When Maidens Mourn (Sebastian St. Cyr, #7) by C.S. Harris

When Maidens Mourn (Sebastian St. Cyr, #7)

Regency England, August 1812. Sebastian's plans to escape the heat of London for a honeymoon are shattered when the murdered body of Hero's good friend, Gabrielle Tennyson, is discovered drifting in a battered boat at the site of a long-vanished castle known as Camlet Moat. A beautiful young antiquarian, Miss Tennyson had recently provoked an uproar with her controversial identification of the island as the location of Camelot. Missing and presum...

Details When Maidens Mourn (Sebastian St. Cyr, #7)

TitleWhen Maidens Mourn (Sebastian St. Cyr, #7)
Release DateMar 6th, 2012
GenreMystery, Historical, Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery, Regency, Fiction

Reviews When Maidens Mourn (Sebastian St. Cyr, #7)

  • Jonetta
    Sebastian and Hero are four days into their marriage when the honeymoon is interrupted by the murder of Gabrielle Tennyson, an antiquarian and good friend of Hero's. Both of them are drawn into the investigation, working together and sometimes at cross purposes. This was a gnarly mystery with lots of players and suspects who might have benefited from Gabrielle's death. I loved the way Hero and Sebastian interacted with each other, even when they ...
  • Phrynne
    Book number seven and still the action gets better and better. Of course the biggest development is in the relationship between the main characters, Sebastian and Hero. The author is managing to write a delightful romance without letting it take over the plot of each book, and she is so good at writing that last little chapter which leaves the reader wanting more.I think I enjoyed this book a teeny bit more than the last one because it was a bit ...
  • Lyuda
    This turned out to be one of the weakest installments in the series for me. It didn’t engage me as much as the other ones did. I may have to put more distance between the installments as I found many of the plot devices formulaic and recapping of the previous events and characters’ backstories annoying. Although, this is the first one where I guessed the culprit right away. Not sure how but I did and quite proud of it.So, let’s start with w...
  • Carolyn
    Sebastian and Hero are all set for a well deserved honeymoon on his family estate when they receive news that Hero's friend Genevieve Tennyson has been found murdered, drowned in Camlet Moat. Like Hero, Genevieve is a feminist and interested in archaeology. She had been excavating Camlet Moat as she suspected it was the legendary Camelot. Most disturbing is that her two young male cousins were with her at the Moat and are now missing, possibly de...
  • Emma
    4.5 these are all really 5 stars but I. Have to show the differential between different books in the series. I really enjoyed watching Hero and Sebastian's marriage develop.
  • Selena Paulsen
    Oh, how I love Sebastian St. Cyr novels. The previous entry, "Where Shadows Dance" may be on my list of top 20 books ever. But, unfortunately, "When Maidens Mourn" won't make that list. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad novel, it's just not great either. The appeal of the St. Cyr series is threefold: gritty fascinating history, tangled dark mysteries, and subtle wrenching romance. So, let's take a look at each of those in this newest installment...
  • Kim
    Mild spoilers aheadI've now read six of the seven books in this series*, which is set in Regency London and features Peninsular War veteran Sebastian St Cyr, aka Viscount Devlin, and his wife, the feisty and feminist Hero Jarvis. Like lots of other crime fiction writers, Harris has a formula for these books and she pretty much sticks to it. Here's how it goes:(a) Brief introduction;(b) Murder is discovered;(c) Sebastian (and Hero) become involved...
  • Veronica
    Four and a half starsTime doesn't elapse very quickly between books in this series. I think the eight months between books three and four have been the longest stretch of time so far. This time we're dealing with the shortest time interval as only four days have passed since the end of the last book, an ending that saw Sebastian and Hero facing a new, scary, and exciting future.The murder victim this time is/was a good friend of Hero's so it's a ...
  • Felicia
    So I enjoyed this book because Hero and Sebastian are together finally, and I hated that other chick character, so that's good. Also Lady of Shalott is one of my FAVORITE poems (Because of Anne of Green Gables, way meta here) so I loved the overall plot of this one, great murder mystery. Yes, there are some weird plot twists, and the arc of Hero/Sebastian felt a bit retarded, I wanted them to interact more rather than keep each other apart and re...
  • Blackjack
    4.5Another solid entry in the Sebastian St. Cyr mysteries. I've come to look so forward to reading about all of the characters, primary as well as secondary ones, and I am full of admiration for Harris's ability to juggle a big cast very successfully. These books are fast becoming my comfort reads. The 7th book introduces a fascinating new character in Jamie Knox, a dangerous tavern owner who appears to be Sebastian's doppelganger!!! I really enj...
  • Mei
    What I like in this series is how the author managed to incorporate real life characters, political situation and the ambiance of the period. But not only that: the hits given on Templars, archeological research of Camelot, King Arthur and druids!It was really interesting and I love how she does it!Here the story starts like a treasure hunter killed hero's friend, but, as the investigation procedes, we discover that many have interest to see her ...
  • kris
    Sebastian St. Cyr's honeymoon is interrupted by the murder of one of his new wife's friends which is obviously the WORST. Between angsting about the growing distance between them, he INVESTIGATES and talks about Arthur and poetry and speaks Romani and gets attacked like a bunch. 1. !!!!!! He smiled. "Actually, I'm counting on a girl—a daughter every bit as brilliant and strong and fiercely loyal to her sire as her mother." [... H]e nudged the h...
  • Erin
    I love a good historical mystery!! This series brings it! Put a kidnapping and a murder and it sells! The murder of one Hero's friends leads them into a mystery with roots in the Arthurian legend. Sebastian and Hero are interesting characters! I'm usually pretty good at solving a murder mystery early on into the book. But this one had me guessing way into in the book! There was a lot of potential suspects. I gave it 4.5 stars just because I love ...
