The Shadows of Power by James W. Huston

The Shadows of Power

A small nation that bolsters the terrorist cause is flexing its military muscle in a far corner of the world. On a mission to the now-volatile Mediterranean, F/A-18 pilot Lieutenant Ed Stovic shoots down an Algerian MiG at the climax of a dramatic, high-stakes dogfight and becomes an overnight hero in the eyes of his countrymen ... and the target of a zealot's revenge. Suddeny Stovic and his loved ones have been marked for death by an enraged ave...

Details The Shadows of Power

TitleThe Shadows of Power
Release DateApr 29th, 2003
GenreFiction, Action, Thriller, War, Military Fiction, Suspense

Reviews The Shadows of Power

  • Jim
    Not quite gun porn, but close. Still a fun action romp with some good scenes about the Blue Angels & what they mean to our nation. Rat & company are a bit too good to be true, but the action is fast paced & the ending is satisfying. Well narrated. I won't be in a hurry to read more by this author, though. More of a 2.5.
  • Charlene
    This is the first book I've read by this author. I might try the second in the series, centered on Kent Rathman [Rat], a former Navy SEAL and counter-terrorism specialist.I have no idea why I requested this one from the library, but I'm glad I read it. Although written in 2002, it reads as a contemporary situation in 2017.The target of the planned terrorist attack is the Blue Angels, and there are some real ethical questions and character issues....
  • Norman Hamilton
    Another well written book Enjoyed the story with excellent Portrayal of middle East ability to wage war against U.S. military. Author understand s the mindset of person needing revenge
  • Pam
    Really like it - waiting to obtain the second in the series.
  • Nancy Shaffer
    One of his best!
  • Ray
    Good book along the lines of Vince Flynn's "Memorial Day", or a Tom Clancy thriller. Change the name of the offended Muslim extremist, change the name of the U.S. Special Forces hero, change the U.S. target to be struck, throw in a interferring U.S. bureaucrat, and you pretty much get the idea. In this Huston book, the target are the Navy's Blue Angels, and the weapon of choice is the shoulder fired missle.
  • Ed
    #1 in the "Rat" Rathman series."Rat" Rathman series - Navy pilot shoots down an Algerian MIG over the Med. After the pilot becomes a Blue Angel, the Algerian's brother seeks revenge by planning to shoot down the American while the Blue Angels are performing at the Paris Air Show. Lt. Kent "Rat" Rathman is assigned to the Blue Angels to foil the plot.
  • Ernie
    Was a great book! Excellent mix of military, political and lawyer work all in one fast paced book!
  • Bill
    This book was on a list of books that I read before 2005. So, I am adding it to my read books on GoodReads.
  • Joe Newell
    I enjoyed this book quite a bit.The story had a good pace and the characters were believable.Never so much action that it became stupid; just the right amount.
  • Tressa
    Loved the action and adventure and loved that there wasn't any romantic scenes to make one blush :). I found Ed likeable and loved the Blue Angels.
  • Alisha
    Another great read from James Huston.
  • Corky
    It was ok. Nothing that rocked my world. Felt, for some reason, that it could have been shorter.