Venture Deals by Brad Feld

Venture Deals

Praise for Venture Deals"My biggest nightmare is taking advantage of an entrepreneur without even realizing it. It happens because VCs are experts in financings and most entrepreneurs are not. Brad and Jason are out to fix that problem with Venture Deals. This book is long overdue and badly needed."—Fred Wilson, Managing Partner, Union Square Ventures"Feld and Mendelson pack a graduate-level course into this energetic and accessible book.?The au...

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TitleVenture Deals
Release DateJul 7th, 2011
PublisherJohn Wiley & Sons
GenreBusiness, Entrepreneurship, Economics, Finance, Nonfiction

Reviews Venture Deals

  • Athan Tolis
    This is the second time in my life I find myself doing the rounds to collect proper money from investors. First time, more than fifteen years ago, I used the Bagley and Dauchy classic “Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Law” and I thought it was pretty good. This book is quite simply in a different league.The authors, seasoned VC entrepreneurs, have a gift for writing and that’s what carries you through the book. It’s all very serious, of...
  • Brad
    This book was OK and potentially very useful for anyone working through a term sheet when seeking venture capital. In that particular circumstance, I think that it is indeed a wonderful explanation of various factors. In fact, that is what the book set out to be. However, there was very limited real-world examples that gave a context for understanding the particular point being discussed. The subject is definitely difficult to speak about because...
  • Kevin
    Five stars because it's crucial since there's nothing else comparable at this time.The thing to remember about this book, if you're an entrepreneur, is that it's written by two VCs. Everything you read should be taken critically. The information is still exceedingly useful. There are no overt howlers in this book intended to take advantage of entrepreneurs (or not many and not intentionally). It is written, perhaps unavoidably, with a VC bias, an...
  • Emily
    This is one of those books that I wish I had read before forming our business. It is overwhelming to think about all the legal details that go into investment deals and the terminology has been foreign to me. This book cleared up the things I didn’t understand and explained in layman’s terms what these deals really mean, what I as an entrepreneur should worry about and which terms I should not really worry about. This book is now my go-to Bib...
  • Alejandro I Sanoja
    If you are a first-time entrepreneur, this book might help you skip rookie mistakes!Venture Deals is a must-read for any entrepreneur thinking about starting, or currently running, a venture-backed company. It might take you a bit longer to read (it took me several months which is A LOT higher than the average time it takes me to read a book), that most business books, because of the level of detail you will find. Yet, every detail is valuable be...
  • Mohammed Abu Shammalah
    I got a chance to read this book through the course provided by the authors last two months.The book is organized and informative, and this is the first book under this subject. The language used is not simple for all and the reader to be aware of some financial and law issues.
  • Manas Saloi
    If you want to raise VC or want to work in the VC industry this book is a must read. I have to admit I did not understand a lot of the terms mentioned here but I guess unless you actually raise a round you won't understand a term sheet fully :)
  • Ahmed
    There's nothing comparable to this book in the market. Very specific on term-sheets and other legal advice both entrepreneurs and VCs should know. The book is somewhat a drag to read as it sometimes goes into legal details, but overall a very, very good book that only those who are working in the industry should read it. There's plenty of other books about building great companies, valuation, how to divide stock options etc and all that you won't...
  • Omar El-mohri
    A really great book, full of information and clear exemples that uncover lot of things from the unknown about startups and VC world.If you are an entrepreneur, an investor or something in between, you should read the book.
  • Ilya Eremeyev
    Amazing, must read for anyone involved in business - actual or wannabe founders, investors, employees. The kind of a book which makes you smarter.
  • Shazzad Mukit
    made the venture terms and legalese around them easier to understand. must read for the first time entrepreneur going to raise venture investment.
  • Pavel Kolev
    This book is simply amazing. I honestly expected it to be full of bulshit motivational, full of phrases with no meaning but I was proven wrong.This is a book that everyone who is about to start a business should read. Then re-read it again anytime when he is raising funds. The structure is simply amazing. It explains every single term in details and examples. And the best part is that is that each chapter ends with a little - "what does this all ...
  • Alex
    Extremely helpful in understanding the incentives of lawyers, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists and how they play out in a termsheet. Absolute must read for every entrepreneur!
  • Sina
    Concise and packed to the brim with value. No filler.
  • Andrew
    Among the best books you can pick up to learn all the areas and pitfalls of term sheets and raising a venture capital round.
  • Michael Reibel Boesen
    This book should be on every entrepreneurs curriculum! It explains in simple terms the ins and outs of the process of negotiating a term sheet.
