The Garden Intrigue (Pink Carnation, #9) by Lauren Willig

The Garden Intrigue (Pink Carnation, #9)

In the ninth installment of Lauren Willig's bestselling Pink Carnation series, an atrocious poet teams up with an American widow to prevent Napoleon's invasion of England. Secret agent Augustus Whittlesby has spent a decade undercover in France, posing as an insufferably bad poet. The French surveillance officers can't bear to read his work closely enough to recognize the information drowned in a sea of verbiage.New York-born Emma Morris Delagard...

Details The Garden Intrigue (Pink Carnation, #9)

TitleThe Garden Intrigue (Pink Carnation, #9)
Release DateFeb 16th, 2012
PublisherDutton Adult
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Romance, Mystery, Historical Romance, Fiction, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit

Reviews The Garden Intrigue (Pink Carnation, #9)

  • Jeffrey
    It is all about bad poetry isn’t it? Thus, shamelessly pressing on……Augustus Whittlesbyhas nothing on me.When it comes to verseI’m considerably worse.Dear readers and fans I bring good newsLauren Willig has shown her musein Pink Carnation number nine:The Garden Intrigue, most divine.A poet-spy takes a risky chancedeep inside of Bonaparte’s Franceto love a girl from a distant shorenot knowing who she’s working for.They do a Masque with...
  • Shruti
    This series is my favorite guilty pleasure read. Willig's writing is getting considerably better as the series goes on, in my opinion. Or, perhaps, it is just that her goofy characters turn out better than the classic dashing heroes. Turnip's story in The Mischief of the Mistletoe and Augustus' story in this book were entertaining - much more so for Turnip's bumbling and Augustus' intentionally awful poetry. Emma has a much better backstory than ...
  • kris
    Well. I can say with absolute certainty that I didn't enjoy this book as much as others in the Carnation series. I was looking forward to Augustus Whittleby's moment of Epic Glory, and instead I feel like I got handed half a book and some plot devices. My first major issue (documented in my status updates) was the prose: it was sloppy, repetitious and (sometimes) flat. I found several instances of almost word for word reiterations of explanations...
  • Megzy
    2.5 stars
  • Audra (Unabridged Chick)
    First: What is up with the cover? I loathe it. Other books in the series featured art but these newer ones have the awkward, headless model thing going and this weird grocery store romance cover vibe. It's been impossible not to hear all the raves for Lauren Willig's Pink Carnation series, but I've somehow never gotten around to starting it, despite all the promise. Featuring a Harvard-educated heroine who researches Regency-era spies, the series...
  • Angelc
    4.5 StarsAs soon as I saw that this book had a poet as the lead male character, I knew I had to read it. And Augustus Whittlesby doesn't disappoint. I love that he battles with his 'real' self and his invented persona of poet. It's even more interesting that the two have actually become one more than he even wants to admit.Emma also battles with an invented persona of her own. She wears a mask in public of glittering jewels and socially acceptabl...
  • MB (What she read)
    The interactions between the non-standard hero and heroine made this a 3.5 star read for me, as well as the interesting setting and era, and the fact that I read it in one setting.A few drawbacks: Very modern phrasing between historical couple threw me out of the story several times. Quick settling of issues between the historical couple was very abrupt. TSTL issues with stopping to make love while fleeing for their lives!?! =Stupid. Ugly modern ...
  • Diana
    I can't wait for this to come out. This is one of the rare series that seems to get better the further along it gets. :)
  • The Lit Bitch
    This year I decided to officially participate in Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon for the first time ever. I had some time on my hands and some good books to start reading so I was eager for an excuse to sit and read undisturbed while my husband watched out little one.I started The Garden of Intrigue almost immediately after completing The Orchid Affair and I’ll be honest, I was supposed to read it for Readathon but I almost finished it before Reada...
  • Sandra Olshaski
    The Garden Intrigue by Lauren WilligISBN: 978-0-525-95254-1Dutton Published: February 16, 2012Hardcover, 388 pagesThis is not typically the kind of historical fiction that I read, but I thoroughly enjoyed The Garden Intrigue and learned some historical facts along the way!The years surrounding 1804 were critical ones for Napoleon Bonaparte, who, after having invaded countries in Europe sets his sights on England. He commissions the building of a ...
  • Katie
    Similar Books: India Black by Carol K. Carr, And Only to Deceive by Tasha AlexanderI don't think I've ever hung on to a series this long, but Lauren Willig's books never fail to impress. This woman is an amazing storyteller, and she's probably the only author of adult books whose releases I always anxiously await.As per usual, the latest Pink Carnation book is chalked full of historical realism that I nearly feel like I've fallen into the 1700s. ...
  • Jazmin
    Am I still fucked up about Emma saying she teases Augustus's terrible poetry to get his attention? Yes. This was fun! I liked how much I cared for them considering this is really Emma's first introduction to the series vs Augustus' who's been a background character and we have an idea of what he does/how he's been working with the War Office but Emma's also been in France for a while masking her pain after her whole early elopement and then sudde...
  • Stacey
    It was such a treat to get back to this series after quite a few years since picking up the last one. I have this habit of wanting to "save" books by my favorite authors. I find Lauren Willig's writing style fun and her novels to have a unique blend of history and adventure with a love story. This one centers on Augustus Whittlesby, a long-time secret agent for England in France during the time of Napoleon. Emma Delagardie is an American expatria...
  • Lauran Vetuschi
    Another great book in the series!! I really enjoyed that the historical and contemporary lines are coming together a bit more and how Ms. Willig tied in more of the American history. Can't wait for #10!
