The Loveliest Dead by Ray Garton

The Loveliest Dead

A young family moves into their new home only to find they are not alone. The secrets of the past are reaching out from beyond the grave and the horror begins before the Kellars have finished unpacking.

Details The Loveliest Dead

TitleThe Loveliest Dead
Release DateDec 1st, 2005
PublisherLeisure Books
GenreHorror, Fiction, Paranormal, Ghosts, Fantasy, Supernatural

Reviews The Loveliest Dead

  • Latasha
    I listened to the audiobook. that was seriously the weirdest narrator I think I've ever heard. his reading was jerky, like the cd was skipping. idk, anyways, the characters in this book are exactly the way you'd expect them to be. everyone has paranormal experiences but papa but then he starts acting angry & violent. I love a haunted house story so stuck with it but I'm pretty sure if you read or watch a lot of horror, you can predict the charact...
  • Kimberly
    This supernatural story from Garton came as a complete surprise to me. It was much more "tame" than the books I've come to expect from him, and yet no less enjoyable. This was the perfect read for the beginning of Autumn.The plot itself is pretty much your standard "haunted house" layout, yet Garton's story has a fresh, more "terrifying" appeal to it than the majority I have read. The Kellar family moves into this house (left to Jenna, the wife) ...
  • Rebecca McNutt
    I think this is possibly one of the creepiest books I've ever read, it reminded me very much of the 2012 film Sinister and the author's writing would almost be nostalgic if it weren't for its horrific and eerie tones throughout.
  • Kelly Truelove
    We'll Leave the Light on for You...I was really impressed with this book, on many levels. The paranormal spooks were definitely there, and anyone who has read my reviews knows I love a good ghost or haunted house story. Beyond those elements were characters that I really enjoyed reading about and a mystery at the heart of everything. The author deserves kudos for another achievement as well. All too often, I find myself turned off by an author wh...
  • Peter
    David and Jenna Kellar lost their youngest son Josh in a tragic death. It was time for David, Jenna and their oldest son Miles to make a fresh start. Jenna inherited a house from her father that she did not even know. The Kellar's had no idea about the background of this house. They were soon to find out that the house held many deep dark secrets. They also found out that they were not safe there.This a ghost tale that will keep you on the edge o...
  • Kelly
    Rating: 4.5 starsThis one was genuinely CREEEEEEPY! I love nothing more than a spooky ghost/haunted house story, and I always start getting in the mood for them around this time each year in anticipation of Halloween. Totally reminiscent of The Amityville Horror, which I've always loved. In addition to being downright chilling, the book had fantastic character development and a great sense of place. I would really love to see this turned into a s...
  • John Bruni
    I love Garton's work, but when I saw this was a haunted house story I had my doubts. Whoops. I was severely wrong. It follows the formula, but it approaches the story in a vastly different way. The characters are wonderful. The villain(s) are horrible. The build up is so intense I couldn't help but feel it in such a mundane place as my train commute. I second guessed a lot, but forget that. I found this book a lot of fun. I cared about the charac...
  • Dierdra McGill
    I love ghost stories so I picked this book up. I was not disappointed in that choice and really enjoyed the book. The Loveliest Dead is about a women who inherited a house from her father whom she has never met. The house ends up being haunted by small boys and a "fat man in a cowboy hat". A lot of the story was a bit to predictable for my likeing but the story flowed along well and there were times I found myself reading "just one more chapter" ...
  • Chris Miller
    A most interesting and creepy ghost story.The Kellers lost their youngest son and have inherited Jeanna's father's house--a man she never knew. Now, she and her husband David, their son Miles, and her mother Martha have moved into the new place. But almost right away there are strange things happening. Odd children playing in the backyard, then vanishing. Miles is seeing a large fat man rising out of the floor in the dark of night. And an elderly...
  • Kilgallen
    I am always happy to read a ghost story and to read an excellent one is a real pleasure. The Loveliest Dead is certainly an excellent story. The references to child abuse were horrific but the revenge the boys had was sweet. Fantastic read!
  • H3yd00
    Ray Garton is one of the best horror writers around. I have yet to be disappointed in anything of his. This was an atmospheric ghost story with a little bit of humor thrown in. (Obscure references to a famous, ahem, true ghost story for those who catch it...)
  • Tammy
    This book scared me. Probably the best haunted house book I've read so far. Garton is awesome.
  • Donald
    My copy is an advance uncorrected proof, part of the Cemetery Dance Early Readers Club 5.0The Kellar family has a chance to start over when Jenna inherits her father's house. It seems like the perfect answer. But before they've even fully unpacked, things start going awry.Tension builds as some kids are noticed playing on the vine covered swing set out back. Different family members see these kids and even hear them, but each feels afraid to admi...
  • Martha
    This is an excellent example of the modern ghost story. This book is easy to read, interesting, and even a bit scary!Right from the start you feel kinship with the main couple, who lose a son, then the husband loses his job. The wife's father whom she never met leaves her his old house, and boom, you have the setup for a horror story. Almost right away the family begins seeing ghostly children hanging around. Who are they? What happened to them? ...
  • William M.
    2 and 1/2 stars Ray Garton is usually known for his more adult, disturbing horror. The Loveliest Dead unfortunately, is like Ray Garton-lite, a PG-13 type ghost story that felt very familiar and run-of-the-mill. This has exactly what all the other supernatural novels have - mysteriously disappearing children, unexplained noises in an empty house, strange voices in the basement, and the always predictable chill that passes through the room. There ...
