Everyday Italian by Giada De Laurentiis

Everyday Italian

In her hit Food Network show Everyday Italian, Giada De Laurentiis shows you how to cook delicious, beautiful food in a flash. And here, in her long-awaited first book, she does the same—helps you put a fabulous dinner on the table tonight, for friends or just for the kids, with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of flavor. She makes it all look easy, because it is. Everyday Italian is true to its title: the fresh, simple recipes are incredibly qu...

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TitleEveryday Italian
Release DateFeb 22nd, 2005
PublisherClarkson Potter
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Food, Nonfiction, Reference

Reviews Everyday Italian

  • Amy Kannel
    I get that Giada is gorgeous. Really, she is. Stunningly so. But when I open a cookbook, I expect to see photos of, I don't know, the food described in the recipes maybe? Instead it is: Giada stirring a pot of something. Giada chopping something. Giada's million-dollar smile as she juices a lemon. I MEAN SERIOUSLY. This is a cookbook, not a fashion magazine. Good grief. Photos of garlic, photos of a cutting board + knife. SHOW ME WHAT THE PREPARE...
  • Christine
    OK, I have some strong opinions about the Food Network stars and I happen to love Giada. I do not like Rachel Ray, by the way, and don't get me started on lame-ass Sandra Lee. Crazy Ida will probably have a breakdown one day when that husband of hers who is never around finally leaves her, but she does know how to cook well though. Anyway, Giada has it all: the perfect body, adoring husband, impeccable cooking skills, a winning personality, the m...
  • Allison
    Folks, proscuitto wrapped around roasted asparagus is not a recipe, its a nice suggestion. If you want nice, boring quasi-Italian suggestions, then by all means, by this book. On second thought, don't by this book, it sucks. Lidia's books have recipes and suggestions.
  • Devon
    I love Giada de Laurentiis. She is a model chef, mother and wife and has the cutest style and her show "Everyday Italian."This cookbook is wonderful if you want to cook tradition Italian dishes. I love the tortellini in chicken broth.My one complaint in this book is that she doesn't bring anything contemporary into these dishes. I love anything traditional, but I wanted her cookbook to see a new twist on some of these everyday italian meals.I am ...
  • Shawn Grant
    I don't remember much about this book, but it taught me how to make risotto. For that I will ever be grateful.
  • Nicole (Reading Books With Coffee)
    Since I checked this out from the library, I only had time to make a few of the recipes, all of which were really good! Plus, there’s a few more I wanted to try, but I didn’t get the chance. It’s definitely something I want to buy when I get the chance. Or maybe I can just check it out from the librayr another time. The recipes I did make were interesting: lots of fresh herbs and veggies! I managed to not hurt myself while chopping the vege...
  • Kristl
    I love Giada. I love Giada's books, I love Giada's recipes, I love Giada's show, I love how Giada says "crunchy," heck, I love Giada's clothes.I love basil, tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil (I needn't cutesy abbreviate here or the Food Network world might implode), parmesano reggiano, and I love basil some more.The recipes in Everyday Italian are fresh, simple(ish), and easily shopped-for.I only refrained from the final star because not everyone ...
  • Mary Frasier
    Everything from anti-pasti to dolce' in an easy to follow format and with beautiful photos of the finished food. The Crostata with Mushrooms and Pancetta (page 28) looks and tastes like something you would be served in a 3 Michelin Star restaurant, yet it is so easy to prepare, even for the beginner home cook.Most of the ingredients in these recipes are easily found in a well stocked pantry. Loved it and use it as one of my day to day "go to" coo...
  • Janet
    I was pleasantly surprised by this cookbook -- the "everyday" concept is delivered in an approachable way. The majority of the ingredients are readily available and in my local grocery store. None of the recipes seem daunting. I can't wait to try them!The bonus for me was that this was a downloadable library book. I would have passed this by at the bookstore, but the no-risk opportunity to thumb through it (albeit virtually) led to my reading eve...
  • Douglas
    Some great receipes in this book. I cook for my mom and my girlfriend. They all loved many of the receipes I made for them. If you love italian food, you NEED to get this book!
  • Loretta
    Great Marinara recipe. Very close to my own Nana's.
  • Robin
    This was my pick for this month's Cookbook Book Club at my library. One of the things the group enjoyed about this book was that Giada didn't call for any unusual or expensive ingredients. We only ended up with 2 desserts from the 13 participants. We had a LOT of vegetable based dishes which was fine with me. I made a bean dip from cannellini beans which was yummy and I'm sure I will use again. My husband did sauteed broccoli rabe with pine nuts ...
