Take Care, Good Knight by Shelley Moore Thomas

Take Care, Good Knight

At last, here is a picture book about the Good Knight and his three little dragon friends, the stars of Dutton's best-loved Easy Readers. The old wizard has asked the dragons to take care of his cats for a few days. There's just one problem: they can't read the wizard's instructions! The dragons make their best guesses. They take the cats swimming and camping, with hilarious results. Of course, it's up to the Good Knight to come to the rescue in ...

Details Take Care, Good Knight

TitleTake Care, Good Knight
Release DateSep 21st, 2006
PublisherDutton Books for Young Readers
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, Fantasy, Dragons, Animals, Cats, Storytime, Fiction, Humor, Funny, Adventure

Reviews Take Care, Good Knight

  • Cara
    I laughed out loud so many times at this book. Three little dragons are asked by the old, old wizard to look after his cats. The old, old wizard leaves them instructions on how to do it, but there is just one problem; the dragons can't read! They use their best guesses about what the note wants them to do. Let's just say the cats aren't too happy, but you will be tickled when you read what they did!
  • Jennifer
    This book has such a cute story line. The illustrations are fun and the plot keeps children interested. There is a great moral to the story as well, sometimes we need to ask for help. The good knight steps in and helps the dragons overcome a disaster while keeping the wizards cats while he away. We all need someone to step in sometimes and help us.
  • Lara
    A good story for the importance of reading. Definitely little-kid silly. It didn't strike me particularly, but seems like one that kids would get a kick out of. The illustrations are fun, with very cute dragons. Would be a fun storytime book for themes on knights or dragons or learning to read.
  • Lia Brent
    The three little dragons want to do good but sometimes it takes a little help from a friend, the Good Knight, to get the job done right. The old wizard’s kittens need someone to take care of them while the wizard is away. The little dragons agreed to do it and the wizard left detailed instructions. What could go wrong? This story highlights the importance of effective communication! Yes, the misunderstandings are funny, but the real sweetness o...
  • Sarah
    This book is written in a great way to make children laugh. Children can understand what is going on in this book because it is not confusing. It is well written, and with watercolored illustrations that make the book come to life. I would recommend adults reading this to children ages 3 and up.From BooklistThree lovable little dragons from the Dutton Easy Readers series that began with Good Night, Good Knight (2000) now appear in a large-format ...
  • Molly Willaert
    Take Care, Good Knight is a clever book that has three young dragons taking care of the Old Wizards kittens while he is away on vacation. The Old Wizard leaves a note for the dragons with instructions on how to care for the cats. The Good Knight, who checks in on the young dragons stops by to see what they are up too. Although the dragons are following the instructions left by the old wizard the cats aren't happy. As the story turns out, the youn...
  • Molly Willaert
    Take Care, Good Knight is a clever book that has three young dragons taking care of the Old Wizards kittens while he is away on vacation. The Old Wizard leaves a note for the dragons with instructions on how to care for the cats. The Good Knight, who checks in on the young dragons stops by to see what they are up too. Although the dragons are following the instructions left by the old wizard the cats aren't happy. As the story turns out, the youn...
  • Dolly
    This is a cute picture book about the importance of learning to read in the Good Knight series by Shelley Moore Thomas and Jennifer Plecas. The story is humorous and the illustrations are adorable. We've read most of the books in this series, and have put the only one we have yet to read, Happy Birthday, Good Knight, on hold at our local library. We hope that this author/illustrator team will continue to write more.
  • Tim Snell
    Genre: Fantasy/TraditionalCopyright: 2006"Take Care, Good Knight" is a story about 3 little dragons and their friend The Good Knight. The Good Knight always makes sure to check up on the little dragons to see if they're okay, however, one day the old wizard asks the little dragons if they could watch his cats while he is away. The 3 dragons accept, but when they get to the wizards house, they can't read the instructions he leaves and hilarity ens...
  • Heather
