The Daughter She Used To Be by Rosalind Noonan

The Daughter She Used To Be

In this emotionally charged and riveting novel from the author of One September Morning and In a Heartbeat, one woman is torn between loyalty to her family's ways and to her most profound convictions. . .The daughter of a career cop, Bernadette Sullivan grew up with blue uniforms hanging in the laundry room and cops laughing around the dinner table. Her brother joined New York's finest, her sisters married cops, and Bernie is an assistant Distric...

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TitleThe Daughter She Used To Be
Release DateNov 1st, 2011

Reviews The Daughter She Used To Be

  • Vickie
    The Daughter She Used To Be by Rosalind Noonan was a ♥♥♥ for me. The beginning was extremely slow and I almost gave up on; the reason why I didn't is because it fits some reading challenges for me. Bernadette Sullivan is the youngest in this family of police officers in NYC; her role is as an assistant district attorney in NYC. The first 100 pages really were awful to read: so many characters, many clichés, and some characters that were ju...
  • Debbie
    The winds of change are blowing for the Sullivans. This tight knit family of God loving and fearing cops will be strained to the very fibers of their souls. A terrible crime will rock the very foundation of all they hold near and dear. As every member faces a new and stressful day they will all handle the situation differently and some of the effects will damage an already volatile situation. Sully the patriarch has vowed to keep his family safe ...
  • Kristin (Kritters Ramblings)
    My first experience with a Rosalind Noonan, but as they came highly recommended from my mom, I would have to agree with her that this won't be my last Rosalind Noonan read. As luck would have it, I was asked to host this book for a book tour and what a great read. I am now in a relationship with a police officer, so this book hit way close to home, but this new living situation, may have helped me love it even more. The story centers around the y...
  • Allison Boyd
    Nothing about this stuck with me, it felt like an NBC pilot.
  • Erin
    Not bad, had some different perspectives but the characters were too superficial or cliche for me to be really interested in their stories. Ok to pass the time.
  • Ashleigh Rivers
    Good character development but weak emotional attachment for the reader
  • Maryellen
    Pretty good story of stereotypical Irish, Catholic NYC cops. Has an interesting twist, though.
  • Nancy
    "I was just thinking how hard it is for any parent to protect a child." -Bernie (p.279) The Daughter She Used To Be takes place in New York, the story is about a woman named Bernie and all the things that happen to her and her family. Bernie grew up being around cops all of her life, after all her dad and brothers where involved with New York's finest police force. However, being a cop does have its ups and downs, one day tragedy strikes and some...
  • Alice Harbin
    This book is entertaining. The pace of the plot is slow at times, but it kept my attention. Bernadette Sullivan is one of two daughters in the Sullivan family. All of her brothers (4?) and her father, are NYC cops. Their lives seem so exciting and she is fascinated by their stories. She is an attorney with a desk job. She is wanting to settle down with a man she works with, but her family scorns him because he is not Italian. She just feels out o...
  • Rhonda M
    Enjoyed, but felt like it really needed another good 200 pages to wrap things up. I call these Lifetime movie books, where the story is super gripping and then it seems they realized they only had 5 minutes til their closing mark so they quickly wrapped up.
  • Deanna Larsen
    A slow start and I almost quit several times. It got better and I couldn't put it down. An enjoyable read.
  • Cathy
    Found this one a bit more difficult to get in to. Didn't enjoy it as much as the others I have read.
  • Roma Del
    I thought this was a good story. Hard to put this book down. I wanted to know what would happen
  • Toni
    I was completely blown away from this amazing story by Rosalind Noonan. She captivated me from the beginning and kept me enthralled throughout the whole novel. I kept wanting to peek ahead to see what would happen next. This is storytelling at its very best!!You would think that this story revolves around the daughter Bernadette “Bernie” Sullivan. In reality, I feel it revolves around every single member of the Sullivan family and even a few ...
  • Nancy Narma
    “A True Spellbinder Not To Be Missed”Ms. Noonan has truly woven a spellbinding tale of family loyalty, suspense, and romance. We follow Bernadette (named for St. Bernadette) “Bernie” Sullivan, youngest daughter of legendary/retired police officer James “Sully” Sullivan, who is the Patriarch of this strong Irish/Catholic family of five, with two sons who are also members of the NYPD and Bernie joining the ranks as Assistant District At...
  • Heather
    As I started reading, I was reminded of Every Last One by Anna Quindlen. We start with seeing Bernie and her family’s day-to-day life before – BAM! – tragedy strikes. Unlike Quindlen’s book, I wasn’t blindsided by the violence in this one – it’s told pretty clearly in every synopsis I’ve found. Still, it is highly emotional and packs quite the punch. And the aftermath is no less emotional. Watching Bernie evolve from the daughter ...
