Night Visions 5 by Douglas E. Winter

Night Visions 5

Douglas E. Winter presents a collection of all-new, tantalizingly terrifying stories by masters of horror. "Strong stuff, with good shudder potential ... A success ... You'll want to read this one!"--Locus.* Introduction - Douglas E. Winter* The Reploids - Stephen King* Sneakers - Stephen King* Dedication - Stephen King* Metastasis - Dan Simmons* Vanni Fucci is Alive and Well and Living in Hell - Dan Simmons* Iverson's Pits - Dan Simmons* The Ski...

Details Night Visions 5

TitleNight Visions 5
Release DateMay 1st, 1988
PublisherDark Harvest
GenreHorror, Short Stories, Fiction, Anthologies, Fantasy, Suspense, Shapeshifters, Werewolves, Thriller, Short Story Collection, Mystery

Reviews Night Visions 5

  • Horace Derwent
    iverson's pit really shook the shit outta me, it's my fave in this book and i almost had forgotten the other stories for itin deed i got inspired by the dan simmons's story. 4 years ago, i wrote a short horror tale which was just based on real characters and real incidents, set in the time of Cultural Revolution, resembling iverson's piti rolled this story of mine into a collection which has 2 other horror tales, all of them have the backgrounds ...
  • Ruth Turner
    Rounded up to 3*** because although I didn’t like the endings in The Reploids and Sneakers I still enjoyed the stories.Dark Visions is a 1989 horror fiction compilation, with three short stories by Stephen King, three by Dan Simmons, and one by George R. R. Martin. I’m only reading Stephen King.***The Reploids – 2**The ending left me a little up in the air. At first I thought my copy was missing some pages, but apparently not!***Sneakers - ...
  • Kandice
    A friend recommended this book to me and the cover looked very familiar. It should have, because I own it! I read it a while ago and marked the book up with post its. Obviously I loved it. I guess I should reread so I can write a proper review.
  • Linda
    This gets five stars just for George R.R. Martin's werewolf novella. Everything else is just tasty frosting.
  • yellowbird
    This is a collection of short stories, and the one that really stands out for me is The Skin Trade by George R.R. Martin. Imagine a light hearted private detective story with elements of werewolf (although they're not all wolves)mythology thrown in, and you've got the general idea. I really think this was the inspiration for Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series, although she took a darker, more police procedural approach, and worked in necrom...
  • Drew
    Introduced me to Dan Simmons and George R.R. Martin. Some of my favorite short stories, although King's didn't do much for me.
  • Caitlin
    Brilliant stories by brilliant authors. I only just discovered the awesomeness of Dan Simmons with Summer of Night, but I've been a fan of Stephen King since I was 10. I'd never read George R R Martin before even though I'm a huge GoT fan. I'd heard that although the story is great (of course) his writing wasn't, so I hadn't bothered with any of his books. Big mistake! His novella, The Skin Trade, is one of the best short stories (supernatural ho...
  • Charles
    This is a collection of horror shorts and longs by Stephen King, Dan Simmons, and George R.R. Martin. Most of it was quite good, but one long story by Dan Simmons, "Iverson's Pits," nearly sunk it for me. Very, very long and boring. Of King's offerings, "Sneakers" was really good, and Simmons had a good one with "Metastasis." Martin's lone offering was "The Skin Trade," which was really good and tied off the collection nicely.
  • Brian
    4 Stars for the collection. Breaking that down by author, I'd rate them this way: Dan Simmons - 4 1/2, Stephen King 3 1/2, George R. R. Martin - 5
  • Dane Cobain
    This book was quite the find – I picked it up for 50p in the Ten Bob Barn at Astley Book Farm. The cover jumped out at me to begin with because of its psychedelic design and awesome colours. It’s also a hardback, which helps – I don’t go out of my way to get them, but I do enjoy them when I find them. Mostly, though, this book caught my eye because it’s got Stephen King and George R. R. Martin in it.What we have here, then, is a crackin...
  • Jennifer Johnson
    I read this book when I was in school over 20 years ago and I STILL remember it. The Skin Trade really is one of the best werewolf stories out there. I wwish the author had done a series based on that concept. The other stories in the collection are just as fantastically written. Incredible anthology and worth the read if you can track down a good copy.
  • Chris
