Ostkrieg by Stephen G. Fritz


On June 22, 1941, Germany launched the greatest land assault in history on the Soviet Union, an attack that Adolf Hitler deemed crucial to ensure German economic and political survival. As the key theater of the war for the Germans, the eastern front consumed enormous levels of resources and accounted for 75 percent of all German casualties. Despite the significance of this campaign to Germany and to the war as a whole, few English-language publi...

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Release DateOct 5th, 2011
PublisherUniversity Press of Kentucky
GenreHistory, War, World War II, Military, Military History, Nonfiction, European History

Reviews Ostkrieg

  • Andrew
    Ostkrieg: Hiter's War of Extermination in the East, by Stephen G. Fritz, is an interesting book examining in depth the invasion of Poland and Operation Barbarossa, as well as the Final Solution, from a German perspective. Hitler's main aim in WWII was the annexation of Lebensraum - living space for the German people akin to colonization, as well as the removal of the Jewish population from German territory. These two objectives meant Germany need...
  • Steven Peterson
    The last sentence of this book summarizes the power of the volume (Page 488): "The legacy of the Third Reich, however--the awareness of what can result from that explosive mixture of hatred, hypernationalism, racism, and authoritarianism--remains as a constant warning to us, challenging our notions of loyalty, honor, morality, and justice." This book provides a narrative of the German invasion of Russia (Ostkrieg=Eastern war).The author uses a va...
  • Kate
    This is a good account of the German war against the east and the Soviet Union, what part of Hltler's ideology drove it, how his racial policies shaped the willingness to bring about the deaths of 30+ million civilians as totally acceptable in their hunger wars.I would not recommend this as a first read about the Eastern Front as it does not follow a liner path which I found awkward, it goes from the winter battles of 1941 and 42 to the politics ...
  • Hadrian
    An excellent one-volume history of the Eastern Front in WW2, integrating new accounts and opened archival research, supplementing earlier accounts like Alan Clark's Barbarossa, and a fine member of a new generation of this body of work, as seen by writers like David Glantz.Argues that significant portions of the Wehrmacht, not just the Waffen-SS are complicit in the hideous war crimes of the East, and does so convincingly. Also ties direction of ...
  • Clarke Wood
    This book provides an excellent synthesis of sources to recount the war in the east, as well as describing German war aims, the rationale behind the decisions made and the ideological framework of the German actors. It also shows how the Final solution evolved and how it was affected by the events in the war. It is also a relatively easy read, but very informative.The main points I got out of the book were:1. Germany's weaknesses in manpower, raw...
  • Andy
    This is a superb introduction to and overview of the war between Germany and the Soviet Union in 1941-45. Although Fritz claims it is 'merely' a work of synthesis, he has written an excellent narrative that not only engages you from start to finish, but also makes clear the interpenetration of grand strategy, military operations, economic constraints and - particularly important - the racial-ideological imperatives at the heart of the Nazi projec...
  • Jack
    Fritz does an outstanding job documenting the crimes of the Ostheer in the Soviet-German war and dispensing once and for all with the noxious "clean Wehrmacht" myth. Where he fumbles is with the grand narrative - he tries to make his book a grand overview of the war, but his prose isn't quite up to the task, and at times it can be hard to follow along with the movements of the various armies, especially given the lack of illustrations.This is mor...
  • Galvis1792
    4.5Buen libro sobre el frente oriental de la SGM. Motivaciones, desarrollo y repercusiones. Desde la perspectiva alemana.
  • Brit Hopper
    A great book, well researched and one that took me time to digest. One of the best I've read on the Eastern Front that focused on Hitler's philosophy of a war against Jews and Bolsheviks and total war. Great analysis on the war Hitler got (multi-front and miscalculation with Western Allies- the British sticking it out) and the war he wanted (annihilation of the Soviets after buying time). Also, Fritz does an excellent job in taking the reader thr...
  • Dschreiber
    A thorough history of Hitler's horrific "war of annihilation" against Russia. For me there were a lot of surprises. The Germans were not defeated by the Russian winter, although that inflicted serious losses on them. Their major mistakes included a strategic error of splitting their forces, underestimating Russian determination, their unwillingness ever under any circumstances to accept defeat, and underestimating Russia's enormous industrial cap...
  • Dale Smith
    An excellent look at the War in the East, 1941-1945, in the light of German sources uncovered in the 1980s and Russian sources since the end of the Cold War. The premise is that a war of extermination was fundamental to Nazi ideology, and, in fact, made an invasion of Russia an inevitability. The actual fighting is covered in detail. Considering the scope of Ostkrieg, Stephen Fritz does an admirable job recreating the highlights of campaigns from...
  • Brian
    There are few books that depict the military operations on the Eastern front in World War II that could be described as anything other than horrific. Fritz's work here is no exception. It produces a surreal sensation to experience vicariously the maddening cruelties of that area of operations, to participate from a distance in its insane violence and the inevitable roll-back and defeat of the Nazis. This work seems like a counterpoint to Guy Saje...
  • Jeff
    Probably would have given this book 5 stars if the editing had been a little tighter. There are times when the same point is made within a couple pages or even a couple paragraphs, making the reader think, "didn't he just say this?"But overall very good coverage of WWII in the east. The author has two main hypotheses, both of which he backs up with huge amounts of data. First, as you would gather from the subtitle, that the German war on the USSR...
  • Jake M.
    This is one of those comprehensive, readable histories written all too rarely by academics. Fritz explores the motivations, methods and consequences for of the war between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union from a German perspective. External events and the role of ideology are given large segments of attention to draw a full picture. The reader will come away knowing more about the most pivotal battle front in the 20th century with a wider unders...
  • Tomi
    This book would have been a lot shorter if the author hadn't repeated himself so many times! I get it - the German armies had problems with supplies, distance, weather, and the inability to reinforce the troops...On the good side, it was interesting to read a book written from the German perspective with a German bias (took me a while to get used to that!). The book was informative; it would be a good read for someone interested in the technical ...
  • Darren Leiser
    Good overview of the Eastern Front during World War II.
  • Dustin Witmer
    A good history of the why and how of the war in the East. I felt like it was a little light on certain topics, but how could any one-volume on this topic not be? His estimates of the German casualties at Stalingrad are too low, but this seems to be an exception.Overall it was an easy, but high quality read.
  • Alex
    History of the military campaigns in the East and holocaust that accompanied the German Army as they marched east. Good critical account of the military decisions made by the Nazi high command and why they continued to fight even after the war was clearly lost.
  • Michael
    Decent introductory history on Germany's WW II Eastern Front but very general in scope. Poor maps.
  • Sito Escayola ankli
    Best single volumen on the Eastern front. Must have and read book: great book!
  • Chris Meyer
    Nice overview of the German war in the East
  • Bill Lenoir
    The best single volume history of the war between Germany and the Soviet Union.
  • Steve
    Interesting read on Hitler's invasion of Poland and the Soviet Union and his extermination of the Jews.