Paula Deen's Southern Cooking Bible by Paula H. Deen

Paula Deen's Southern Cooking Bible

A definitive guide to Southern cooking and hospitality with 300 recipes, a two-color interior with nearly 100 instructional illustrations, an extensive appendix, 16 pages of gorgeous color photography, and plenty of tips, stories, and Southern history throughout.Hi, y’all! This book is my proudest achievement so far, and I just have to tell y’all why I am so excited about it. It’s a book of classic dishes, dedicated to a whole new generatio...

Details Paula Deen's Southern Cooking Bible

TitlePaula Deen's Southern Cooking Bible
Release DateOct 11th, 2011
PublisherSimon Schuster
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Food, Nonfiction

Reviews Paula Deen's Southern Cooking Bible

  • Carol
    I got this cookbook as a gift a few months before I retired. Until that time I had not been much of a cook, because I travelled for a living. Most of my meals were consumed in restaurants, Southern restaurants, so I developed a love of Southern cooking. I have made nearly every recipe in this book and they are all great. But, beware of the high fat and sugar content of most recipes. I do not suggest that you make every meal, every day from these ...
  • Alexandra
    For this being Paila Deen's "bible" I expected a lot more. There were A LOT of recipes, but that's it. I didn't learn anything new. I didn't find any recipes that really stood out. The only thing I remember wanting to try was putting my Cajun seasoning blend on popcorn. That's it. I knew a lot of recipes in here and was happy with the way I make the dishes, or I wasn't interested in the recipes at all. Boring.
  • Fredrick Danysh
    Based on Paula Deen's restaurant chain and her former Food Network shows, this work is a collection of recipes that reflect the Southern style of cooking with updates on traditional recipes. The recipes are easy to read and follow.
  • Mary Jo Reece
    I love anything Paula Deen, and this is my favorite PD cookbook. Just a good, basic cookbook with simple Southern recipes as well as some very useful cooking tips and tricks.
  • Janice White
    While I know it is not politically correct to like Paula, we have forgiven many people for worst acts and let's face it ... she can cook!
  • Leigh
    This book has gotten some harsh reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Too few pictures, too many recycled recipes, too much Southern cornball dialogue. Paula Deen said in a recent interview she wants this book to be a staple of every kitchen, like The Joy of Cooking. Well, the book isn't as bad as some say but it isn't ever going to be a staple of every kitchen either. The recipes are interesting and clearly written so you don't need pictures. It does...
  • Jessi
    I understand the fact that the title's inclusion of the word "Bible" would imply that this is a collection of Paula's recipes, and you're bound to see some stuff you've seen before. I flipped through this book and only saw a handful of recipes that seemed new to me. And most of those didn't seem very impressive. This makes me quite sad, because when Paula was first rising to fame, I adored her. Everything she made sounded delicious. And I liked w...
  • Cinnamon
    I love Southern food. I feel no shame about that, and I think this book hits all the basics. But I can't help but feel that this book uses recipes that ask for more butter than necessary just because butter is awesome, which it is. However I think cutting most recipes that call for butter in half will produce results that are just fine, if not better. I can't speak for how this affects any of the baking recipes though, because I rarely bake I hav...
  • Loni Miner
    I really enjoyed sitting down and reading this cookbook. Yes, I am one of those people who actually reads cookbooks, even though I rarely consult a recipe when cooking. I love the easy language of this cookbook and the variety of recipes. It was nice to see many of the recipes revisited from The Lady & Sons cookbooks. The only real complaint I have is I would like more pictures & more of the personal stories that Paula so often has to go with her...
  • Caity
    I originally picked up this book thinking I'd find a perfect fried chicken recipe for my fiance however we both thought the recipe featured for that dish was underwhelming. Overall I found many of the dishes did not seem particularly special or interesting. It is probably a good basic southern cookbook but was not what i was hoping for. The recipes that i was most impressed with where the desserts but otherwise I did not really find anything of i...