  • Debra
    It's only $2.99 on a Prime Special.It was well worth it. I have bookmarked a number of sauces, pasta dishes, veggies, risottos, and desserts. There's grilling recipes and stews.This might be a one stop cookbook for everything Italian. I'm especially excited about the vegetarian lasagna and the turkey meatballs. See if it's still $2.99!
  • Meghan Stapleton
    I have tried most recipes and they are all fantastic. I also haven’t found a better chicken piccata dish any where! This is a must have on a shelf.
  • Annet
    I tried a couple of recipes and so far, so good. Some recipes are indeed very simple, even too simple to be called a recipe. However, they can make for great ideas for a party or in-between.
  • Heather Jackson
    It would have been to nicer to see photos of the recipes instead of her just preparing them. I never even cooked a recipe and sold the book at at yard sale.
  • Michael
    Awesome Cookbook. Loved The Tons Of Recipes.
  • Jane
    The dishes in this book are beautiful and probably delicious, but some are a bit too involved for the average home cook.
  • Lsilver
    I use Giadas recipes when I cook Italian. I especially appreciate her weekday cutlet recipes which are a huge hit in my house.
    You are so good love your good
  • Lyea
    There are many useful recipes here. Some, however are a stretch due to ingredient list. Still a solid book of basics.
  • Louanne
    Just love Giada. Are at her resturant in las Vegas one meal I will never forget to q
  • Shannon
    meh ... wasn't super impressed with the recipes
  • Sarah Eiseman
    Originally posted on Sarahsbookshelf.com:I haven’t really been sold on Giada de Laurentiis in the past. I had checked out some of her cookbooks and wasn’t really impressed. I’m an optimist, though, so I decided to give her another shot. This book was her first cookbook and it was a goldmine of favorites. We tried Penne a la Vodka, which we made with Soju that we had on-hand, Wild Mushroom Risotto, Carbonara sauce, and a few others. Her reci...
  • Rama
    Cook Italian with an American touchThose of us who watch Food Network are familiar with some of the top names in cooking, and Giada De Laurentiis comes up in the Top 10 list. Her presentation skills, youth appearance wearing a low-cut top attracts many viewers and her cooking techniques are simple and choice of the recipes on her show is marginal. Yet for those of us who are interested in Italian cooking with an American touch, we have to look fo...
  • Kathy
    I haven't tried all the recipes yet, but I love the simplicity of this collection that also has a sophisticated feel to it and wonderful flavors. The asparagus frittata is amazing, the caprese salad has wonderful flavor plus a splash of color with orange tomatoes. The recipe for roasted bell peppers, which I love in so many dishes, is surprisingly simple but creates a wonderful tasting pepper that can be used in sauces, salads, pasta dishes, etc ...
  • Susan
    I love this cookbook. I usually stand firm by the statement, "never trust a skinny chef", but I trust this one. Ive tried out so many of Giada's recipes and I've been pleased every time. She has some traditional Italian recipes as well as some she has made up. My favorites are her biscotti, bruschetta and lentil soup as well as a recipe for a mascarpone cream that goes with fresh berries. I haven't tried all the recipes, but I haven't disliked an...
  • Jen
    This was my cookbook of the week. Tried these recipes (using my familiar names -- reference Giada's book for the fancy names!):-Sausage and Pasta (p 106). Used regular broccoli, and penne pasta. Skipped the spicy stuff for sake of the kids.-Chicken piccata (p 153)Kids and hubby loved it too.-Roasted fish (p 163). Used tilapia, and skipped fennel and rosemary, due to little kids. Served with roasted veggies (pg 211) and this was a hit too.-Roasted...
  • Sandi
    Filled with delicious sounding recipes that are easy to make (really!) and tips and stories about why they appear in the book make this one a winner. I'm an avid cookbook collector and will definitely be buying Everyday Italian for my collection. With recipes that Strega Nona would definitely approve of, I have a feeling this cookbook is quickly going to become one of my faves. I think I'll start with the orichetti with breadcrumbs and then decid...
  • Tara Lynn
    I had mixed feelings about this book. I love Giada's shows, I do, but I felt like this book was really short of the mark. It is beautifully illustrated with full color photos, and many of the recipies are fast and easy. However, I really believe that the level of "shortcuts" used really outweighed the joy I found in looking at the recipies. I honestly feel that this is the book for the working professional who can't be bothered to make things fro...