Sunwing (Silverwing, #2) by Kenneth Oppel

Sunwing (Silverwing, #2)

Kenneth Oppel gives a bat's-eye view of the horrors of animal testing in Sunwing, the sequel to his popular and award-winning novel for middle readers, Silverwing. Shade, the lost baby bat of the first book, has rejoined his colony only to lose his freedom as the bats plunge into a mysterious human building they believe is paradise. The building's vast interior forest, with its teeming insects and eerie absence of owls, certainly seems like Eden....

Details Sunwing (Silverwing, #2)

TitleSunwing (Silverwing, #2)
Release DateMay 11th, 2019
PublisherHarperCollins Publishers Canada, Limited
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Animals, Fiction, Childrens

Reviews Sunwing (Silverwing, #2)

  • Kathryn
    In this sequel to Silverwing, the young bat Shade and his friends embark on a new adventure as he tries to find his father and solve the mystery of Nocturna's Promise (a sort of prophecy saying that humans will help the bats to one day overcome the war with the owls and be able to fly in the daylight once more). But, of course, nothing goes smoothly and soon it seems that, instead of helping the bats, the humans are hurting them--most dreadfully....
  • Belinda
    4,25 sterren - Nederlandse paperback - Ik heb dyslexie - Voor kids vanaf 10 jaar. Gift van Rosey voor de huisbibliotheek. 🦋🦋🦋
  • Qt
    3 1/2 stars. It took me a while to get into this one, even though it's a great story and I love bats. I think it was more because I was reading it in bits and pieces whenever I got a chance, because the story starts right out--anyway, I did enjoy it and the finale was thrilling. I'll certainly be continuing the series!
  • Barbi Faye (The Book Fae)
    I really enjoyed this fantasy novel, which is a sequel to "Silverwing". That novel told of the horrors of animal testing. Now, Shade, the cute but lost baby bat has found his beloved colony. They become trapped in a human building that houses a huge Eden like indoor forest. It has lots of food and no enemies; we all know it is too good to be true. Shade and Marina, (one of THE biggest reasons I am reading these books, my DAUGHTER'S name is Marina...
  • Marcus
    Title: SunwingAuthor: Kenneth OppelPrice: $6.99 USDISBN-13: 978-1-4169-4997-8ISBN-10: 1-4169-4997-6Shade Silverwing has gone a long way from the young bat he was. After reuniting with his colony, Shade sets out on another quest, to find his long lost father.Although this quest sounds simple enough, there are plenty of obstacles Shade and Marina must overcome. Whether that be the return of the Cannibal bats, the other creatures of the world wantin...
  • Cassandre
    Présentation de l'éditeurParti à la recherche de son père, Cassiel, Ombre fait la découverte d'un étrange bâtiment, où se sont installés des milliers de chauves-souris. Est-ce le paradis terrestre dont rêvait Cassiel ? Ceux qui vivent là le pensent, mais Ombre n'y croit pas, et il s'obstine dans sa quête. Avec ses amis Chinook et Marina, il devra faire preuve de courage et de sagesse pour affronter les tromperies des hommes, la cruaut...
  • Angela Oliver
    The continuing story of Shade Silverwing - this time taking him south to the rainforest,putting him in the hands of the humans (and their diabolical plans) and once again bringing him in contact with the cannibal bat, Goth. A cute adventure story, with some rather dark moments and interesting characters.But one zoological fact bugs me no end - the insistence that owls hibernate - owls DO NOT hibernate!
  • Jezer Villamor
    Sunwing, the sequel to the book Silverwing, is a a book written by the author Kenneth Oppel. The book is a fictional adventure book which would delight any reader whose interests are fantasy. The main plot is a continuation of the original story/ first book in which young Shade continues his search for his father, and tries to stop the evil jungle bat Goth.
  • Tashy Jones
    I'm so glad I finally get to continue this series. This book was absolutely thrilling, it was just one thing after another and it just kept me hooked right until the very end. I'm intrigued to know where the story is going to go in the 3rd book.
  • Chandler
    If you read Silverwing, there is just no getting around not reading this book. This series is addicting and you must read every book to get the full effect.
  • Alex
    an exciting thriller that you just can't put down!
  • Gale
    “How the Sun was Won” Second in an amazing trilogy (not just for Young Adult readers) SUNWING continues the exploits of young Shade Silverwing and his loyal lady companion, Marina. After the owls have broken the truce of centuries by destroying the bats’ beloved nursery, Tree Haven, Shade remains determined to find his heroic father, Also to subvert the demonic plot of Goth, the vampire bat and his cannibal kind, from destroying entire colo...
  • Ray
