One Man and His Bike by Mike Carter

One Man and His Bike

What would happen if you were cycling to the office and just kept on pedalling?Mike Carter needed a change. Fed up with a Britain rife with crime and sliding into economic downturn, one day he decided to cycle straight past the office to find out for himself what was going on. He would follow the Thames to the sea and then ride around the entire coastline, a journey of 5,000 miles, the equivalent of London to Calcutta. If he completed it, he woul...

Details One Man and His Bike

TitleOne Man and His Bike
Release DateJun 2nd, 2011
PublisherEbury Press
GenreNonfiction, Travel, Sports, Cycling, Biography

Reviews One Man and His Bike

  • Aubade Teyal
    This was not the book I thought it might be.I was ready for maps, journey times, lists, the voice of a seasoned pro with a few words of caution or warning for the wannabe, like me.Instead I met Mike Carter. He skipped over the prosaic details, and settled on those moments of his journey when he was awed by his encounter with the natural world, or fascinated by the people he met.He had a gift for getting people to talk: shopkeepers, ferrymen, camp...
  • Paul
    Great read. This book was bought for me by colleagues as one of several gifts [including another bike book] for my 50th birthday. The author, a freelance journalist, writes well as he narrates his story of setting off on a bike at 45 years of age to circumnavigate the coast of Britain. A 5 000 mile road trip. I could really empathise with the enjoyment of visiting new areas, feeling the morphology of the land and directly experiences vast tracts ...
  • Kharis
    Fantastic. I love Mike Carter's style of telling his story. I got a great sense of place and felt really inspired by his journey. The emotion also comes accross as he hits tough times towards the end. I had read his previous book so was pleased to discover this one also.
  • Ann-marie
    Really enjoyed this tale of cycling around the coast of Britain. Inspiring, funny and sad, I want to know what happened next, clear sign of a good book. Enjoyed reading about places I've seen, and many more I haven't. One day!
  • Paul
    Instead of going to work, wouldn't it be good to turn the other way? this guy did that and cycled around the country!Excellent travel book. Really well written and insightful. Some funny parts as well
  • Jane Flynn
    I absolutely loved this book. The story of journalist Mike Carter who during his commute by bicycle one day decides to cycle the entire coastline of Britain, it is fascinating, witty, heartfelt, adventurous and absorbing. I'm currently engaged in my own tour of Britain although in a somewhat different format to Carter, I try and go somewhere new once a month, and I recognised many of the places he mentioned including the hills of the West Country...
  • Miles
    A very interesting book. The writer really grabs you and pulls you into his world, or the natural world. So much so that you feel you are there experiencing the people, places and feelings with him. The only reason I would give it a 4 instead of a 5 is I just wished it were longer, some parts he skips over and it left me wishing he had spent a day longer there or a page or two longer on the description and writing. A great read, well worth your t...
  • Cale Mooth
    Very inspiring. A good portion of the phrases and vocabulary were lost on me, but it wasn’t difficult to connect the dots. The typesetting was distracting, double (or maybe 1.5) spacing after each period drove me crazy. There was so much detail described in the route with so many locations. Unfortunately, the included map was incredibly dumbed-down. The book could have been half the length and communicate the story just as effectively.
  • Steve
    An impulse buy and a very pleasing one at that. Mike Carter gets his storytelling spot on; just enough about the people he meets and the places he visits to engage the reader and draw us in to his journey, helped along by his introspection and humour. If you are thinking of visiting Britain from overseas you could do worse than read this book as a travel guide, especially the sections on the Scottish Highlands and Islands.
  • Dave Bronze
    I’m a huge cycling fan. I ride over 100miles each and every week-this was the perfect book for me. I’d like to add though that even if I never rode a bike this would’ve been the perfect book for me. Massively enjoyable and well written. Maybe write a follow up Mike? Go the other way round, West-East?....great book.
  • Keith
    Amazing readThoroughly great reading, couldn't put the book down. Felt sad when it ended, as if I had been on the tour itself, which no doubt reflects on the author's writing abilities.
