Gay Lord Robert (Tudor Saga, #11) by Jean Plaidy

Gay Lord Robert (Tudor Saga, #11)

There was only one thing which Robert Dudley could not do, and that was to make any woman cease to love him. Now that Elizabeth was Queen of England, the romance which began with their shared captivity in the grim Tower of London blossomed into a mutual longing.. With the crown so nearly in his grasp, how could Robert let Amy Robsart, his sweet young wife, stand between him and the sons the Queen must bear?

Details Gay Lord Robert (Tudor Saga, #11)

TitleGay Lord Robert (Tudor Saga, #11)
Release DateMay 12th, 1970
PublisherPan Books Ltd
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, English History, Tudor Period, European Literature, British Literature, Literature, 16th Century, Romance, Historical Romance

Reviews Gay Lord Robert (Tudor Saga, #11)

  • Dar B
    This enjoyable work is about Robert Dudley and the love shared between him and Queen Elizabeth I. Dudley descended from a family of ambitious men, and their ambition had been their undoing. However, Robert found himself attracted to the Queen of England, for ambition's sake but also for the passion she felt towards him. This story is Jean Plaidy's look at the life of Dudley, through the scandal of the death of his wife Amy Robsart, which has left...
  • Helene Harrison
    Review - I really enjoyed this take on the life of Robert Dudley, and his relationship with Elizabeth I. You can tell that Jean Plaidy really did her research, reading available sources, including the Tilbury speech which is quoted in full. It is also interesting to see Plaidy's take on the death of Amy Robsart and the secret marriage of Robert Dudley and Lettice Knollys, as well as Robert's relationship with Elizabeth I over her other suitors. D...
  • Ashley Dean
    The book seemed to fly by historically and didn't really delve into the actual romance as deeply I believe it could have. It was nice to get a general overview and learn a side of the characters' story, but some actions also didn't make sense. It was hard to understand WHY Elizabeth never married Robert, and I wish this book had created some form of clarification. Even one just for the fictional side of this historical fiction since in real life ...
  • Amanda
    Loved getting to ready Jean Plaidy's book about Queen Elizabeth I and her love Robert Dudley. I really enjoyed Jean's books about Queen Victoria and really loved this one as I was always fascinated by England's queens. Great how this told both Elizabeth's and Robert's histories and switching with their point of views and telling their love story.
  • Victoria Frow
    Very good. The characters were well developed and were brought back to life through this story. Jean Plaidy is always a favourite of mine as you can tell she has researched the era well as you feel like you are within the settings and with the characters as they are so rich in detail but that it doesn't overwhelm you.
  • Rose Pavlicek
    Jean Plaidy is famous for her thorough research and fascinating writing. What she is not famous for is getting me hooked on the life of Elizabeth Tudor over forty years ago. I've read fiction and nonfiction on the subject. This book is one of my favorite fictional accounts. Thank you Ms. Plaidy!
  • Christine Cazeneuve
    I enjoyed the book but I will admit I am not a huge fan of Queen Elizabeth I in regards to her love life. As all Jean Plaidy books it is well written and keeps you engrossed from start to finish.
  • Louise Fry
    Simply amazing writing - perfectly written and switched through different points of life and covered from infant to death and it was fascinatingly beautiful !
  • Melinda
    I love Jean Plaidy books. I had this sitting on my shelf for a couple years, thinking that I had already read it...turns out I hadn't read it at all! So I eagerly picked it up and started reading.The beginning is interesting, where it starts off with John Dudley witnessing the beheading of his father Edmund Dudley, at the start of Henry VIII's reign. So you get some back story about the Dudley family and what prompted the ambitions of the family ...
  • Stephanie Tracy
    This was an excellent story of Queen Elizabeth's friendship (and possibly more) with Robert Dudley, the Earl of Leicester. The book spans from the time that Robert is born, all the way to his death upon the English defeat of the Spanish Armada. It is a touching story of the Queen's love, and the difficult decisions she had to make regarding marriage versus ruling her country as a single monarch. Jean Plaidy gives us a glimpse into her innermost t...
  • Maggie
    Sort of along the lines of Alison Weir's Marriage Game, (which I really didn't enjoy) but from the Dudley point.This was way way better, none of the wishy washy nonsense about them not doing the deed, butnothing about them doing it either. This account is the one i would like to believe, Robert Dudleyfell in love with Elizabeth during their time in the Tower, the fact that he (and she) believed thatone day she would be Queen added to the attracti...
  • Anne Harvey
    Another telling of the love story between Queen Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley, this one by mistress of historical romance, Jean Plaidy. Originally written in 1964, the version I read was reissued in 2006. I think the original book must have been scanned using OCR (Optical character recognition)as I noticed several glaring errors (Casde for castle, and test for rest being two examples.) Because it was originally written in 1964 in a more elaborate...
  • Marilyn Burgin
    While this book is listed as number 11 in the Tudor series by Jean Plaidy, it can stand alone easily without the need to read the previous volumes. Plaidy tells the story of the romance and friendship between Queen Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley with all the complications of their relationship from childhood to Dudley's death immediately after the battle with the Spanish Armada. The author tells the story of these 2 complicated, strong-willed, rut...
  • Amanda
    Robert Dudley came from a family of ambitious men, and their ambition had been their undoing. This Dudley however found himself attracted to the Queen of England, both by his ambition and personally.[return]This is a comprehensive look at the life of Dudley, through the scandal of the death of his wife Amy Robsart, his daliance with Douglass Sheffield, and his secret marriage to Lettice Knolleys. All the while trying to maintain his position at C...
  • mary
    While starting off a bit better than it finished, this book was rather dry and boring throughout. Good read but not as intense as Phillapa Gregory's similar book which was a real page turner. The book does provide better context for the evolution of the Dudley family and their power than does Gregory. You will enjoy this book if you are interested in the Tudors and the rise of Elizabeth I, and if you are interested in good historical fiction.
  • Geeta
    This, along with the other Jean Plaidy's were read during my teenage years, and I loved them. Mama had read them too, so some were written in the 50s. Historical fiction, romance, very fun at that age. Haven't read once since.
  • Brooke
    While starting off a bit better than it finished, this book was rather dry and boring throughout. Focusing more on the history than actual life, it read more like a nonfiction text than a historically-based story.
  • Sara W
    Robert Dudley, long love of Elizabeth I
  • Elzakun
    I tried to get through this book but its language is rather weak and characters are rather annoying.
  • Anna
    Such a charismatic man. So why was this book so damn dull?
  • Destiny
    Oy, jeepers. Could not be less engaging.
  • Karen Galber
    Illustrates the relationship between Robert Dudley and Queen Elizabeth I warts and all.
  • Elizabeth Scheller Williams
    Another that I read forever ago and is next to impossible to find now.
  • Jennifer
    This was a decent book. Not the best, but ok.
  • Patricia Diaz Gascogne Michaelsen
    Like all the books from Jean Plaidy. This author have more than five pseudonyms; Victoria Holt ,Philippa Carr, etc. . History books,history -fiction books, with good argument and well narrated.
  • H.A. Mims
    As always, I love that Jean Plaidy remains faithful to established historical fact, while making well-known figures human and relatable. Another brilliant interpretation!
  • Redfox5
    This was a great book, one of the best books I've read so far about the relationship between Robin and the Queen. I wonder how history would have altered had they ever married?