Shaken, Not Stirred by Tim Gunn

Shaken, Not Stirred

Tim Gunn - mentor to contestents on Project Runway, and author of A Guide to Quality, Taste, and Style and New York Times Bestseller Gunn's Golden Rules - recounts his tumultuous relationship with his father in this personal essay. Gunn's father, Bill, was a special agent who served as FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover's ghostwriter and lived his life according to a set of unbending routines. When Bill Gunn was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, his ...

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TitleShaken, Not Stirred
Release DateMay 21st, 2011
GenreNonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, Biography, Biography Memoir

Reviews Shaken, Not Stirred

  • Karen
    This "Kindle Single" is really more of a long essay than anything else; consequently, Gunn doesn't have the time or space to really explore the subject, his father, who sounds like a fascinating man. Instead we get a series of interesting tidbits (the senior Gunn was J.Edgar Hoover's ghostwriter for many years) and anecdotes (family road trips gone wrong, etc.) Gunn does a good job in the space permitted of sketching out his father's many serious...
  • Niklas Pivic
    This is really an excerpt from his book Gunn's Golden Rules: Life's Little Lessons for Making It Work, which is not noted when buying this off Amazon.Gunn is an underrated author, mostly because his dry wit and quite unexpected spite erupts from his honesty and growing up in the American suburban 1950s.This "Kindle single" are a few pages surrounding Gunn's father, a very important FBI employee who, among other things, ghostwrote books for J. Edg...
  • Kelly
    I love Tim Gunn. I really enjoyed this little snippet into his life; wish it was longer.
  • Shelly Reed
    This was an extremely short read, and more of an essay than a book! It’s a brief retelling of Tim Gunn’s father’s life and personality, until he passed, and the similarities between himself and his father.
  • Carole Martell
    Super cute, but super too short peak into Tim's childhood.
  • Brenda Smith
    Tin Gunns dad.Gives you an insight in why Tim is the way he is about his clothing. I enjoyed it but if you are expecting to learn a lot about Tim you will be disappointed.
  • Cindy
    I love Tim Gunn! John and I went out for a lazy Saturday breakfast recently and I asked John this hypothetical question: If we could be friends with anyone living, who would that be?" John's answer was surprising and fun, but I will leave that for another discussion. I couldn't narrow it down to just one; my choice for my two hypothetical friends of anyone living were Gladis Knight and Tim Gunn. First of all, i love Manhattan and I hear Tim has q...
  • TJ Anderson
    I bought this as a Kindle single. I don't know as it is actually available otherwise. I don't know if this is a common format for Kindle, but I really enjoyed being able to read what was essentially a short story, or very long article on my kindle app. I don't know how many actual pages the story is, but I read the entire thing in about an hour while riding shotgun to Chicago. It is a very personal story from Tim Gunn's life that gives a lot of i...
  • Erika
    Tim Gunn is a fairly popular person on television, being one of the hosts for Project Runway, so I am surprised that his book Shaken, Not Stirred hasn't had that many reviews and ratings yet. I love Project Runway and have always been interested in learning more about Tim's past. When I found this Kindle Single for only a couple dollars I was pretty excited. It is very short, being the equivalent of 15 pages.From the very first page, I was prepar...
  • Sydney
    I really enjoyed this essay by Tim Gunn. I have admired him on every season of "Project Runway." I am inspired when I watch him because he is such a good mentor to the designers on that show. He is kind in his criticism and that is a trait to be admired. He has no agenda, other than to encourage and push the designers to do their best work. And he's a really snappy dresser.This book offers some interesting insight into his life growing up. I'm gr...
  • Michelle
    What a cute little short memoir! I love watching Tim Gunn on Project Runway, he always seems so well put together and not afraid to give his fashion opinion. So of course after the premiere last night of the new season I had to FINALLY read his Kindle Single. It was a VERY quick read as it was only about 15 pages but it was a nice insight into the man he is today and how his father shaped that. I can only imagine that while it was a short memoir ...
  • Jenna Scribbles
    I decided to give this essay four stars in hopes that Tim Gunn will write a longer memoir. Please? Your family life sounds so interesting and this 279 location (Kindle speak) was just not long enough. Tim, please also release your memoir, when you have it done, in audio format read by you. I love your voice and I think only you could do justice to your words. As I was reading this essay I really wanted to hear the comments on - Alzheimer’s, gro...
  • Michelle
    Tim Gunn writes about his relationship with his father. I think like most adults who've lost one or both parents, it's a continuous process to make peace with that loss, and accept that there'll not be another change to get it right with that person. The most poignant part of me was when Mr. Gunn shared a story about the family dog racing through the nursing home to find the elder Gunn and what the junior Gunn believes is the reason for the dog o...