  • Howard Peart
    Coast bike ride to remember Entertaining and well written, great way of exploring the coast line of the UK albeit at the expense of a third parties physical effort. It would be great to have a sequel to read
  • Simon Reynolds
    A really enjoyable account of a fascinating journeyA well written account of a fascinating journey. The author describes both the country and characters he meets in a caring and considerate manner.
  • Carrie S
    I really like Mikes easy writing style, I laughed a lot and I can't wait to get back on my bike after reading this book
  • Robert Anderson
    Very therapeutic!
  • j savell-stewart and Hannah Savell-Stewart
    Interesting Excellent account of a journey by bike. Thoughtful insights and observations of people along the way. Well worth a read
  • Darren Moore
    Exceedingly well written and Mike Carter had many interesting philosophical encounters en route.
  • Ken Melber
    Great entertainment by a rider who is initially clueless when it comes to what you need to carry.Not such a good read if you are non cyclist, but this is fun and full great stories.
  • George
    Fun book to read, which left me with a better understanding of the challenge. Though at times I found myself checking to see how many pages to go..
  • Katie Piatt
    Gave up on this, wasn't enjoying it at all.
  • Carol
    Read for the category : A book that is a story within a story. What a brilliant read. Really inspiring, makes you think about your own life, your achievements and ambitions. Thoroughly enjoyed.
  • Mat Davies
    Another inspiring and straightforward book by Mike. I preferred this to his previous book about riding by motorbike through Europe. Good stuff.
  • mark watkin
    Excellent book want to try the trip myself
  • Joe Héffernan
    Total escape. Mike wonders along the coast of Britain dropping into like minded people and communities, Mike very much wears his green environmentalist credentials on his sleeve. He also enjoys his pints and socialising with strangers. His descriptions of dying resort towns is particularly sad as he reflects on bygone times. Overall a very enjoyable travel book written well, easy to engage with and if you are looking for a light entertaining read...
  • Tom Horvei
    This book seems - at first look - to fit into the category “man is unsatisfied with life, takes on challenging journey to discover the meaning of it all”. And yes, there is a bit of that, but thanks to the fact that the unsatisfied man is Mike Carter, respected columnist of The Guardian, this is quite a bit more. I will get back to that.One tends to compare a bit when reading travel books, and in this case, Andrew P. Sykes comes to mind, espe...
  • Jim
    This was both one of my favourite books read in 2011 and one of the best travelogues about the UK, ranking up there with Paul Theroux's "The Kingdom by the Sea" and Bill Bryson's "Notes from a Small Island". (Actually, on reflection, it's better than either of them.)It's hard not to envy Mike Carter's ability to be able to say one day, "Sod this", as he biked through a rainy London to his work, and decides to jack it in to follow the temptation t...
  • Niall Kelly
    An inspirational and amusing read. Recommended to all armchair cyclists.
  • Mark Glover
    If you have ever paused during the daily grind of your commute and thought to yourself what if instead of just pulling into the office I just turned right and kept going then this is definitely the book for you, for that is the exact genesis of Carter's story when one morning on his daily pushbike commute he asks exactly that question of himself and decides to take action. What follows is his 5000 plus mile journey around the British coast line t...
  • Jim Dennison
    I really enjoyed this book on so many levels; but then I'm a keen cyclist myself, which probably accounts for at least 2 of the 4 stars I gave it. But other than that, ... well, first of all I read it in about a week. Normally it takes me about a month to read a 350-page book; I found myself looking forwards to picking it up whenever I could.Second it really resonated with me in terms of some the emotions Mike felt, and the psychoanalysis of them...
  • Roclite
    An excellent book and definitely not a "how to" cycle touring guide. I did my own research first and ignored Amazon reviewers who complained it told them nothing about cycle touring. They just bought the wrong book. This book would be appreciated more by people who have already toured on a bike. This is much more about travelling, meeting new people and exploring new places than cycle touring. The author clearly travelled with book writing in min...