A Turn of Light (Night's Edge, #1) by Julie E. Czerneda

A Turn of Light (Night's Edge, #1)

The village of Marrowdell is an isolated pioneer community, but it is also the place where two worlds overlap, and at the turn of light--sunset--the world of magic known as the Verge can briefly be seen.Jenn Nalynn belongs to both Verge and Marrowdell, but even she doesn't know how special she is--or that her invisible friend Wisp is actually a dragon sent to guard her... and keep her from leaving the valley. But Jenn longs to see the world, and ...

Details A Turn of Light (Night's Edge, #1)

TitleA Turn of Light (Night's Edge, #1)
Release DateMar 5th, 2013
GenreFantasy, Romance, Dragons, Magic, Fiction, High Fantasy

Reviews A Turn of Light (Night's Edge, #1)

  • Karen Dales
    When I first saw the cover art back in Spring of 2012 I thought to myself that this is a book worth reading. I waited patiently and when Julie showed me the ARC at Word Fantasy I KNEW I had to have it. Julie was kind enough to let me have a copy. I had to admit I hugged the tome and placed it on top of my To Be Read pile. I tucked into it almost immediately and never regretted my decision. I love this book. It is unlike most any other fantasy nov...
  • Tabitha
    A Turn of Light was quite the treat. Weighing in at over 800 pages you have to know you are in for a very well developed story and characters. The past few years I have been shying away from quite a number of books over 600 pages because I think I've become a bit of an impatient reader. So I mean this in the best way when I say that this book tested my patience.The reading experience was a bit like a piece of chocolate, slow melting and delicious...
  • Bob Milne
    Somehow, it seems I missed reviewing A Turn of Light when it first came out. I could have sworn that I did – I have a very clear memory or writing the review - but somehow it never got posted. With the release of A Play of Shadow on the horizon, I figured it was time to reread the first book, reacquaint myself with the magnificent world that Julie E. Czerneda has created, and finally get that review posted.With the fantasy genre having shifted ...
  • Ladyhawke
    *THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS* I will start by saying if you enjoy sappy, fluffy, anticlimactic, angst-y teenage romance/fantasy that is far longer than it ought to be, by all means read this book. You won't be disappointed.However, if you are looking for a good book that will keep your interest, has at least a little action, decent characters, decent world development, good grammar, good vocabulary, and isn't sappy, stop now and look for a diff...
  • Rosalind M
    I love Julie Czerneda's work, but in this case I just couldn't get past a near-instant dislike of the heroine. Jenn seemed much too childish, self-centered, and impulsive for her age, especially considering that none of the other characters near her age who had grown up under similar circumstances seemed so immature. Foolish decision after foolish decision (on her part) wore me down until reading the story became a chore.
  • Janny
    Finished an advance reading copy - loved it! Will win the hearts of anyone who enjoys fantasy in the lyrical vein of Patricia McKillip.
  • Glenda
    I borrowed this book from a friend (Lyn McConchie)after she posted the review below on her site.A TURN OF LIGHT by Julie Czerneda, DAW March 2013.I first ‘met’ Julie when her book, A Thousand Words for Stranger came out in 1997. I read that in one mighty gulp, and LOVED it. She was a finalist for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer and I voted for her. (Frankly I feel that her work was solidly superior but I guess all voters feel t...
  • Karen
    A Turn of LightI've often referred to myself as a "bibliovore" since I tend to devour books. Well, to me, this book is a feast. Magic. Romance. Toads. Dragons. Not-horses. Not-humans. Adventure (- and, yes danger of the world-shattering variety). Coming-of-age. Personal growth and self-knowledge. All these elements bound together in one book, in one story told in witty and elegantly-flowing prose. What more could a bibliovore want? There's even a...
  • Adrianne
    A Turn of Light is like eating chocolate truffles. It's far too delicious to gulp down in a single sitting. It begs to be savored. It's amazing how much such loving people get themselves into such deep trouble. And it's so very beautiful to see them pull through.
  • J.M. Frey
    A curmudgeonly anti-romantic interest; a weary too-wise soldier; a naïve, dying heroine; people who are not people; sharp-toothed toads; busy-body aunts who actually help more than they hinder; an abundance of pies; and a hero’s journey that never gets past the entrance to the valley - in the hands of anyone by Julie Czerneda, this would be a recipe for disaster.But because this is Czerneda, A TURN OF LIGHT is a sparkling, sunlight-saturated r...
  • Gabrielle Harbowy
    I was fortunate to receive an ARC, and I absolutely loved it. Gripping, spellbinding, and fraught with tension. Julie Czerneda is a master storyteller. Her world and its characters will win your heart.
  • Craig
    A mixed bag. The first 150 pages were a muddled mess. Much was straightened out - interesting characters developed and a place very well drawn - but the full structure of the world's magic never really became unmuddled. I don't mind understanding coming slowly as it comes to the main characters, but I *do* want it to come eventually, and it just didn't here. My only other objection was that the main character made far too many of those silly, stu...
  • Lyndburger
    I thought this book was beautiful, wondrous, engaging and constructive. The setting and characters are exquisitely rendered, the ending is satisfying. It was exciting to read and I look forward to more.
  • Text Addict
    I want to give this book five stars, because the world-building is astounding. Czerneda included a history that makes sense, a culture both similar to and markedly different from the North American norm, and magic that's seriously fantastical and weird and holds together. AND although it takes over 800 pages to do it, this is a complete story in ONE VOLUME! Woo-hoo!!But. The down side is that it takes the approach of hiding key facts about the wo...
  • Shayla
    hmmmmThe Good:·Interesting and unique plot·Lots of time to get to know the world and characters. I didn't love the book and usually would not read the sequel because of that, but I feel like I spent so much time absorbing Marrowdell and the people in it that I would actually like to return to it, and soon.·There was a pretty heft chunk, like 300 or 400 pages, where I was totally absorbed in the story and zoomed through it.The Bad:·The entire ...
