Househusband by Ad Hudler


Lincoln Menner is finding out just how hard it is to be a woman. When his wife Jo was offered her dream job, Linc supported her wholeheartedly, leaving his thriving landscape business in Los Angeles and moving to Rochester, New York. This was a chance to escape the cloying needs and atrocious tastes of his celebrity clientele, start over in fresh surroundings, and spend a little quality time with their three-year-old daughter, Violet. But Linc ha...

Details Househusband

Release DateApr 16th, 2002
PublisherBallantine Books
GenreFiction, Adult Fiction, Contemporary

Reviews Househusband

  • Laura
    Though this could have been a really promising topic, I thought the author handled the idea of becoming a househusband (or stay-at-home dad) in a superficial & silly way. I liked that it was funny and off-kilter, as that lent itself to the general mindset of Linc Menner during his first foray into being the at-home parent. However, I really took issue with feminizing him in order to make him a better, more competent caregiver. It was as if a man'...
  • MaryJo
    The author does a decent job depicting some of the stresses and frustrations in the life of a stay-at-home mom. The book drags on a bit, and I grew tired of the character and his conceited, overly controlling personality. In his own eyes, he was the best imaginable parent. Infinitely wiser than the moms in the neighborhood who let their kids watch (gasp!) The Little Mermaid and eat cheetos. His child is the most polite, well-behaved child in the ...
  • Diane
    I thought this was an interesting book. I did look at some things in a new light after reading it. However, it was burdened by cliches and the 'battle between masculine and feminine.' For the most part, my husband and I (who both work from home) don't worry so much about 'manliness' or 'womanliness.' I kind of wanted him to just do what needed to be done and quit whining about it.Everyone cleans their houses (although we're not all so anal and we...
  • Robin Reynolds / October Woman
    I went into this book thinking it was going to be light, amusing chick lit (for lack of a better word) style, even though it’s written by a man. I mean, look at that cartoon cover. But it was actually a deeper, almost depressing look at what it means to be a stay at home parent, losing your own identity in the shadow of your working spouse. Staying home starts out as a temporary situation. Jo has gotten a really good executive level job and the...
  • Nicole
    Linc Menner had grown frustrated with his landscaping business, when his wife, Jo, was offered her dream job. Happy to have a fresh start and support his wife, Linc packed up the house and their daughter, Violet, to move across the country. Now, in unfamiliar territory, Linc finds himself in the position of househusband. Slowly but surely he learns the new, necessary duties of making his house a loving home, while raising his precocious three-yea...
  • Kay Huck
    Pulpwood Queens, you are in for a grand evening with Ad Hudler to talk about books and all things literary and the theme of his latest book Man of the House and gender identification. How many times as I was reading this book did I think, he's nailed it, he really understands and communicates well, what it means to be a stay-at-home caregiver. What I found insightful was the passion he gave the main character, Linc Menner, in his role of man of t...
  • Louise
    This was an endearing, funny, neurotic, hilarious novel about a "house husband". Lincoln Menner well-known landscape artist turned "Mr. Mom" while his CEO wife Jo, heads up the local operations at a large city hospital. Linc, alone all day with Violet, the couple's toddler learns how to handle diapers, potty training, dinners and housework. This was an "enjoyable" way to spend part of my day off!!From back cover:"When his wife Jo, is offered her ...
  • Lynn Demsky
    "When his wife, Jo, is offered her dream job, Lincoln Menner leaves his thriving landscape business in Los Angeles and moves to Rochester, New York. This will be his chance to start over, spend a little time with their three-year-old daughter, and finally do things right at home.But Linc had no idea what it really meant to be a househusband: to stay home every day, folding laundry, cleaning soap scum, and teaching his little girl to use the potty...
  • Kate
    Linc Menner is a man who has just given up his job as a very successful landscaper in California to move to Western New York, where his wife has been hired to be CEO of a hospital. While Jo, his wife, laments her 12 hour days, Linc is left to deal with the whisperings of his neighborhood housewives who don't trust a man around their children (including his own 3 year old daughter), the struggles of maintaining a household, the pressures of being ...
  • Tammy
    This is a "Readers Choice Nominee" at my library. I mostly skimmed through it because I was bored. I have ADD and the main character obviously does too. This made me smile because it's how my brain works too (he's talking about his 3-year-old daughter): "How could my entire life--my work and play, joy and unhappiness, satisfaction and frustration, freedom and captivity--all come from this little creature on my lap, who I love, more at this moment...
  • Chelle
    easy read. so, that is nice. I gave it three stars because I felt like it was uneventful, as being a stay at home parent is. Even though he talked about how much he was influencing his daughters life, that was all he had good to say about it. I felt like he really dwelled on the negative, which probably makes it a good book for someone who does not stay at home so, they can know how it feels. It made it depressing for me. The added recipes are ki...
  • Kerry Cerra