    The Reploids: pseudo 1950s SF story, only horror is that the alternate US isn't the same as ours!Sneakers: WC ghost, I don't care if he is gay - randomly grabbing someone's genitals is sexual assault. The intro uses the word 'homophobia', surprised to find that word in use in 1988. Toilets are dangerous places though.Dedication: race issues and another tale where someone's stabbed through the eye - or that's what the police report said - "hardwor...
  • Laura Edwards
    Well if it hadn't have been for GRRM this would've been a 2. A very strange set of stories that mainly seemed half finished. 1. Reploids by Stephen king 1/5Made no sense whatsoever and seemed to finish in the end of a story! I even checked whether my book was missing pages. I googled what reploid was, that made slightly more sense, but still not good.2. Sneakers by Stephen king 2/5This was a better story, but again the ending made no sense. Maybe...
  • Pauline Borgeaud
    Let's do this one author after the other.King :Out of the three short stories, I already knew 2 from Nightmares and Dreamscapes. So nothing new, but nothing bad.As for The Reploids, it was not deep enough for me; I think I can safely say I didn't feel anything reading this story.Simmons :Metastasis was incredible; it was creepy and I got the chills all the while reading it.Ivan Fucci was a bit meh, okayish.And Iverson's pits was downright boring;...
  • Reece Smith
    I bought a paperback copy of this book from the U.K, same book but with a slightly different title: dark visions, I think. For me, George R.R. Martin's story stands out above the rest. It is so well crafted, and every piece of the story fits together right up to the last sentence. Moreover, it's a story that you can't put down and you care about the characters. And to think this is achieved within 120 pages or so. They really saved the best for l...
  • The rockabilly werewolf from Mars
    A random anthology I picked up at the library a while ago. Unfortunately, most of the stories aren't very good. The Reploids is of interest mostly because it is an uncollected King story, and The Skin Trade, which mixes the mystery genre with werewolves, is entertaining enough, but I don't remember any of the Simmons stories, and I read the other two King stories elsewhere (neither of them ranking among my favourites of his work). Given that The ...
  • Shannon Lawrence
    Wonderful collection of stories. I've long been a fan of King, but had never read short fiction by Simmons. And Martin is one of the kings of short horror/dark fantasy, which it took me far too long to discover. Metastasis was the most powerful story in the collection, and my favorite. Skin Trade was a close second, though for entertainment value, not as an impactful story. Sneakers was probably my favorite of King's, more of a classic ghost stor...
  • Jeff Frane
    The Stephen King stories were OK, the Dan Simmons stories were all very good indeed, and The Skin Trade reminded me of how good George R. R. Martin was before he got bogged down with dragons and a million other projects. Really excellent and original werewolf novella that is well worth seeking out (along with Fevre Dream written a few years earlier).
  • Travis Sutton
    Worth a read just for Martin's contribution!
  • Jane Wynne
    Assortment of tales, some good, some not so great.
  • Masayuki Arai
    weak wolf lol
  • Mitsu
    I good variety of short stories including ghosts, werewolves and vampires (oh my). All well written, but from my original reading 27 years ago Metastasis is the only one I recall and stayed with me.
  • Wesam Karam
    Nice book for me very good one
  • Julia Fedenkiv
    I truly enjoyed reading "Dedication", and "The skin trade". But the cherry of this collection for me is "Metastasis", unique idea covered in a great writing style.
  • Gerben
    Stephen King stories: mehDan Simmons stories: hilariousMy bestie George RR Martin story: SO GOOD
  • Amanda
    3.5 The GRRM story was the best King was a bit disappointing Simmons was interesting
  • Mark Smith-briggs
    Martin's novella Skin Trade is superb as is King's story Dedication. The other tales are solid too but not quite good enough to give it five stars overall.
  • Joseph Sellors
    Some fun if strange short stories. Iverson's pits and the skin trade are the definite stand out stories. Worth a read while not particularly outstanding.
  • Lynn
    Nice solid collection of horror stories from three different noted horror/fantasy authors. I bought it for the King stories, but actually, the others may be even better.Breakdown by author:Stephen King: "The Reploids" -- Reads like the opening to a novel. More of a scene-setter than a real story. It is interesting to read his description of another dimension's version of Johnny Carson; it reads eerily like Jay Leno, to me. (The story was written ...