    The three little dragons are on an important baby-sitting job for the wizards cats. The instructions have been left for them, but there is one problem - the dragons can't read. Trying to use the picture clues, they just can't understand why the kittens aren't enjoying swimming and being locked in the cupboard! Thank goodness - Knight to the rescue not only in reading them their babysitting instructions, but also in bringing a book to help them re...
  • Samantha Weatherford
    Love this series of books! The three little dragons have done it again, they have gotten themselves in a mess as they attempt to take care of the Old Wizards cats. The God Knight, their friend, comes and saves them. This book uses repitition, sequencing, and illustrations to scaffold the reader. Teaches some good things about caring for pets, and also shows the importance of knowing how to read. It is extremely comical. I read the book with my fa...
  • The Brothers
    A charming tale of three little dragons who are looked after by a Good Knight. One day an old, old wizard comes and asks the dragons to take car of his cats while he is away for a few days. He has left them a note on how to do it, but none of the dragons can read, so they guess at what the wizard wanted them to do. The Good Knight ends up lending a hand and sorting everything out.Cute illustrations.
  • Tamara
    My four-year old absolutely loves this book, and I must say I enjoy it, too. It's about three little dragons who agree to watch their wizard friend's cats but make a terrible mess of it because they can't read his instructions. The friend the good knight helps them out.It's got some repetitive stuff (the good knight checking on the dragons over and over). We laugh out loud every time the cats get put in the cupboard.
  • Peacegal
    Three little dragons learn the value of caring for pets and learning to read in this silly picture book.Cat lovers will no doubt enjoy the antics of the herd of cats the dragons are entrusted to care for. (Somewhere in here, there’s also a lesson about giving youngsters more responsibility than they’re ready for, especially when pets are involved!)
  • Erica
    The silliness of the little dragons in this book had me laughing out loud. When I read it aloud to a group of grade school kids, they were laughing out loud too.The three little dragons we've grown to love in the Good Knight books are asked to feed the wizard's cats for one night. Sadly the little dragons can't read and that gets them into loads of trouble with the cats.
  • Julie
    Cute story about three little dragons who mess up a wizard's cat care instructions because they can't read, causing confusion for themselves and consternation for the cats! Fortunately, Good Knight comes to the rescue, interpreting the wizard's notes and also providing some reading instruction. Cute little details - like "Cave Sweet Cave" instead of "Home Sweet Home" - round out the tale.
  • Nydia Munoz
    This book teaches children to not take on responsibilities if they cant. it also teaches children that knowing how to reading is important. teaches children that following directions is important.Learning Extension: The children can act out the story being the cat and the dragons.
  • Chenoa Brown
    Good Knight saves the day after the 3 dragons try to take care of the old izards cat. They have a problem reading the wizards instructions. This book is a great tool to show students the importance of reading.Good read for Pre-K and Kindergarten
  • Tammy
    "Three little dragons agree to take care of the wizard's cats, bu they can't read his instructions. The Good Knight comes to the rescue just in time!"Greta (8 years old) rates this at 5. It kept her attention and made her laugh. She loved the ending!
  • Cynthia K
    We received a copy of this book through the Dolly Parton Imagination Library program. What a delightful story! I look forward to checking out the other books in the "Good Knight" series. Here's my blog post about the book: http://wp.me/pEho1-YA
  • Beth
    Do good deeds like the knight, frogs, and wizard. Good things will happen. The wizard gives the frogs a kitten for watching them while he was away. The knight gives them a book so they can learn how to read.
  • Abby
    I loved this book! A clever story that my 3 year old and I both enjoyed.
  • Kira
    What a DARLING book! Funny and cute, a favorite for sure now in this house :)
  • Melissa
    I have read this book to my kids when I babysit. it is such a fun, entertaining book that keeps the kids interests. I have even laughed out loud at certain times. definitely a favorite.
  • Netanella
    A wizard goes on a trip and asks three little dragons to housesit his kitties. Too bad the dragons can't read the directions on how to care for the cats. Lots of funny illustrations.
  • Beck
    Too cute! Love the writing, the art, the story.
  • Ollie
    Delightful story about the value of reading and kindness