  • marcia freeman
    Paula delivers a lovely treasure trove!Paula once again delivers a wonderful treasure trove of recipes, anecdotes and little tidbits of our Southern history. Reading this has taken me back to the years of watching my mother and Granny cook and bake for our large family. Always something fresh from the garden, the Gulf, or the farm, with a precious sweet treat at the end to savor. Thank you Mrs. Paula!
  • Amy
    I usually do not like cookbooks that do not have a picture to match every recipe, but this book is the exception!Deen describes her recipes in such detail that a picture is not needed. If an illustration is needed for how to do something (like pit an avocado), it is shown in a drawing. There are pictures of some recipes towards the middle of the book.Excellent!
  • Linda
    One of my favorite Christmas gifts. Each section has an introduction by Paula. The recipes are true down south cooking and easy to follow. My only complaint would be that I wish there had been more color photographs of the various dishes. I love Paula Deen and anything I read by her is like sitting on the porch with a good friend.
  • Naomi
    An absolute must have cookbook for when you want some good old southern comfort food. I originally had grabbed this from my library to take a peek (I actually prefer her sons' cookbooks-they are a tad healthier) but couldn't resist this for some of the recipes in there. Plus, all the ones I have done and there have been many have been yummy! I ended up purchasing this cookbook.
  • Jess
    The book is well organized and the recipes are easy to make. I wish there were photos. I don't know why but a lot of the meals I've made from this cookbook have come out rather bland. These seem like basic foods though that I have just been modifying the second time to give them a kick. I have had better luck with the ones in her magazine.
  • smuug
    I love Paula and I am Southern so I was excited to find a book that I thought would have all the old Southern recipes like my momma makes. I thought a lot of it was a bit fancy to be real Southern and why it is a nice book it is not a Southern cooking bible at all. I think Miss Kays is much more one.
  • Jennifer
    Lame.Many repeat recipes from her Lady & Son's cookbooks.No pictures - a few inserted here and there that you have to search to find which recipe they go withAND.....lots of credit goes to the how much of this did Paula really write?I sent it back to Amazon.
  • Maria
    If you love Southern food, you should get plenty of use from this book. Of course, Paula Deen is not known for her "healthy" recipes, but it's good to indulge now and then. I made the Pumpkin Struesel bread last Thanksgiving and my family LOVED it!
  • Jennie
    If you're looking for low fat it's not here.Butterscotch Pretzel Pie? I'm in. Few pictures but a great mix of recipes that could keep you busy for all seasons. I want to try Japanese Fruitcake. Must read. Great gift.
  • Janene
    Big thick cook book wrapped in Paula Deen's wonderful southern charm. Hundreds of recipes, delivered clear & concise. Only complaint: way too few pictures. Love her and live this 'bible' collection of recipes.
  • Dorena
    I love the fact that this was written just like she talks: lots of y'all's. I can just hear her reading the recipes to me. Being from the south, there were the same recipes, but I did write down some new ones; Louisiana Fried Corn and Georgia Pound Cake. Thanks, Paula!
  • Jennifer
    Yum.Each intro sounds like Paula Deen is in the room talking with you, like friendly neighbors. The cookbook is a mixture of recipes throughout the years; and thank goodness there are some delicious pictures to whet the whistle even more. :)
  • Karen
    Good Collection of classic southern dishes.
  • Falon
    When I am in the mood for home style southern cooking Paula Deen never let's me down! The recipes in this book are delicious and relatively easy to make!
  • Karen Marchello
    Try her Red Velvet cake recipe- wonderful! I made cupcakes out of it. I also didn't use the red food coloring but it is still red because of the chemical reaction between the vinegar and chocolate.
  • Serena
    I'm almost 30 and can't cook to save my life. Hoping I can pull off most of the recipes that I've book marked. I'm looking forward to trying the fried chicken and banana pudding ones!
  • Lisa
    Great first cook book for those starting out.
  • Tonya Coleman
    Great cookbook with a lot of good recipes.
  • Heather
    Simpler than you thought. Lots of recipes.
  • Pat Murphy
    Ah, I read another cookbook. The south and its cuisine.