Veronica's Nap by Sharon Bially

Veronica's Nap

Veronica Berg has everything she needs to achieve her dream of becoming a painter--a charming home studio in Provence, a hardworking husband, and a nanny who watches her two-year-old twins. Yet instead of painting, she spends her days lingering over meaningless chores and secretly indulging in lengthy naps. When Veronica's Moroccan-born, Sephardic husband grows impatient with her aimlessness and challenges her to sell just one painting, Veronica ...

Details Veronica's Nap

TitleVeronica's Nap
Release DateJul 1st, 2011
PublisherSixoneseven Books
GenreFiction, Contemporary, Cultural, France

Reviews Veronica's Nap

  • Deborah
    This is the kind of book I want to recommend to all of my friends and family. Sharon Bially has captured the angst of the artist, the struggles of motherhood, the trap of luxury and a coming to grips with growing into our best selves. What a book, and what an exceptional writer.I had a professor in art school who came right out of the box the first day of painting class saying, "You can never be a fine artist and be married with children." Let me...
  • Quetzi Fernald
    VERONICA'S NAP is an amazing read. I loved this book. It gives you a glimpse of a Jewish American Artist who marries a French "Pied Noir" in Provence. The book starts off with Veronica's dissatisfaction with her life in New York. She's taken on a temporary job, to save up for a loft in New York so she can dedicate her time to painting instead of working at a job that she finds tedious & boring. At first she thought she would have time for her pai...
  • Patty
    I think the author might have been able to write a better story if she had used fewer adjectives. Because of the frequent overuse of adjectives, the writing felt forced and lacked a natural flow. I just wanted her to get past the flowery language and move the story along. Another problem that I had was with the author's choice of words. I read this book on my Kindle-Touch and found myself pulling up words in the dictionary to the point of excess....
  • Michelle
    Sometimes life gets to be too much. That is when I want a book to "take me away" from reality. Sometimes I need to know that others suffer right along side of me. I choose this book because I thought it was a "take me away" or some silly book, because of the title. This book, in fact, was very real to me. I have been a mother for 16 years. Some days are worse than others. Most of the time days get all mixed up together because of the monotony. W...
  • Patty
    Veronica is a young woman who was told she had talent as an artist but never really sat down to pursue her art. It was always "when I have time" or "when I have a studio." She is bored in her job and thinks that taking a painting vacation to France will solve her problems. Still uninspired she falls for a French doctor and feels he will solve all her problems. He gives her a studio but she finds herself pregnant with twins. They now need a bigger...
  • Chrissey
    Veronica's Nap- I think we all have taken that "nap" that Veronica has taken. Her "nap" is about finding herself, but for Veronica she is looking for herself through other people- the man she meets in France on a painting vacation and eventually marries. The twin babies that she has with her husband. Veronica is living everyone's life but her own. She comes to realize that she just can't "nap" through life. She becomes bored and can't seem to get...
  • DeAnna Jacobsen
    Veronica's Nap is one of the most inspiring books I've read! Bially's ability to capture the feelings, emotions, and contradictions of self-realization and coming into what the individual wants of life and not what we are told to want. Not only was I able to relate to the main character, but also her relationship. As a young individual, with no kids, I'm in a relationship with a man that is similar to Dider. Reading this book made me realize that...
  • Lisa
    I really liked this book. I picked it up as a free Kindle book and am so glad I did.I was hooked just a few pages in. The writer really captured the feel of being a young mother - both the joys and the monotony. And anyone who has procrastinated due to indecision or been paralyzed by depression can relate.The book did slow down a little in the middle/end - less comical and sometimes I wanted to shake Veronica - but in the end was a very satisfyin...
  • Mari
    Veronica followed her art to Provence, where she met a great man and settled down to live and paint in paradise. Except it didn't work out that way. He doesn't understand where her time goes, or why she's homesick, or frankly why she isn't happy doing everything he and his family want to do, all the time. A fascinating look at the sacrifices and compromises women make (and don't) in the name of love and family harmony.
  • Joanna Christensen
    Loved this book - flowed and kept me entertained right up until the very end - recommend for a great summer read! I also want to go to France now - the author described it in such great detail that I have it on my list of places to see before I'm old and not interested anymore. Good work Sharon Bially!!
  • Nancy Houston Fields
    Pressured by her husband to begin her art career too soon after the birth of her twins, Veronica escapes into the depths of depression instead. Even living in France doesn't help inspire her to move on with her chosen vocation.
  • Eny
    This book is one of those rare books that when you turn the last page leaves you feeling like you're a brand new person.
  • Candice
    Very poor writing, from repetitive use of the same similes (her pavement coloured hair!?) to typos. And weak character development - characters make some strange decisions/choices that the reader is not able to understand. Not so bad that I didn't finish it anyway, but not really worth paying to buy.
  • Deborah Bussey
    I really loved this book. I do not have children and I have only had one brief visit to Paris and do not really know France at all so I thought it would be hard to relate to this story but Sharon Bially's writing style allowed me to feel very much connected to Veronica. As a psychologist I understood her "nap" and thought the book did an excellent job of not only describing the South of France but of the emotional turmoil that was going on intern...
  • Aimee
    DNF. 9% in & I just don't care about the protagonist enough to finish. On to the next book.
  • Rosanna Fay
    I really enjoyed this book - it is well written and took me to a world that was new and unfamiliar. I could relate to so much of the character!
  • Lynne Griffin
    A charming beautifully written examination of one woman's identity crisis. Set mostly in Provence, Veronica traverses the sometimes wide chasm between motherhood and artist pursuits.