  • Jessica Peregrym
    3 and a 1/2 starsThe story of a girl who is friends with an invisible dragon, who dreams of leaving her small backwater town for some grand adventures, only to find she can't ever leave her village due to a magical curse, and that the village she grew up in is overflowing with its own set of magical mysteries.Things I liked:- A relaxing book, not an epic adventure like most fantasy stories, but a story about a small village and their inhabitants,...
  • Estara
    This is a huge book and it needs to be for the full story, and if you've read Czerneda before, you'll trust her to be amazing with the worldbuilding and engaging characters BUT I wonder if new readers will have the patience of the slice-of-life scene setting and leisurely introduction of the first 150 pages.I like this sort of detail, to build a story and see the relationships as they are before the big changes happen, it reminded me a bit of the...
  • Jennifer
    I've been savoring this book for a long time, often returning to it when I found myself stressed out and at odds with the world. For me, it's an almost perfect comfort read, full of rich characters, magic that's truly magical, and a story that feels much larger than the limited geographical area of the setting. Having had the good fortune to spend a little time with Julie, I can tell you that reading it is like spending time enjoying her good hum...
  • Annmarie
    Wow, this was long. I got pretty engrossed in this fantasy world Czerneda creates of exiled aristocrats in a sort of "new world" where they have become farmers. They've settled in a valley caught halfway between the magic world and the non-magic world, kind of an edge world, filled with beautiful meadows, rich farming, log cabins guarded by giant needle teethed toads which are quite like house cats, moths which may or may not be fairies, beautifu...
  • Liz
    Never judge a book by it's cover.The cover made this novel look so promising, but GOD what a flop.The " heroine " is a silly snut ( a word I will make up in place of nastier verbs ) and probably named after her daughter. Perhaps Czerneda has daughter issues and thinks her sweet princess is the image of Jenn Nalynn. Oh boy!Great detail is put into this book, which normally I adore, however when an entire page or more is written detailing the scene...
  • Dr susan
    I have a super power; I read freaky fast. If I am not engaged in a book, or cannot relate to the characters, my reading speed drops drastically. A Turn of Light is 840 pages, and I finished in 48 hours (including work and sleeping, although I read while I ate meals). Marrowdell is a wonderful magical place, full of people who have kept too many secrets for too long. I do not like love triangles, but this triangle has an important place in the sto...
  • Shel
    Absolutely gorgeous. Marrowdell has to be one of the most magical places I've ever encountered in fantasy - what seems like an ordinary farming village at first is bursting with secrets. Sometimes I wanted to smack Jenn Nalynn in the head to make her THINK before she acted, but that just goes to show how emotionally involved I got with all of the characters. This was my first Czerneda book, but will definitely not be my last!
  • Elle
    Needs a really, really good editor. This book appears to have had none. The author is also in need of a best friend who is willing to read draft after draft and call out BS. This book was brimming with it, from syntax to character development. Don't read if your standards are above bad fan fiction.
  • Brandon
    I tried to read this book based on a recommendation from a family member. At 350 pages in is still boring, its like little house on the prairie with some supernatural elements that are hinted at and slowly revealed but the main characters are still spending most of their time fixing doors and baking pies to win the approval of friends and family...
  • Vanessa Ricci-Thode
    While I enjoyed this story, I don't think I'm quite the target audience. It was a sloooooooooooow burn and I just felt like it could have been so much more with so few words. If you like GRRM's descriptive style but not the grimdark, this book is for you! I don't like grimdark (or heavy description) but this was just a bit too saccharine for me. It was pretty light on conflict and major consequences. And oh god there was a love triangle! Oh, how ...
  • Darceylaine
    This was such a lovely world to escape into, I found myself looking forward to getting back to it each day. On the one hand it has some traditional fantasy, coming of age and romance tropes, and could be considered a bit sacchariney, but it holds together so well as a whole, with a clear internal logic that the author earns the right to create a book that is sweet through and through. Good hearted at its core.
  • Paulina
    I was made aware of this book and writer via a facebook recommendation by Anne Bishop, who is one of my favorite writers. This was an excellent high fantasy book. I'm not sure what age group to categorize it in, as it was written in a simple style that I usually see in YA (not a criticism, I liked it), but there was violence and non-explicit sexual scenes that would seem to make it a more adult book. I guess maybe that nebulous New Adult category...
  • Jaye
    Not for me. The premise had potential, but I had too many issues with the female protagonist Jenn.I couldn't connect with her. I didn't like her personality. She lacked fire. Everything happens to her or around her; she doesn't drive enough of the action. Also, she doesn't really have a backbone, at least not when it comes to her family. Or maybe she was just too much of a "Good Heart" for me. I like my heroines stronger and more resistant to the...
  • piranha
    This book is very much a mixed bag, high rating notwithstanding.The Good: I love the world. It's rich in flavour and depth, with a strong sense of place, peopled by a lot of characters with actual personalities. It feels very Canadian Pioneer, only nicer. So, very idealized Canadian Pioneer, due to magic that takes care of its people as long as they follow the basic rules. Even though they do work hard, and don't have luxuries, they always seem t...
  • Susan Kornfeld
    This is a coming-of-age tale in a fantasy world. I've read most of Czerneda's other work and enjoyed them immensely. Her heroines are generally smart and quirky. This heroine, however, is rash, romantic, and doesn't come in contact with her brains until fairly late into the book. I enjoyed the book and recommend it to anyone who enjoys good writing and light fantasy. Czerneda's world is complex and requires a lot of backstory, but she handles it...