even Now, Emily Anderson falls deeply in love with a young Army reservist who is about to serve in Iraq. At the same time, Emily’s parents seem on the verge of losing all they had gained. Will heartbreaking tragedy be the turning point for all of them?REVIEW: This book brought me to tears. As the wife of a Vietnam vet who was engaged when he served his tour, I could identify with every emotion that Emily experi...
  • Erin
    This book carried across well the truth that one life touches many, and it is up to us whether we will be a positive or neutral influence.
  • Rissa
    3.75⭐Emily is doing everything in her power to bring her parents back together. It was cute. 3.75⭐️Emily is doing everything in her power to bring her parents back together. It was cute.
  • Kristy
    Rating: 3/10Super cheesy! 'Even Now' was cheesy too but it had the whole reunion thing going for it. I used to read these kind of books all the time as a teen and just lap them up but now I see how unrealistic stories like this are. Yes, you read books to escape reality but this was just too much. Does it make me a terrible person that the saddest part of the book didn't move me at all? I also guessed the ending about one third through the book. ...
  • Erin Woodall
    I really loved this book. It is not often a book brings tears to my eyes. Karen brought the story to life. You felt the loss like it was somebody you knew! And then it turns to joy and knowing all along God is with the characters every step of the way!!
  • Ajoque
    I loved this book it opened my eyes to the war in Iraq in ways I never thought possible. I cannot even begin to explain it. It is filled with all sorts of information about the war, the soldiers, war casualties and insurgents. At times I felt a bit overwhelmed that almost the entire content of the book was encapsulated in the war but again, as with the first book, she writes it in such a way that you feel a part of it so it is hard to get bored. ...
  • Tiffanie
    This book jus like the first one had me bawling my eyes our through the whole book. A girl who spends her whole life trying to find her parents an wondering if they ever found each other finally locates them an learns they never found each other. She plans a surprise reuniting for them and on their first night in town learn that being seperated so long their views about the war their both in or work for are so different they cant see making a rel...
  • Tamara Tilley
    I thought EVEN NOW was a great book, but WOW . . . EVER AFTER was incredible. I read the last hundred pages through blurry eyes and a wad of tissues. EVER AFTER takes up where EVEN NOW leaves off. Emily’s parents, Lauren and Shane are finally reunited. But their opposite views on the war, continue to be an obstacle to their happily ever after. In the meantime, sharing the patriotic views of her father, Emily gets a job on an army base and soon ...
  • Beth
    Lauren, Shane, Emily and Justin - another tear jeaker . . . But Shane and Lauren get married. In this moving sequel to Even Now, Emily Anderson, now twenty, is attending college on a soccer scholarship when she meets the man who changes everything for her: Army reservist Justin Baker. Their tender relationship, founded on a mutual faith in God and nurtured by their trust and love for each other, proves to be a shining inspiration to everyone they...
  • Donna Porter
    I picked up this book with great anticipation after having read the first book Even Now which I could hardly put down. This one, however, falls short. There were long discourses of character reflection and introspection. That's my pet peeve. I prefer dialogue and more character action and interaction. Kingsbury does do a lot of these sorts of inner dialogues in her books, and they usually don't bother me. This time, however, it was too much of ...
  • Ivy Rose
    Oh. My. Gosh. I just moments ago finished this book. I cried through the last half of it. Sobbed. This is the saddest, most vivid, most real, most heart-wrenching, most moving book I've ever read. It's gonna take a while to recover from this one. Read it. (But read book 1 first). Shut yourself in a room so you can cry while reading. This book will totally change how you think.
  • Mom Taxi Julie
    I thought I was going to read a continuation of a love story but instead it was a book all about why we should support the war. Although the "other" love story was sad and I shed plenty of tears I found myself skipping over many pages and even a chapter at one point just to get on with it.
  • Gail Lewis
    This sequel to Even Now was filled with love, sorrow and happiness. I am sure many military families can connect to the stories and the pride in how our military sacrifice daily for the freedom we have here in America.
  • Victoria Pauley
    Have your tissues ready it is a emotional story.
  • Amy Burt bibliophile
    sad book. why do war stories always have someone die. I'm glad I don't write that way!
  • Kristen
    great book! i loved how the characters and story were woven together.. one of my favorites by karen kingsbury. definitely a tear-jerker!
  • Kimberly Davis
    A look at the impact the war has on families combined with a heartfelt love story reminding one of their true love.
  • Portia Mafoane
    Very moving story about love
  • Joi
    I didn't enjoy this book as much as I wanted to. I don't know if it was because of the event that happened or what....it just didn't grab me. I finished it fairly quickly though.
  • Niki Mascia
    My new favority author! Very easy to read and kept my attention. Lots of scripture thrown into it and I just loved it! I recommend highly!
  • S Dean
    As a Karen K fan I’m a sucker for G-rated, idealistic love stories, redemption and divine intervention. I can listen to her audiobooks without concern for the age or gender of anyone around and on long drives which I have often I can hope my passengers are with me long enough to learn or glean something.... this however was a disappointment. The lead in was great enough to get me half way through the book with hope and anticipation of where Lif...
  • Lisa Ann Murphy
    I want to start by saying that I did not realize this was Christian Fiction or a sequel (my fault). That being said, it might get a better review from someone who was looking for that genre or who had read the first book. In retrospect, I now know why it didn't really shed some light on things I felt it should have. Therefore, I don't feel it made a very good stand alone. I was able to get through it obviously, but there were some things I was a ...
  • Kim Edwards
    Mediocre writing. Very eye-roll-y in some places. A very simple moral story, so I was disappointed. I wish the author would push her ideas a little further. She starts with something good, but then it feels like she stops short (of offending anyone). Real life is offensive and being a Christian is hard, so I wish she would just be honest about that and create characters that act more like real people instead of like 1) Saints 2) People who questi...
  • Aleida Oskam
    Ik twijfelde of ik drie of vier sterren aan dit boek zou geven maar ben toch maar voor de 3 sterren gegaan. Het verhaal sprak mij niet zo heel erg aan. De oorlog in Irak speelt een belangrijke rol in dit boek in verschillende opzichten en ook het beeld hoe Amerikanen tegen hun militairen aankijken spreekt hierin heel erg. Ik kan mij zelf hier helaas niet zo in vinden. Wat ik wel mooi vond is dat de schrijfster laat zien dat situaties die gebeuren...
  • Laura Robinson
    Can I just say how sad I am that this book as come to an end?This book had me laughing & crying. More crying than anything. But that's ok. There were times when my husband would look over at me and laugh a little because I couldn't stop the tears.This book was beautifully written and the story was absolutely perfect. I love the way the Lord leads Lauren to wisdom and truth. It's such a lovely journey. Emily is such an amazing character. She is so...
  • Nduku
    I read this book a few months ago, and I struggled with writing a review. The story is complex. Having read the prequel, I had really high hopes for the way this story would turn out. The story evoked mixed feelings from me, but in a good way. It made me sad, but I had hope at the same time. I would recommend the two books in the series for those who seek understanding God's ways... they are certainly higher than our ways.