  • Gregandemy
    I am a big fan of Tim Gunn on Project Runway, which is why I was interested in reading this kindle single in the first place. It is a long essay and was easily read in about 15 minutes. It was interesting to read about his father's mental illness and how it affected the family, but the essay length barely skimmed the surface of the story. It seemed brief and a little choppy which I think would have been improved with a longer book allowing more o...
  • Kathy
    I enjoyed this Kindle Short, it felt like Tim Gunn was talking and telling me these family stories instead of me reading them. Now that I am sitting here trying to write something I realize there is a lot to think about in this essay: family dynamics, mental illness, Alzheimer's disease, unconditional love and animal instinct. I really admire Tim Gunn. I am changing my initial rating of 3 stars to 4 stars because I have been thinking about this b...
  • Quaillady
    A Different Outcome...Writing His Own StoryWhen you see celebrities on T.V. you often assume that their lives are magical. Tim Gunn lifts that curtain and shares a powerful personal story - sad but inspirational. I came away thinking that his battles with OCD and his father were the foundation of his determination to "Make it work". He reveals his tenacity in taking steps to make a different outcome in his own life.
  • Naomi V
    i adore Tim Gunn. he has this classic elegance, panache, and grace that you rarely see any more. in this very short "book" from Kindle, he tells of his father: former FBI agent during Hoover's reign, who apparently suffered from OCD and perhaps other problems. you can feel Tim Gunn's frustration growing up with such a rigid, difficult father, but he still tells the story in a patient, caring way. made me want to know more about his life...
  • Pirate
    I am a big fan of Tim Gunn and appreciated this brief insight into his past. I don't know if it was the Kindle Single format or the editing, but it felt like powerful vignettes were transformed into choppy little pieces that didn't come together as a whole. Despite this, I'm still interested to see what Tim has to send down the literary runway next.
  • Teri
    Tim Gunn's Shaken, Not Stirred is a short excerpt of his full length memoir. Gunn eloquently recounts life with his OCD father, a former FBI agent and Hoover's ghostwriter, and ponders the possibility that certain traits of his father's may have passed on to himself. A cute read. Gunn's dry sense of humor certainly comes through in his writing.
  • Sarah
    Boy, this is DARK! Tim Gunn does not shy away from the downside, and I suspect he wrote this one himself without a collaborator, because it is a lot more blunt than his "Golden Rules" treatment of the same subject matter. Thought provoking, and more than a little hard to take. But compelling, as always!
  • Jacquelyn
    I was really looking forward to reading this, but was disappointed to find that it was on par with an undergraduate college level essay.(I actually read it during a class.) It was short, a bit disorganized, and I didn't really understand the point to it all.
  • Gina
    Generally, I enjoy Tim Gunn's writing, and generally, I enjoy short stories/essays. However, I was a bit startled by the abrupt ending to Shaken, Not Stirred. This could be an extended journal entry about Tim's father. It's interesting enough.
  • Matthew Brown
    This journey into the psyche of an eccentrically predictable father and the strain within Gunn's family relationships was entertaining, well written, and well worth the few minutes it takes to read. It's brevity is a strength in one sense, but limits its potential to be profoundly meaningful.
  • Amie
    Available as a Kindle "single" from Amazon--a short biographical story by Tim Gunn of "Project Runway" fame. The writing style is personal and straight-forward--a peek into Gunn's family life and mostly centered around his father.
  • Maureen Flatley
    As the daughter of an FBI Agent who served w/ Tim Gunn's father this book resonated for me in a very personal way. Always a huge fan, I adore Tim Gunn a little more and only wish we had been friends growing up in Washington at the same time.
  • Deb
    Well written..I really like Tim Gunn & was excited to read this..however, I didn't realize the "Kindle Singles" were merely just a short form of the book. I found it interesting and look forward to reading the full book in it's entirety soon.
  • Kelly Aley
    This was more of an essay than a single, but it was interesting. I would have liked even more of Gunn's experiences in the 50's to be shared. I also wished more on the family dynamic of living with a father with an illness would have been interesting.
  • JoAnn
    Tim Gunn's essay about his father who worked at the FBI and was a ghostwriter for J. Edgar Hoover. Interesting if you know who Tim Gunn is. Not sure how interesting it would be if your don't. Downloaded it as a "Kindle single". Good, quick read before bed.
  • Lorann
    A tiny slice of Tim Gunn’s life. Covered more in his other books.
  • Jeanie
    Good short story about a man I respect