    Just finished off the second book of the Silverwing Trilogy, "Sunwing" by Kenneth Oppel. I think I actually liked this better than the first book, and I liked that very much. These books deal with bats of many species. Silverwings, greywings, vampire bats ... not to mention lots of owls and rats and other creatures, all fighting for survival. In the first book, young Shade, a silverwing, becomes separated from his tribe during their winter flight...
  • Emilou
    A great sequel to the series. This is probably one of my favorite anthropomorphic fantasy series. It's very imaginative and interesting. I especially like how Oppel related it to an experiment that happened during WWII with bats and explosives, especially since I was skeptical about that part of the book. I also like the symbolism with the different groups of bats that Shade meets in this book and the previous one (the bats in the attic and the b...
  • Marthe
    Another extremely quick and very enjoyable read. This second part of the Silverwing series dives deeper into the dark side of actual human involvement with animals in relatively recent history, while also incorporating interesting aspects of Aztec and Mayan mythology. I'm really fascinated by the author's ability to depict such diverse and well-rounded views on humans from a (fictionalised) non-human perspective.
  • Aldera
    Not as good as the previous one, in my opinion. The insertion of humans and the final climax in the jungles of South America is definitely more epic than the climax of the first book; but I kind of felt like the book was dragging its feet a little bit. I wish there was more interaction with the owls instead of just one or two encounters.
  • Emily
    Aww, look at these cute little bats...DEVOURING THE HEARTS OF THEIR ENEMIES! Hard to take the dark lord seriously when he sounds like a candy from the 90s. Still I was surprisingly moved by this story. It reminded me of the Rats of NIMH, which is probably a better book, that I guess I need to read.
  • Lily E. Graham
    This was an excellent, thought provoking and action packed book. I couldn’t stop reading it!! I would give it a solid 4.5 stars (If Goodreads had half stars, that is!!) Great book, I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a fun read :)
  • Sammi
    in this book you will follow marina and shade in their perilous quest to get their sun back, they will be captured by the humans and be attacked by owls, and try to fight off the canibal bats. can they do it? i recomend this to anyone who likes bats and adventure.
  • Leeann
    This second book in the Silverwing trilogy is even more exciting than the first one. It is truly filled with nonstop action and high adventure. I am normally not a reader of animal fantasies but I could not put this one down. This second book in the Silverwing trilogy is even more exciting than the first one. It is truly filled with nonstop action and high adventure. I️ am normally not a reader of animal fantasies but I️ could not put this...
  • Lily
    4.5 stars
  • Felix Young
    No joke. But I moved out to Vancouver, BC after high-school. My roommate flew with the airline as a flight attendant with Sunwing. I worked for a company called Ecco.... (Echo-... get it?) hahaha
  • Bekah
    I love this series, and can't wait to get to the next book!
  • Shanley Gem
    This is my favorite book ever. I read it in only two days.
  • Helena
    So suspenseful!
  • Faith Chin
    I think this book is absolutely amazing, but not as exciting as the first one for some reason. But, it is still interesting. In this second book, Shade does find his father! At the beginning of the book, he, Marina, and a few other bats, Ariel (his mother), Chinook (his used-to-be-enemy-but-now-friend), Frieda (the elder of the Silverwing colony), and other adventurous bats who are willing to help Shade find his father, Cassiel. Also, unfortunate...
  • Karen Granovsky
    4.5 StarsI first picked up Kenneth Oppel’s Silverwing on a whim many years ago when I was a wee lass. I remember loving it and its sequel, Sunwing (as I always have and still do love books about animals), and so I decided to dig out my old copy (as I’ve been doing with a lot of other books I loved as a kid to see if the held up) and reread it. Side note: I read Firewing as well and thought it was a huge step down from the other two, and I nev...
  • P'tit Yahourt
    Un tome 2 bien plus original et prenant et aussi beaucoup plus sombre. Une vraie réussite ![CHRONIQUE] ->
  • Irene
    Sunwing is the continuation of Silverwing. Sunwing is about a bat named Shade who just returned to his own colony ,with is friend Marina, from a storm accident, encounter with owls and cannibal bats . Now, he learns that his father, Cassiel, is still alive and goes to search for him with half of his colony. Their search led them to a human building and there, they discover more bats from different colonies, but Cassiel's not there! Many of the ot...