  • Stacy
    Willig has done it again. Her newest Pink Carnation book, The Garden Intrigue is just as captivating and charming as the rest. This time we are introduced to Emma, a small and overly ostentatious American living in Paris. Though small, she is no wall flower. She knows everyone, including First Consul and soon to be Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. She’s also friends with the Pink Carnation, Jane and secret agent disguised as a poet, Augustus. These ...
  • Lauren
    I have been reading Lauren Willig's Pink Carnation series for quite awhile. I feel like the last few books have all been rather disappointing, but I found this one to be especially awful. Usually I can dive right into Lauren Willig's novels, but with this, I found myself really having to work to stay interested. Neither the frame story nor the one inside could capture my attention.Like the 8 preceding books in the series, The Garden Intrigue cons...
  • Sharon Redfern
    Emma Delagardie is an American living in France during the Napoleonic era. She is a longtime friend of the emperor’s stepdaughter, Hortense and has entrée to the court. Augustus Whittlesby is an excruciatingly bad poet who is also an agent in the Pink Carnation’s network. He and the Pink Carnation have a mission to discover what the newest plot of Napoleon’s is to attack Britain. It apparently involves some sort of new mechanical weaponry ...
  • Denise
    Lauren Willig has done it again! Her latest novel, “The Garden Intrigue” is a continuation of the popular Pink Carnation series. And, it's one of her best!This adventurous spy tale is set in 1804. Our heroine is New York born Emma Delgardie and she is living in Paris, France. As a young widow, Emma enjoys the Paris salons and an intimacy with Napoleon Bonaparte’s inner circle. Her two best friends include Hortense,(Napoleon’s step daughte...
  • liz
    Having read all* of the other Pink Carnation books, I was super-excited when I saw this one at the library. However, I think Willig may be losing her mojo. I always preferred the historical plotlines to the contemporary ones, but I thought this latest installment got off to a particularly clunky start. There was an overabundance of backstory for the sake of newcomers to the series, which mostly served to remind me how little of the books are devo...
  • Tracy
    Lately, I've been reading lots of historical fiction and romances and as I've sampled a bit more of the field, I find that Ms. Willig's stories have improved in my opinion. And while that may be a bit of a backhanded compliment, it does mean that I liked the latest installment of Pink better than many of the previous books. The dual story used throughout the series keeps things moving at a nice clip. While the Regency spies Emma and Augustus are ...
  • Kallie
    The Garden Intrigue is the ninth installment in Lauren Willig’s Pink Carnation Series. In this story we meet an American, Emma Delagardie, and follow her as she gets to know Jane Wooliston and Augustus Whittlesby. Emma’s childhood friendship with Hortense Bonaparte, Napolean’s stepdaughter, has put her in place to be present for the testing of a new French weapon. Whittlesby must maneuver his way into Emma’s life, so that he can be invite...
  • Julie
    As a big fan of this series, I'm afraid this installment was sorely lacking on audio. Emma's voice and tone was flat and much too modern sounding to my ears for a proper young lady during Regency times. I could barely stand it every time she opened her mouth and that's a deal breaker for me. If the heroine doesn't win me over, the book is lost. Augustus' switch from Jane to Emma screamed "rebound" and I just could not take him seriously. Pity, si...
  • Jennifer
    My overall reaction to this one is "meh" and only partly because it took me forever to actually get through it, since I was bored with most of it. Although I was happy to see Jane (but for hell's sake, give her something to do!), I really didn't care for any of the characters. The whole Augustus Whittlesby character was too on-the-"Scarlet Pimpernel" nose for me; an annoying effeminate, superficial character who is actually manly and brave is too...
  • Natalie
    Out of all the leading men in this series, I think Augustus Whittlesby had the most potential. He seemed likeable, witty, attractive and smart. I was rooting for him. Emma was ok. I thought her "issues" and backstory were weak, at best. The most interesting character in The Garden Intrigue was the Pink Carnation herself. That girl's gonna break soon. Or get married. It's a toss up. I thought Emma was pretty naive for someone who's had so much lif...
  • Holly
    I really enjoy the Pink Carnation series. Some I like more than others but I'm never really disappointed in them. This one was good, even though a lot of the poetry got a little annoying. Once Whittlesby started talking to Emma w/o all the flowery words, it was really quite sweet. I also didn't like Eloise and Colin's story so much in this book. I usually do but it seemed kind of bland this time. What I like though, is that after reading I have t...
  • Elizabeth
    Lauren Willig is one of my absolute favorite authors. She never fails to make me laugh out loud. I'd say garden is maybe my second favorite book in the series. I just loved it. I like the fact that it focuses back on the events in Paris, although I did find India fascinating as well in Blood Lilly. I'll admit I had originally wanted Jane and Augustus to pair off. But Emma ends up being just perfect for him and Jane and Miss Gwen are free to spy a...
  • Audrey
    charming as this series always is. the bits of history are fascinating and the present story line progresses as well
  • Carolyn
    Another enjoyable romp in the world of the Pink Carnation. We've been working through pairing off all of her associates, looking forward to seeing what is in store for Miss Wooliston. :)
  • Stacie (MagicOfBooks)
    I will do a series review here at my channel:
  • Erin
    And another one read. I will miss when I have no more new Pink Carnations to read. I know, some of you had that issue, years ago. They are such fun, diversion books. Willig always has just the right mix of comedy, romance, and a little bit of thriller. Well, very light on the thriller. Although, this one did actually have a good spy plot. I enjoyed the jaunt into Napoleon's inner circle. Emma had more of history and backstory than anyone since Am...