  • Mike Kazmierczak
    While I wouldn't really classify The Loveliest Dead as a light version of Ray Garton's writing, comparatively it would qualify as less hardcore than some of his other books like Live Girls and Night Life. And I'm referring to the material here, not his writing or style. The writing and character development is definitely Garton: strong, very good and enjoyable.While trying to deal with the loss of their son, the Keller family moves to a new home....
  • RabbitReads
    Before reading this book I suggest reading another book of his called In A Dark Place. In a Dark Place isn't the most exciting read but you'll be greatfull when you've read that book and are reading, what one can assume are Garton's true feelings about the Bingham's aka the Warrens. I sat there reading, as the book discussed Joe Lockwood with a smile. Putting all that aside The Loveliest Dead is a very entertaining read. I couldn't put the book d...
  • Justin
    For a haunted house story, this was nothing new, and though some of it was cliché, it kept me entertained, and turning pages to the point I was tempted to devour this in one sitting. After the death of their son, Jenna Kellar and her family move to a house her father owned, but was a man she never knew. From there ghostly phenomenon make their presences known, and become malevolent. Meanwhile a psychic Lily with a reputation among cops, has visi...
  • Niquole Abram
    I just finished this book early this morning and wow! I was on edge the whole time as the events unfolded, eager and tried to find out what happened next. I remember once upon a time when horror movies used to do the same thing... Who knew six little words could raise so much fear?? I got so frustrated with David's stubbornness throughout the book. I'm still trying to figure out how a person can have so much shit happen and still be so damn dense...
  • Aria Nicole
    Where do I begin? This book is a roller coaster of emotions. It's highly gripping, suspenseful, and nail biting. Trigger warning for some parts of this book for Abuse, Child Abuse, and Rape.That being said, this is one of the best books I have read in years. While sometimes it is a little bit of a repeating type, it holds strong and completely envelopes you in it's dark, sick claws. I highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys horror, paran...
  • Stacy Kingsley
    If creepy pedophiles aren't your thing don't read this book. If you like books that involve creepy things and hauntings and revenge prefect for you. A family suffers a tragedy and moves into an inherited house to start over. What they don't know is that something else already lives there and it wants their wants him bad. I enjoyed this book a lot, in fact I might have nightmares, and the only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is because ...
  • Michael
    I've never been so scared by a book before. Maybe once--Jay Anson's The Amityville Horror scarred me/molded me into the horror writer I am today. But Garton is simply masterful at weaving seductive prose into terrifying imagery. The level of suspense was delicious. The haunting was truly frightening. I like to read before bed, and this gave me nightmares. I am so thrilled I discovered this book--and this writer, who I just "never got around to re...
  • Alex Budris
    I like Ray Garton. I'll read any of his books I get my hands on. His books are fun, well-plotted, sinister, gory (but not nasty or depraved), and fast-paced. But not really all that memorable. That is except for "Loveliest Dead." I enjoyed this book so much that after I finished the paperback I dished out the dough for the deluxe Cemetery Dance hardcover. This is one of those books that has heart. You get to know and connect with the characters, ...
  • Jessica
    I'm always in search of a great horror novel that chills me to the bone, makes me look over my shoulder and become paranoid over every sound in the house. Though this didn't scare me and didn't make me hang on to every word (took me a while to finish)I like the writing style. It has your typical ghost haunting incidents, which I like and I would recommend this to other ghost lovers. Definitely an author I will read more of.
  • Regina
    I thought this was a really good book. I liked the way it spoofed Ed & Lorraine Warren. The author doesn't come right out and say that but their description and the work they've done sounds soooo much like them. This story was really eerie and I never wanted to put it down. When I did put it down it's all I could think about till I could pick it back up again. I was hooked. Really good easy read.
  • Ariana Antonio
    Pretty typical haunted house story but it was really well done. Interesting story, good characters (who were stupidly stubborn sometimes, but still well done), and absolutely terrifying at times. Could be a trigger for some, so maybe don't read if that would be an issue for you. I really liked the struggle of the main characters of, "I don't believe in this stuff but I can't explain what's happening" as I can really relate to that. Will definitel...
  • The Badger
    This was actually a really good haunting story, and the character of Lilly the psychic is extremely likable. Unfortunately, the book could've used a better editor; the amount of typos and errors in punctuation made the book seem unprofessional. (The lack in editing was especially glaring as the mother character took on part-time work as an editor.)
  • Bob
    Excellent read involving malignant spirits, psychics and charlatans. Hope to one day see some of Ray's works on the big screen. Very highly recommended.
  • Lisa Lee
    I read this on Saturday.  Yes, all of it.  No, not in one sitting.  I did have other stuff to do.  But once I started, it was very difficult to set it aside for any length of time.  This is what we call a compelling read.  Because it compels you to keep reading it and you are helpless against its pull.The Loveliest Dead is an older book by Ray Garton. It has some truly horrific content, but said content is handled carefully, without unneces...
  • Charlene
    I thought this book would be appropriate with Halloween just a couple weeks away. I was right. Started reading it yesterday and HAD to finish it today because it was difficult getting to sleep last night.