  • Zeb
    As good as a book on the ins and puts of taking on investment for your startup could be. Every entrepreneur who plans to take on funding ought to read this one.
  • Rebecca Paget
    Covers a broad area with good summaries. Would have liked a deeper explanation in parts and more varied examples.
  • Vlad Kitaynik
    Nice and clear explanation of how raise money in US for your startup. Not usable in Ukraine or Russia. Should write one for Ukrainian reality:)
  • Kelly Reid
    begin the process with certainty, intent and presumed success. no "thinking about" or "considering". you are or are not raising money.set a timeline and an amount; how much do you need to get your company to a meaningful milestone? we chose 18-24 months paying 2-3 engineers, which came to around 300k. pick a specific number, not a range.investors love to join an oversubscribed round. Don't set your target too high or you might scare away Angels w...
  • Brian Ritchie
    This is probably the most well organized book I've read in a while.I had the second Edition and decided to pour through it over the course of a week.The chapters were well split, casual in tone and easy to grasp language. The longest times were spent trying to get a grasp of the 'Legalese' examples used - but they were invaluable to the topics discussed.I particularly appreciated the real-world/simulated examples provided because it helped me com...
  • Chris Esposo
    A useful book, although the subtitle claims you can know more than your lawyers, that is hardly going to be the case, at least not after only this one book. This is a text that will familiarize you with the lingo of venture deals so you don't look like a total n00b when talking to startups. Although a lot of it is probably most appropriate to founders, it's good for anyone who wishes to be involved in these sort ventures, a newer person wanting t...
  • Nari Kannan
    This is a book that every entrepreneur should RUN, NOT WALK TO BUY if they are considering Venture Financing their startup. If not anything it should teach you a very valuable lesson on whether your startup is suitable for VC funding or not. 90% of entrepreneurs do not understand what VC is and waste time pursuing it when their startup is not suitable and will never, ever get funded! Read Chapter 15. How Venture Capital Works? first and then from...
  • Mayank
    This book gives a very good overview of the entire process of dealing with VCs and even the process of getting acquired. It deep dives into different part of the process -- talking to VCs, negotiating with VCs, the points to negotiate on, explains the legal terms and gives enough background about different ways in which the VCs can screw you. It crystalizes the knowledge of what actually happens behind the scenes of such transactions.As an employ...
  • Eric
    A nice, easy-to-read treatment for understanding the complicated financing and legalese behind raising money from VC investors, geared towards first-time startup founders who lack experience in those dry topics.Basically, a must-read for any founder who doesn't want to be caught with his pants down. One aspect I did find this lacking in was more discussion about VC culture, and how the hierarchy within VC firms leads to the particular expectation...
  • Daniel DiPiazza
    This is THE book on how startups should think about and execute their strategy for getting venture capital. It's hard to give the book anything less than a 4 or 5, because to my knowledge, there's nothing else out there like this. While the book is relatively easy to understand as it's well-written, the concepts can be fairly complex at times, and also don't make as much sense if you're not currently going through the VC process. That being said,...
  • Javier Boncompte
    Great book for building a fair and balanced relationship with a potential investor. Excellent for an entrepreneur seeking practical advice for his first or next funding round.The writing is easy to follow although it is explaining the most important legal terms an investment contract (term sheet) should have. While the terms themselves can get complicated quickly, the authors use their experience to keep focused in the big picture of the whole co...
  • Slava Oganezov
    This is a very useful book on fundraising written by pros in their field. It covers key players and interactions between investors, entrepreneurs and lawyers, key terms in the term sheet, cap table and negotiations. Has given me a great overview and insight into the whole process. As a CEO you are at a disadvantage in comparison to VCs as they do deal negotiations for a living and you only raise money occasionally. So compensate by performing wel...
  • Kenneth Kinyanjui
    Great book especially if you are about to join a startup or company. This book helped me really understand what kind of offer or deal to take when joining startups or project. Also helped me understand how to structure the company in the right way and not make mistakes that later on come to bite.. If you are joining a cofounder or a company , I recommend reading this . If you are also on the other side starting a company this book is great in und...
  • Tim Hughes
    Being the CEO of a start-up I wanted to know what I can about Venture capital, after reading "Lost and Founder" by Rank Fishkin (highly recommended by the way, in fact I insisted all my board read it). Rand recommends "Venture Deals" and I would too. There is a chapter on the basics in Rand's book, but Brad Feld really goes into the detail. As you can imagine the book is not a laugh a minute, it takes you through the (US) (I'm in the UK) legal fr...