Young Henry of Navarre by Heinrich Mann

Young Henry of Navarre

Heinrich Mann's most acclaimed work is a spectacular epic that recounts the wars, political machinations, rival religious sects, and backstage plots that marked the birth of the French Republic.

Details Young Henry of Navarre

TitleYoung Henry of Navarre
Release DateDec 30th, 2003
PublisherHarry N. Abrams
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Cultural, France, European Literature, German Literature, Classics, Fiction

Reviews Young Henry of Navarre

  • Bettie☯
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  • Jan Cölle
    Stayed up two nights in a row to finish both volumes, fantastic. This is not young Heinrich Mann, this is full bloom.
  • Iva
    "Почитай, он стебовый, он далеко не то, что этот Томас"Скоріш за все мені не зайшло не через тонкість того Генріховоського підколу із випадами в бік аристократії, а через загальне неприйняття ось цього вашого "старого костюмованого". Саме ж по собі ...
  • Adi
    I really liked this novel. Not only it revives and vividly depicts an important period in the French history, but it also presents us with interesting, complex and realistic characters, who fight for their survival and their right to live, rule and love.
  • Katherina
    Mehrmals gelesen und sehr geliebt.
    review of Heinrich Mann's Young Henry of Navarre by tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE - February 1, 2016 full review: "Moderation, By Any Means Necessary?": THIS REVIEW ISN'T LONG ENUF BUT THERE IS A LONGER VERSION AT THE ABOVE URL. Heinrich Mann became propelled into my top 10 of novelists thanks to my reading his Der Untertan 4 yrs ago. As I wrote in my review of it (in English translation as Little Superman): ...
  • Steve Gordon
    "Monarchs, slaves of your own folly,You with corpses strew the plainsThat you may win a hair's breadth moreTo add to your domains."My biggest issue with this book is that it covers a lot of the same ground as Dumas' "La Reine Margot," and Dumas is a much better writer than Mann. On the positive side, Mann is much more intellectual in his treatment of Henry - so it was still worth the effort.... as they say.
  • vhatos
    Генріх Манн писав не так яскраво як Александр Дюма-старший, однак його роман, можливо, більш інформативний щодо юності короля Генріха IV. Дитинство в Наваррі, юність у Парижі, інтриги, змови, релігійні війни. Одруження з Маргаритою Валуа. Жахлива Ва...
  • Alejandro Melo-Florián
    Mann es bastante escrupuloso en la descripción del carácter de Enrique, que viene impregnado de su joie de vivre de su Bearn natal, de Francia mediterránea que tiene su propio espíritu, desde la época de Leonor de Aquitania, donde el amor galante plasma el sentir ante la vida, ante el mundo, ante los semejantes y las mujeres son consideradas como iguales frente a los hombres.Enrique IV de Navarra, el rey bearnés, fue el rey que inauguró el...