  • Jennifer Melnyk
    This book grabbed my attention, mostly, because my own family is a cop family. Both of my brothers are officers, my cousin is dating an officer, and my dad retired from the force a few years back.In many ways, I found myself in Bernie. Although I am a staunch supporter of the death penalty, I admire her ability to find her own beliefs in a family that disagrees with her beliefs. I don't believe that my dad would react like Sully did and disown me...
  • Cynthia (Bingeing On Books)
    I'm not really sure why this book got such good reviews. The plot was mildly interesting, but the writing left something to be desired. Even when the writer describes the tragedy and what happened (no spoilers, even though you can see it coming a MILE away), I did not care. I felt no emotion. Usually, I will cry anytime something sad or happy or at all emotional happens in books. So the fact that I didn't shed a tear over this one says a lot. The...
  • Sarah
    This was my first book from this author and I must say I will be looking for more. I loved the dynamics of the story and how you, as the reader, even started to feel for Curtis and not really look at him as the villain but just another victim in this tragic story. I also loved how Bernie evolved as a character. She changed so many times throughout the book and each time she became a stronger more respectable character that you had to cheer for an...
  • Mary Anne
    A great book about a family (the Sullivans) who are all tied to the NYPD. The father, Sully, is a retired cop, two of his sons, James & Brendan are cops, his daughter, Mary Kate, is married to a cop and his youngest daughter< Bernie, is an asisstant DA. The story centers mostly on Bernie. After a terrible, unimaginable tragedy hits the Sullivan family, Bernie braves her family's disapproval to follow her convictions. The developments through the ...
  • Sharon
    Bernadette "Bernie" Sullivan comes from a family of blue bloods. Her fascination of police stories told during family dinners draws her into law but not enough to become a police officer. She believes in justice and wants to help people, but at what cost.When a family tragedy strikes the Sullivan clan, each member has their own way of handling their grief. Some seek retribution while others try to make sense of it all. Bernie wants to do the righ...
  • Margie
    This book is an amazing read! Rosalind Noonan is a wonderful author. This is my second book I have read of hers and both are wonderful! I have another one sitting on my shelf and I can't wait to dive right in to that one. I think I would read anything she writes.I could not put this book down. From the very start I was captivated. I just wanted to turn one more page, one more page, until the very end. Then I didn't want the story to end!
  • Moon Love
    This book is powerful and moving, and contains many viewpoints. There was never a dull moment in this book and I had to control myself more than once from breaking down in tears. This book has it all except comedy; action, drama, romance, and tragedy. It was thought provoking and much more than what I expected to get out of this book. I didn't see many things coming at all, and they made the story more the better for it. It's my first book by Ros...
  • Ginny
    This was an engrossing novel of an assistant DA and her family of NYPD cops. While she fights crime from the courtroom, her father, brothers and brother-in-law fight from the streets. When a terrible tragedy happens, her family deals with it in different ways. This was a very suspenseful read from an author I've enjoyed in the past.
  • Kristin
    The author has a gift for storytelling. I really felt emotionally connected to the characters and the struggles they were going through. The story of Bernie (DA), her family of cops, and a recently released convict and how their lives intertwine was very captivating and exciting. I couldn't put the book down because I wanted to find out how the story ended.
  • Bernadette Neville
    Great readHeld my attention and didn't have any slow parts. If you are part of a cop family or know one, you can relate to this book. Excellent read. It really gives a great insight into how all families are affected by the good guys vs the bad.
  • Sharon Brewer
    A Great Book!Another great story from Rosalind Noonan! This is the second book I have read by this author, and I really liked both of them. You will be hooked right from the beginning. If you like police and family stories, I highly recommend you read this story.
  • Sara Smith
    This was a very moving story with lots of drama and family warmth. This author does a great job of making the characters feel real. The epilogue wrapped everything up a little too neatly, but otherwise it was a very compelling read.
  • Tricia
    A very gripping and well-written tale about family dynamics and how quickly they (as well as individuals)can change the moment tragedy strikes. I found myself very sad throughout most of this book as it focused on the heartache of others, but I would definitely read another book by this author.
  • Eddi
    Excellent story! The protagonist grew up in a family of cops. Her brother and two other cops were killed in a shooting. She ends up working for the defense because she (and her slain brother) are against the death penalty. Very well done, dealing with moral issues in a very real way.