  • Keri
    Our story picks up a week into Devlin and Hero's uneasy marriage, when Devlin gets notice of a young noblewoman found dead in a boat not far from London. Come to find out it is a friend of Hero's. Once the investigation starts, it soon becomes apparent that many people wanted the young Miss dead. Was if for political gain a love not returned or to keep even deeper secrets. Hero and Devlin are soon enmeshed in trying to find out who killed her fri...
  • Rebecca
    "When it comes to murder, I'm not inclined to believe anyone." The character development continues to astound me. I liked the Arthurian aspect of the mystery, but this one was less complex than previous one in the series. I just can't get enough of the world and love the introduction of new characters. (view spoiler)[ I have longed for the Hero/Kat showdown and wanted just a little more when they finally came face to face. I continue to adore Her...
  • Lady Wesley
    Although I enjoyed listening to this book, the mystery was a bust. The entire book is nothing but read herrings, so don’t even try to figure out who’s the killer. Just enjoy the history and (burgeoning) romance.
  • Be
    I was so glad to revisit this series! It has been awhile. This one brought tears to my eyes. This author has a style of writing that keeps a person captivated all the way through. I can hardly wait to get my hands on the next one!
  • Veronica
    Home remodels have made it hard to read a physical book so I decided to revisit some old, favorite friends via audiobook to ease my stress. What can I say? I adore Sebastian and Hero and their world and I enjoy any chance to revisit them. Davina Porter's narration makes a great story even better. My original review: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/2...
  • Lauren
    When Maidens Mourn4 StarsSebastian St. Cyr and his new bride are pulled into another case when the body of Hero's friend, Gabrielle Tennyson, is discovered floating in a boat near an archeological dig related to King Arthur's Camelot. When Gabrielle's young cousins are also revealed to be missing, Sebastian and Hero find themselves in a race against time to stop a ruthless killer before it is too late. An enjoyable addition to the series. The cha...
  • Dosha (Bluestocking7) Beard
    What a great series! I am looking forward as much to the developing love between hubby and wife as to trying to figure out the next murder in this series. It is always wonderful when the reader is fond of the protagonist. Once that relationship between protagonist and reader is established, all the other characters and all of the various plots seem to enhance the initial enjoyment of reading the series. I look forward to St. Cyr's happiness as mu...
  • G.
    Loved the mystery plot, and everything Hero and Sebastian related. The conflict that Jarvis (Hero's father, Sebastian's enemy) creates between them is fascinating. There was, however, an interlude of Kat not being able to keep her mouth shut. At this point she's become tiresome.
  • Teresa
    4.5 starsThis was one of my favorite mysteries of the series, not because of the mystery itself, but because I loved all of the Camelot and Arthurian legends stuff, plus the connection to the Tennyson family. It was everything my inner nerd loved.
  • Sumeetha Manikandan
    Loved the mystery and felt sorry for Gabrielle. The killer took me by surprise. The book did leave me with an inexplicable desire to read Tennyson again. I haven't touched poetry in a very long while so... it is an author's triumph if it can make me do things like this.
  • Paraphrodite
    3.5 stars.After going all over the place, the final reason for the murder of Hero's friend seems quite mundane. Although (view spoiler)[ I'm not sure I fully understand who killed the French lover? (hide spoiler)]Hero and Sebastian's relationship is definitely one of those slow-burn ones... We also get to have that first meeting between Hero and Kat that's so polite on the surface but seething with undercurrents. And there's still a lot more to S...
  • Tina
    The continuing character development and personal relationships arc in this installment of the series gets a solid A. The mystery gets a tepid C.I'll start with what I liked first. I love Sebastian and Hero together. He has always been the elegant, dangerous, larger than life protagonist who dominates the attention so well in this series and that hasn't changed. I am firmly on Sebastian's side no matter what -- I root for him, I want him to bitch...
  • Paperback Dolls
    Previously posted at PaperbackDolls.comA conversation between two sisters:Noa: Will you be able to bring the new Sebastian St. Cyr book back with you from the states? I’m getting a review copy.Big Sis: *Squee* Yes! This way I can read it first!Noa: But I need to review it.Big Sis: You’ll get to review it…I’ll get it to you ASAP…after I read itAnother conversation between two sisters:Little Sis: Whatcha reading?Noa: the new Sebastian St....
  • LJ
    First Sentence: Tessa Sawyer hummed a nervous tune beneath her breath as she pushed through the tangled brush and bracken edging the black waters of the ancient moat. Sebastian St. Cyr and his new wife, Hero Jarvis, married for proprietary due to her pregnancy. There is occasionally passion between them, but not yet trust. Will investigating the murder of Hero’s friend Gabrielle Tennyson and disappearance of two children begin to build that bri...
  • Nancy
    This book is part of the Sebastian St. Cyr mystery series. They are set in the Regency period in England and are very well researched. In this book, Sebastian solves the mystery of a women who was trying to find out the truth behind the Arthurian legend and was murdered near the site that could have been Camelot.
  • Andree
    Continuing to make excellent life choices, obviously. 4.5 stars. I enjoyed the heck out of this one. Liked the mythology aspect. Liked that the victim was Hero's friend. As a result, found Jarvis's tendency to be uncooperative as a default state somewhat odd. Intrigued by Sebastian's semi-doppleganger.But I demand more Hero and Sebastian scenes. I feel like there were not enouvh.
  • Paula
    My favorite one of the series so far! 4.5 stars