    I read this book many years ago with my book club, but it's stuck with me all this time. As a young stay at home mom, it appealed to my why-did-i-sign-up-for-this-unappreciated-exhausting-mess-fest-of-a-job? Ad Hudler hit the nail on the head with his portrait of a full time care taker. I laughed a lot and particularly loved the "vine" in the story. You'll have to read to see what I mean. I'm not sure if he ever wrote anything else, but plan to c...
  • Kiersten
    Oh, this was a fun read! Wonderful descriptive analogies, laugh-out-loud funny, interesting. I enjoyed seeing the stay-at-home motherhood described in a way that elucidates things that I hadn't considered, even having lived those years with little ones. He is a creative dad and I appreciated the things that he spent his time doing. After being a homeschooling mom, I think I would be a different mother of toddlers if I could do it over again. I am...
  • Kelly
    A hilarious take on what happens when the husband stays home and the wife goes off to work the high powered job.Ad Hudler explores the gender roles and dynamics found within the family, marriage and society at large. The best part is - he makes you laugh while also making you think.I look forward to reading Man of the House, the second installment of the Menner Family next.I am sure I will be laughing as I turn the pages.
  • Audrey
    Interesting book. I was grabbed by the title (as I so often am) but the book didn't pay off for me. Neither the story arc or the character arc carried me away. I liked the sub-plot of the protagonist's wandering mother but I didn't think it brought anything to the main plot.The author included recipes that the protagonist cooked which I found charming and potentially delicious.
  • Angie
    Reading for June Book Club. I was just irritated with this book the whole time I was reading it. It didn't make any sense in the beginning. It didn't explain what was going on, rather it assumed that you, as the reader, knew the background of the story.I would have given it 1 1/2 stars if I could have.
  • Shannon D'Arpino
    I loved this book for many reasons. I have always generalized "stay at home Mom" without feeling like a "stay at home Dad" has the same feelings. It was eye opening that a man could get it so right. Many of the insecurities felt by parents that choose to stay home. It was a quick read that I would recommend.
  • Carolyn
    This is a fun, light-hearted read. The story is mostly autobiographical, and rings so true it almost hurts. Linc's wife gets her dream job on the East Coast, so Linc sells his successful landscaping business and begins a new life as a homemaker and full time parent to their two year old daughter.
  • Carolee
    Yuk! Although the author's knowledge of plants was handy ... I've started to let my one ivy go ... let's see if I can get it to lap the room. This was a man trying to write a chick book ... didn't work for me - in fact, more than once found myself muttering 'wimp' under my breath.
  • Kathy
    A very good read. A male author gets what it's like to be a stay-at-home parent, complete with all the organized chaos that goes with it. It was a refreshing read, knowing I'm not the only parent who loses their mind from time to time!
  • Alyssa
    I read this to satisfy the "book set in my hometown" part of the 2015 reading challenge. I'm pretty sure the author has never stepped foot in Rochester and merely researched it, poorly, on the internet. The writing was lack luster and superficial.
  • Holly
    Although the main character is a male, all of his thoughts, comments, etc... have a very feminine voice to me. Even if a man were in the role of a homemaker, he would not sound this girly. I'm trying to overlook this because it is reasonably entertaining.
  • Marian
    This book was pretty dumb. Written from the POV of a househusband and all his freaking out about CHORES and being IN CONTROL and having to DO IT ALL. At the same time, it was a quick read and has interesting-sounding recipes. Appropriate for the beach or a plane.
  • Debra
    When the fammily relocates from California to New York for Joanne's job, husband Linc stays home to take care of Violet and their new home. He wants to find work, has to find work, but in the end, he decides raising their children is the best job he can have.
  • Mark Adams
    I'm a husband who works from home. I totally connected with the main character. I really enjoyed the way the husband is adding and removing from his mental to do list. The recipes were the only thing I would have left out. They are necessary for the main character's love of cooking.
  • JoAnn/QuAppelle
    Very entertaining and sometimes amusing look at a man who has given up his career to stay home and care for their three-year old...and the house with which he becomes obsessed. He gives new meaning to the word "clean". Great observations about "woman's work".
  • Emily Griffin
    Not exactly a literary masterpiece but as a stay at home mum with two little ones, I could definitely relate and it was interesting to read a males perspective. I think I will be encouraging my husband to read this one, it might give him a bit of insight!
  • Molly
    This is a fun and smart meditation on gender roles in our society. By making the "husband" the primary caregiver, Hudler manages to allow us to think even more about how women and stay-at-home mothers are treated. In that sense, this is a book as much about women as it is about men.
  • Pamela
    Wow! Does he ever go into the mind of any woman who has stayed at home to care for children! This is one funny, fast, entertaining read. There is not much action, but the dialogue (mostly monologue) is witty--sometimes so funny that it is sad.
  • Ashley
    Good afternoon get-a-way. The plot ends before the book so the last 50 pages were hard to stay engaged. Overall it was a fast entertaining read.