Capital of Pain by Paul Éluard

Capital of Pain

Capital of Pain, is considered one of the key texts of surrealism. This is the first new translation into English of this work in over 30 years and the only edition available in the English language. This edition presents the text in its entirety in a bilingual format, and includes an extensive essay on Eluard's works by Mary Ann Caws. This book has had a lasting effect on poets and readers since it exploded unto the literary scene in 1926 and ha...

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TitleCapital of Pain
Release DateNov 16th, 2006
PublisherBlack Widow Press
GenrePoetry, Cultural, France, European Literature, French Literature, Classics, Literature, 20th Century

Reviews Capital of Pain

  • Mir
    Etchings by John Thein.(not the cover; that's Picasso)And also some color plates, maybe by other artists.A solid but rarely amazing or moving collection of short poems.Eluard is pretty old-school regarding women, which some readers may find tiresome.
  • Luís C.
    Currently, I rediscover with happiness the French poets of the early twentieth century. Decidedly, the surreal nebula was particularly talented, fruitful and innovative. Paul Eluard was one of the greatest, transforming everything he touched into (true) poetry.Capital of Pain (what a beautiful title!) gathers texts written between 1914 and 1926, generally shorter. Some are bolder than others, but all are easy to read. Some of them seem small mast...
  • Steven Godin
    Not quite on a par with 'Last Love Poems' for me, but still a stunning piece of work. Anyone into the Surrealist movement simply has to read this. He makes Andre Breton seem average in my opinion. His writings have changed many lives, mine included. He Opened the door for me to explore many other poets.
  • Fede
    Éluard's work is possibly the best introduction to Surrealism, even though it lacks the ideological commitment of Breton's and the daring experimental tendencies of Louis Aragon's. Éluard represents the sunny side of Surrealism, a most intimate dimension of the soul, in which poetry still focuses on feelings and impressions rather than exploiting the intellectual conceptualization of them. There is more expression than analysis of the self in ...
  • mwpm
    Paul Éluard's Capital of Pain may not be "the key to grasping what Surrealist texts are like" (as if such a key exists), but it is a key text of the French Surrealists, and a remarkable text in any context. Its poems and prose poems capture the ecstasy of the early Surrealists. Indeed, the ecstasy of having survived the First World War (The birds that ruffle their murderous feathers, "Paris During the War", pg. 108), of having survived the Nihil...
  • metaphor
    To sleep, with the moon in one eyeand the sun in the other,Love in your mouth,a lovely bird in your hair,Adorned like the fields,the woods, the routes, the sea,around the whole world so lovely and adorned.Flee across the landscapeThrough branches of smoke and all the fruits of the wind,Stone legs with sand stockings,Held by the waist, all the river's muscles,And the last concern on a face transformed.
  • SmallToothedSmile
    Oh, man-- a beautiful read. I became curiouse of Eluard because of Godard's Alphaville, in which lines were frequently quoted.
  • Etienne Mahieux
    Un sonnet surréaliste, est-ce possible ? Oui, répond Éluard. Intraitable sur la création d'images neuves, surprenantes, irrationnelles, telles que les aimait le jeune surréalisme des années 20, à la recherche de l'expression directe de l'inconscient, il ne s'en montre pas moins, dès "Capitale de la douleur" ou "L'Amour la poésie" (qui fait la deuxième partie du recueil), un maître du vers français, fût-il libre. Ses allitérations vo...
  • P.E.
    - Graff in Le Port du Légué, Saint-Brieuc, France (...)Je chante la grande joie de te chanter,La grande joie de t’avoir ou de ne pas t’avoir,La candeur de t’attendre, l’innocence de te connaitre,Ô toi qui supprimes l’oubli, l’espoir et l’ignorance,Qui supprimes l’absence et qui me mets au monde,Je chante pour chanter, je t’aime pour chanterLe mystère où l’amour me crée et se délivre.(...) Celle de toujours, toute - Pa...
  • Marion
    Beautiful insight into a broken man's thought, a stellar path onto which he embarks on the journey to healing his wounds. I love Eluard's poetry, no matter how ambiguous, which surprised me since I'm not usually one to take a fancy in Surrealism... I've been proved wrong. One of the best school reads I've completed, and now a favourite of mine!
  • l.
