Two Wheels Through Terror by Glen Heggstad

Two Wheels Through Terror

Glen Heggstad is an adventure motorcyclist who seeks out and rides the most rugged places on the planet. He has been a Hell's Angel and a martial arts competitor, but no amount of training or experience was able to prepare him for what he became while riding to the southern tip of South America: a prisoner. This book is the shocking travelogue of Heggstad's journey through Central and South America, including his capture by Colombia's rebel ELN a...

Details Two Wheels Through Terror

TitleTwo Wheels Through Terror
Release DateJul 26th, 2004
PublisherWhitehorse Press
GenreTravel, Nonfiction, Sports, Motorcycling, Transport, Motorcycle, Biography Memoir, Autobiography, Memoir

Reviews Two Wheels Through Terror

  • Dieter
    The whole book is about a self-centered male who travels not because of curiosity but because of ego. It is "I" and "ME" and I have learned a while ago that so-called travel writers who include photos in their account that to 99% includes them in the centre of the photos - are pseudo travelers. The worst photo ever must be him beaming and wedged between two custom officials who's facial expressions tell me all I need to know.
  • Samayyah
    so far, this book kinda blows. the author is totally an old, racist white dude that tells his story through a privilleged and pretty arrogant persepctive; however, i'll probably continue reading it because it's interesting learning about all of the details that go into planning and managing an international two-wheel travel experience.didn't even end up finishing it in its was just more of the same. disappointing.
  • Jodi
    Well, I only read the first half...
  • No
    Two Wheels Through Terror by Glen HeggstadISBN: 1-884313-49-3*****Really excellent story of a former Hells Angel who travels the world on his motorcycle. While making a run through South America he gets kidnapped for ransom money and tortured in the jungle by Communist Terror group the ELN. Survives, and instead of catching the first plane home to see his family he finishes his trip. Nicknamed crazy for a reason."Any biker knows the feeling, the ...
  • Siouxzy
    An interesting read about a man from California riding his motorcycle to South America in 2002 and getting kidnapped by rebels who tortured and starved him. I read it because I am planning a motorcycle tour to Colombia in April and I will be traveling through the area he was kidnapped in. I sure hope it is safer there now!
  • Lauren
    The story of an American motorcyclist traveling through central and South America, eating pizza and fries along the way, acting as though everyone he meets is going to rob or jump him, and complaining about the lack of internet. End of story.
  • Harry Alleva
    Normally I am a fan of adventure travel stories. For that reason and the fact that I was born in South America I was attracted to this book. The author records his travels, in diary form, from California to the tip of South America and back. There is a plentiful supply of braggadocio sprinkled through out the story on the part of the author. Early on on his journey he is kidnapped by the ELN in Columbia. He is held captive for five weeks and his ...
  • Sarah
    I have fond memories of riding on the back of my dad's Honda motorcycle growing up. We took a few road trips on it, where the only things to worry about were dogs dashing out into the road or wet pavement (or me scalding my leg on the hot engine). The author of this book, Glen Heggstad, attacks his mid-life crisis with an amazing journey through South America. It is a well-written, engaging book about the lure of the open road.While on the journe...
  • Nadir
    I enjoyed this book quite a bit. Given the materials the author lost to thieves (notes he secretly took while held captive) and a laptop with 2,000 hi-res photos, one is dumbfounded at the book this *could* have been. Despite those tragedies, the author successfully transmits the draw of the open road, the authenticity of the road less traveled, and the real fear associated with confronting the unknown, both in nature and in man. More so than oth...
  • Brett
    This is quite an interesting book, though somehow the author's style didn't entirely hook me. Or maybe it's more accurate to say I have a lot of trouble understanding his motivations for subjecting himself to so much continuing misery. Kidnapping, illness, riding in freezing snow and rain, crashes, and it keeps going from there! Given the grueling details of his journey, this isn't the kind of story that makes you want to hop on your own motorcyc...
  • Brad
    This was a really interesting read causing all sorts of varying emotions. We live in a horrible and beautiful world with people to match and this book does a pretty good job of conveying that. The second half of the book seemed rushed and not so vibrant, but I guess that is completely expected, and partly the point, after the ordeal he went through. Helps me realize many things I am grateful for and, like others, often take for granted or can't f...
  • Paulr
    I found this book insightful. Glen has such a great attitude towards traveling and life. I never found him pretentious or a " racist dude". It took me awhile to purchase this book because of the poor reviews. I should have bought, and read this book years ago. He is on a pod cast called "adventure rider" where he discusses his book and traveling in general. A positive attitude is the key to his success.
  • Leeann
    Reading Glen's story allowed me to experience locations I would not be brave enough to visit. His relaxed and easy going manner helped him through some tricky situations. I admire his determination to carry on despite his harrowing experience and the worry of family and friends. Glen knows what he needs for his happiness and he makes it happen.
  • Nick Hughes
    Not bad but a tiny bit repetitious. Unlike similar books (McGregor's "Long Way Down) which inspire you to go places this one almost frightens you away until you realize the author did it the hard way.
  • Peter
    Although motorcycling is not for me I really enjoyed this one. Captured by 'terrorists' in Columbia he goes on to complete his journey. He's a tough cookie both mentally & physically and is still lucky to be alive. A gripping narrative.
  • Ben
    Like all travel books this one makes me want to get out there and get lost for a while. I will skip being takening prisoner in Colombia but still it was a great book and looking forward to reading more from glen and to get out there on my own as well.
  • Scott
    Chapters on his actual captivity after being kidnapped were very good. Was a captive in Peru of a Leftist radical army of Campesinos.
  • Caitlin
    Incredible tale of survival and adventure.
  • Aaron
    I loved this book. Glenn is a gifted writer with poetic prose and charm. I think you have to share his personality and restless spirit to appreciate his written account of this journey.
  • Wudnabob
    started good..
  • Sean Roberts
    Pretty good so far. As I motorcyclist myself,I relate to the adventure. That being said, the book contains an awful lot of the author's voice, which is great, but not totally agreeable at times.
  • Paula
    I haven't yet finished this book, but I did find is that the beginning of the book is very repetitive, but once I got to the part of his capture I literally could not put this book down.