Himmler's War by Robert Conroy

Himmler's War

Only days after Normandy, Hitler is taken out of the equation and Heinrich Himmler, brutal head of the SS, assumes control of the Reich.  On the Allied side, there is confusion.  Should attempts be made to negotiate with the new government or should unconditional surrender still be the only option?  With the specter of a German super-weapon moving closer to completion and the German generals finally allowed to fight the kind of war at which th...

Details Himmler's War

TitleHimmler's War
Release DateDec 6th, 2011
PublisherBaen Books
GenreScience Fiction, Alternate History, Fiction, Historical, Historical Fiction, War, Military Fiction, World War II

Reviews Himmler's War

  • Armin
    Die Idee, dass Hitler beim Löschen der Bombenladung einer verirrten Flying Fortress zufällig getötet wird und mit dem Führer die Halten-um-jeden-Preis-Philosophie stirbt, hat was für sich. Die deutschen Generale unter der Leitung von Rundstedt erarbeiten eine sinnvolle Defensivstrategie für den Westen und vereinbart mit Molotow eine Verteilung des Ostens und überliefert Wlassow im Gegenzug für 2000 T 34, zur Auffüllung der Lücken bei ei...
  • Sean Smart
    I have enjoyed many of Conroy's works and was looking forward to this one, but for those who read his last one - 1945 Red Inferno with the Western Allies going to war with Stalin's Soviet Union, you will find this one similar with the Americans holding centre stage and the British and French relegated to limited supporting roles in the war. I dont remember the others - Poles, Canadians, Dutch, Belgians, Czechs, New Zealanders, Indians, South Afri...
  • Steven Raszewski
    Excellent. Harry Turtledove may be the father of the alternate history genre; but, I like Robert Conroy's works much better.
  • Neil
    I wasn't sure if I would like this book or not and bought it on a whim [that, and it only cost me 50 cents for the hard cover edition - who could pass up a deal like that?]. I actually liked it quite a bit. It is an alternate history novel where Hitler is accidentally killed when a bomber crew trying to return home drops their bombload on some buildings they hope are military in nature because they need to lighten their load due to fuel loss and ...
  • Riley Feldmann
    It has, admittedly, been awhile since I last picked up a Conroy novel, but I remember being enraptured by some of his other novels (such as 1942 and 1945). While Conroy has had a multitude of novels that show historical discrepancies, he at least based his stories around interesting "what if's" and provided above average writing and dialogue to keep the reader interested. When I heard about the premise of this book, I immediately was interested i...
  • Sam Dakota
    An interesting read. Conroy's point of departure is in 1944, when a small American bomber breaks formation when attacked by the Germans and inadvertently drops its payload on Hitler's head. The plot proceeds fairly logically until the end, when, as one of my friends noted, Conroy "drives off a cliff." In all of his books that I have read thus far, Conroy starts a major, decisive battle on page 340/360, takes fifteen pages to describe that battle ...
  • Dave Story
    To the authors writing style: he has a good feel for pacing, especially with multiple storylines. He also knows his history/historical figures.As to the alternate history aspect, I think all books from this genre will provoke history buffs into rants and counter-arguments. For me, the most questionable twist was with Stalin's decision (I won't elaborate to avoid a spoiler), but considering the 'alternate' circumstances, it hardly asks for a stret...
  • Casseus Holt
    This book is part of a smaller branch of historical fiction known as alternative history where the author, (and the reader) supposedly ask, 'What if?' This book does an incredible job capturing the violence, strategy, and overall grim reality of war. The book is accurate in capturing the attitudes of the characters, i.e. American soldiers, Nazi official, German citizens, and even the Commander of the Armed Forces, FDR. The book is balanced in tha...
  • Brian Burckardt
    A major point in Alternate History is knowing the subject matter. Apparently Robert Conroy knew nothing about Operation Bagration a huge Russian offensive which resulted in the destruction of Army Group Center, a greater loss than Stalingrad. Long planned it exploded into the Germans on June 22, 1944. It wouldn't have been called off even if Rommel took over instead of Himmler. This is not a small detail. The author either chose to ignore it beca...
  • Henri Moreaux
    Alternate history books can be wildly fanciful to the point of stupidity, or as accurate as one can be when diverging from reality after an event takes place.Thankfully Himmer's War falls into the latter category where after a errant B17 bomber accidentally kills Adolf Hitler, his henchman Himmler, the little chicken farmer, takes over the Third Reich and the war effort.I found it interesting both from a thought experiment perspective and from an...
  • John
    Interesting alternate history premise and story, up to the ending, which seems rushed and truncated, with some loose ends. As with many of these genre publications from smaller houses, the editing lacks rigour. There are missing words in phrases, "then" instead of "than", and a few jarring directional flubs especially confusing west and east (in adjoining paragraphs in one instance). It is an OK diverting read, though, if one is not looking for l...
  • Laura
    This is a sci-fi novel, yet is so historically accurate, that I had to remind myself that some parts of the book were not real. This novel offers an alternative ending to World War II. Hitler is killed in an accidental bombing and Himmler takes over. The Nazis develop a single atomic bomb and detonates it in Moscow, killing Stalin and crippling Russia. FDR dies and Truman takes over.