    I need guidance for this kind of poetry. Most of it goes right over my head. Some gorgeous lines like 'elle chantait les minutes sans s'endormir' but ...
  • Paolo
    I adore Eluard to no end, but this awful transl(iter)ation of 'Capital of Pain' is a huge disappointment. I'd buy this edition solely for the original French work, which is included in full.
  • Reem Rafei
    My fav is "Pablo Picasso"I got introduced to this book while reading Milan Kundera's "Life is Elsewhere"
  • Sarah Elizabeth Chitwood
    Of all the four sections (Repetitions, To Die of Not Dying, The Little Just Ones, New Poems), I like them all the most. From To Die of Not Dying the words deigned to be rewritten, renewed in memory. New Poems holds gems. Birds fly through the poems, which is one way to say the poet concerns himself with metaphor. Beauty and truth adequately expressed arrive from harmony in moments of syntactic peculiarities. Love and loneliness inundate the poems...
  • Daniel Schechtel
    Finalement j'ai fini ce livre. Je l'ai détesté. Ce poète, d'ailleurs aimé par beaucoup des gens, ne me parle pas, à moi. Il ne sait rien me dire... Ou moi, je ne l'entend pas. Des images sans signification, des mêlanges de registres, des répétitions à l'infini (il y a des oiseaux partout...), des descriptions très abstraites et vagues et universelles, déjà rebattues. Il se peut aussi que mon français n'en soit pas à la hauteur. Mais...
  • tomasawyer
    J'ai souffert de ne pas tout comprendre mais j'ai fini par accepter de me laisser emporter par les sensations, les images et les sons et j'ai vécu des moments étrangement agréables, tendres, sensuels, amusants, des instants de contemplations paisibles devant la nuit, le jour, les astres, les amours, le ciel, les oiseaux, la beauté des corps et des esprits. C'est étonnant comme des mots alignés ensemble si absurdement sont capables de géné...
  • Manel Hedhili
    Quand la Mélancolie et l'Amour s’enchevêtrent ... Un recueil écrit par Paul Eluard, un surréaliste fou amoureux de son épouse Gala, sa Muse. Le jeu de langage, les 'techniques' surréalistes voire même dadaïstes sont présentes dans ce chef-d’œuvre. André Breton, le chef de file du mouvement surréaliste, parle souvent des "mouvements du cœur" dont Eluard a bien su produire par le biais de la langue. Une oeuvre à lire et à relire.
  • Pepe B&V
    Éluard genera unos poemas surrealistas (y sí, poemas, no escritos. Bretón escribía surrealismo desde el surrealismo; Éluard escribe surrealismo desde la poesía) tienen una magia única.No crea, Paul Éluard, grandes composiciones en su totalidad.... Mas sí grandes metáforas, grandes aforismos inscritos en sus estrofas.
  • Knar
    Such a gorgeous editions. &, of course, the poems.
  • Michael A.
    very good!
  • Semazen
    « Dormons mes frères.Le chapitre inexplicable est devenu incompréhensible. »-Silence de l Évangile (p 60)
  • Esthër
    “La desesperación no tiene alas,El amor tampoco,Ni rostro,No hablan,No me muevo,No les miro,No les hablo,Pero estoy mucho más vivo que mi amor y mi desesperación.”
  • Christopher Louderback
    “I cannot be knownBetter than you know me"- Paul Éluard
  • Millie
    Really enjoyed this one. Reminded me a bit.
  • Jsavett1
    I can't give this collection enough praise or stars or words. There are some books which change the way you see things and there are some rare books which change the way you see yourself. Eluard's famed collection of poems does both, but like a lightning bolt for ME, he accomplishes the latter with zeal.This is a book of surrealist poetry which people in the 1920s carried around in their backpacks, argued about in cafes, and read to each other wh...
  • Belinda
    I have the first edition of this book, which means I have the aesthetically pleasing Picasso cover, the vibrant red inner jacket, and the coloured, glossy pages of art inside. The poetry is good but mixed with the visuals this is a lovely book to own.
  • Ros
    Un des meilleurs poète surréaliste, avec un jeu des mots qui fera rêver dans les nuits des étoiles peintes sur le papier du voisin du café dà côté."Jai la beauté facile et cést heureux..." Paul Eluard. Un des meilleurs poète surréaliste, avec un jeu des mots qui fera rêver dans les nuits des étoiles peintes sur le papier du voisin du café d´à côté."J´ai la beauté facile et cést heureux..." Paul Eluard.
  • Faure
    Mais tu n'as pas toujours été avec moi. Ma mémoire. Est encore obscurcie de t'avoir vu venir. Et partir. Le temps se sert de mots comme l'amour.Je t 'ai saisie et depuis, ivre de larmes, je baise partout pour toi l'espace abandonné.