  • Jack Buechner
    Conway always weaves a good alt-history story, but I think he has entertained me with the same formulaic story line too many times. Maybe I've read too many variations on a demised Hitler but I just could not get into this one.
  • Matt
    Interesting what if book. Takes some of the known things and couples it with a "if this happened what if the Nazi's quit doing the most vile things they did - holocaust - and did something else." Was rushed to cover everything at times.
  • Derrick
    Fairly entertaining. Typical alternative history from Robert Conroy. Of course the Allies still win, but Moscow gets nuked. A lot of improbabilities yet I liked it.
  • Howard Brazee
    Alternate WWII novel where Hitler dies and Himmler takes over for the rest of the war.
  • Miles Carter
    Just trash but fun trash!
  • Kenneth Flusche
    A lot unbelievable, so not the best alternate history.
  • Charles H Berlemann Jr
    So I like to read alternative history novels from time to time, because if they are well written and the history is well researched; it makes for a fun game of "what if" to be played out in my mind.The gimmick here is that Hitler is killed by an errant stick of bombs from a B-17. The "what-if" question is that how would the war in Europe have progressed if Hitler wasn't making poor decisions about army movements and how the army should fight, let...
  • Keith
    Himmler's War is alternate history, a genre that usually postulates a world-tipping scenario different than what actually happened. Examples such as Newt Gingrich and William Fortscher's Civil War trilogy which begins with a completely different ending of the Battle of Gettysburg and then proceeds through a different Civil War. Stephen King's recent novel, 11/22/63 has a time traveller trying to stop the Kennedy assassination. Robert Conroy's Hi...
  • Bjoern
    A solid variation on the meanwhile established AltHis recipe to tell any variant of known history through the eyes of a widespread mixture of high ranking and "normal" people from as much of the conflicting parties as possible.And as there is nothing wrong with following this recipe there's also nothing wrong with this book and the way it follows the recipe.Hitler's dead. And the cause was not a conspiracy or even internal struggling for power in...
  • Christopher
    One of the issues of alternative fiction is creating the opening scenerio that starts the chain of events that would have happened if "what if" had happened to begin with. The indication of good alternative fiction book is one that makes it all believable that this could have really happened. There are books in this genre that instead of one or two changes creating a cascade authors want to change a whole slew of events in a single moment losing ...
  • Delray Beach Public Library
    In this edition to the alternate history genre, the war in Europe is winding to a close. But days after the allied invasion, Hitler is killed by a bombing run. Heinrich Himmler the head of the SS, assumes control of Nazi Germany. There is confusion in the allied Hq on whether they should negotiate with the new government or remain their stance of a unconditional surrender. But the possibility of peace seems to have vanished as the revitalized Ger...
  • Robert
    Conroy takes a good "what If?' premise and runs with it. What if Hitler had died before the wars end and someone else took over? Say like Himmler. Okay don't get all bent out of shape I really did not give anything away, just look at the title. Conroy even goes a step further and looks at the American side and the Russian side of the political field and plays the time warp game here also. The British and French side are kind of background notes h...
  • Gunn
    Impressive alternative history story told based on history changing after one event (in this case, what if Hitler was eliminated as a fluke early in the war and the Nazi military was allowed to fight the war as they wanted).Of the 3 Conroy books I've read in rapid succession, I believe the characters seemed a little better developed in this alternative history tale but the overall flow of the story was a little more predictable. Even with this li...
  • Mario
    With my first foray into alternate history fiction, I have to say I don't think I could have picked a better novel!Were it not for the fact that there just doesn't seem to be a market for WWII films in today's box office, I could easily see Himmler's War adapted into a miniseries for TV or even a motion picture.Apart from the somewhat abbreviated conclusion following the assault on the Rhine Wall and the hasty epilogue, the characters are well wr...
  • Pasi Rahko
    Exciting idea about Hitler being accidentally killed in air raid due one lost american bomber and thus changing the course of history. The Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler then becomes the new leader of Nazi Germany, and starts frantic Nazi atomic bomb project. This story was loaded definitely with too many characters for this length of book, which gave no opportunity to any decent characters development, and much less a superb capturing or intr...
  • William
    This book tells the story of Himmler taking over Nazi Germany after Hitler's death. Then, the Germans reorganize their war strategy and this causes headaches for the Allies. That's as basic as I can do without spoiling it!Overall, this was my first alt. history book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. There were a lot of surprises and it was action-packed. However, the ending felt a bit rushed.Just to let you know, this book contains a lot of graphic se...