The Great Brain Reforms (Great Brain, #5) by John D. Fitzgerald

The Great Brain Reforms (Great Brain, #5)

The year is 1898, and the best con man in Adenville, Utah, is the infamous twelve-year-old Tom Fitzgerald, "The Great Brain." A year at the Catholic Academy for Boys certainly hasn't dulled Tom's love for money—he's no sooner off the train than he begins scamming his own brother! By the end of his summer break, Tom has tricked all of his friends out of everything they own. He even outwits three professional crooks who come to swindle the whole ...

Details The Great Brain Reforms (Great Brain, #5)

TitleThe Great Brain Reforms (Great Brain, #5)
Release DateDec 15th, 1974
PublisherA Yearling Book
GenreChildrens, Fiction, Historical, Historical Fiction, Young Adult

Reviews The Great Brain Reforms (Great Brain, #5)

  • Kailey (BooksforMKs)
    Tom, known as The Great Brain, is up to his old tricks again, fooling the neighborhood kids into sucker bets, tricking his brother into doing all the chores, blackmailing his adopted brother out of his allowance money, and generally making trouble for the town. But when a few kids nearly lose their lives in one of his pranks, will the shame and fear of death be enough to get the Great Brain to reform his ways?I enjoyed this funny story about the ...
  • Matt
    All I can say is, I remember the moment when the Great Brain decides he's going to stop his manipulating ways and he tells his friend he feels "different, somehow...clean and warm and Christmasy." I've found myself quoting that quite a few times in my life and usually forgetting from whence it came.
  • Benb
    The Great Brain Reforms by John D. Fitzgerald is about a family of boys that like to make money especially Tom. Tom was the oldest and had a very talented brain. One day he decided to make a raft for the river across the street. The raft took tom a wile to built but he built it. Then toms great brain thought it was a good idea if he charged kids to go on the raft. One of the kids tom was taking down the river fell of in the rapids. Tom jumped in ...
  • Rachael Clarke
    The Great Brain series is one of the greatest of all time. Tom Dennis is a mischievous young man, who has a self- described “great” brain. He uses it for good and... well, maybe not evil, but certainly for mischief, but most importantly, for money making. Every day Tom has a new scheme to help his great brain take care of his money loving heart. In this book, Tom makes a bet with his brother Sweyn that he can catch a bigger fish on their fish...
  • Holli
    We enjoyed another excellent book in the Great Brain series! The kids get a kick out of Tom’s wit and confidence.
  • Nathaniel
    i liked it
  • Julie
    I would love this series reading it by myself, but reading them to my kids makes it that much greater.
  • Liam Murphy
    My faviorte
  • Heather Culley
    I don’t like that kid.
  • Lili
    It was great
  • Dylan Tyson
    Good readThe Great brain is better than everyone else at every thing so he uses that to his advantage Good Book
  • Erneilson
    These stories are both entertaining and instructive - I am glad my children read them.
  • Sri
    Tom & Sweyn pulang karena liburan. Ga nyampe 24 jam, J.D. sudah berkali-kali kena tipu kakaknya wkwkw. Adik angkat mereka, Frankie, sampai kebingungan atas polah Tom yang berhasil membuatnya ragu, mana yang benar, mana yang salah?Tentu saja bukan hanya J.D. yang menjadi korban Tom. Teman-teman mereka sudah pasti kena jatah juga. Sweyn juga terpaksa merelakan pancing barunya karena dia kalah bertaruh. Tim tarik tambang Mormon yang selalu menang se...
  • Elizabeth
    My favorite Great Brain books are the ones where Tom gets a little slap of reality. It’s good fun to see the way he tricks and connives his brothers and friends out of their belongings, but there’s a sort of bittersweet feeling that comes along with it, too. There’s lots of good fun in The Great Brain Reforms, and lots of that bittersweet/aggravated feeling when J.D. continuously falls for his brother’s shenanigans, or Tom sweettalks his ...
  • Taylor
    "The Great Brain Reforms" By: John D. Fitzgerald, Illustrated By: Mercer Mayer The Great Brain, Tom Fitzgerald, was very smart! He could do anything and usually could come up with answers if he put his mind to it. He lived in Utah back in the days when you could buy a lot of stuff for just 10¢. The author tells you this because he liked to get money to buy stuff. Tom had three brothers, two were his blood brothers John and Sweyn, and one was his...
  • Jack Cheng
    This is the book that makes the rest of them complete. Only 4 stars because this is not a standalone read, but if you read one or more of the first three Great Brain books, this is the payoff. (The Great Brain at the Academy is fun, but we're talking Adenville issues here.) A lot of the charm of the Great Brain books is the contrast between the naive narration of J.D. and the shady dealings he recounts featuring his older brother, Tom Dennis, aka...
  • Michael Emond
    Another wonderful book in this - my favourite children's series. As I have mentioned in my other reviews I love this series because it has wonderful characters, it is based in reality and does not have to rely on sci fi or fantasy for its thrills and it teaches children as they are entertained. One complaint I have with THIS book in the series is that the Great Brain (Tom) comes across as even more merciless than usual. Yes he often cons children...
  • Peggy Scripter
    Great book! When the Jesuit Priests at the Salt Lake Academy can't reform Tom's swindling ways, Papa and Mama give it a try. Finally, younger brother John D. realizes he must take this burden upon himself. And what a great job he does, assisted by the 14 year old judge; he is pronounced guilty on all counts despite his cunning self-representation in "court." That "judge" is just too smart, having a trial lawyer for a dad. All the kids Tom has swi...
  • Melanie
    Our family is really enjoying this series and we are coming to know John and Tom Fitzgerald very well. Tom (a.k.a The Great Brain) is back home in Adenville, Utah after spending the school year at a Catholic school in Salt Lake. He jumps right back into life as a conniving, scheming terror. After he's threatened with losing the friendship of every boy in the community, will the Great Brain reform?
  • Jeff Mayo
    The fifth book of the series is more of the same, the conniving Tom, the great brain of the title, using his brain to make money by conning other kids. While it is more of the same the stories are fun for kids with plenty of action and humor. At the end of this one, as the title says, the Great Brain reforms. But with Christmas approaching, we are left wondering if he really reformed or if it was a ruse to get a good Christmas.
  • Matt456789
    These are children's/teen books, describing the antics and shenanigans of a group of brothers growing up in Utah in the 1800s. Although that may not seem very interesting, these are probably the best written and most entertaining books of the children/teen adventure genre. I highly recommend all the Great Brain books.
  • Scott
    One of my favorites. Almost the perfect book.The Great Brain is back from the Academy and up to his usual trouble...The Tin Can Swindle, The Tug of War, Tom Hooks a Fish Named Sweyn, Akali Flats, The Magnetic Stick, The Good Raft ExporerBut what happens when the kids of Adenville put Tom on trial for being a cheat & a swindler?Good stuff
  • Robb Christopherson
    This is a series that I read as a kid and loved them. I am reading them with my kids now. They are fun and based in a Mormon town. If you're looking for literary quality, you should check elsewhere; they are well-written, just not the highest of quality. The stories, however, are very fun!
  • Melissa
    Love the Great Brain...still read them now!
  • Christina
    We've read nearly all the Great Brain books with the kids. Some are better than others, but they never disappoint.
  • Carrine
    Part of a great series of books
  • Nathan
    Bedtime stories for the boys
  • Ms.
    The great Brain is back with more power than ever almost gets two people killed and is put on trial.
  • Garrett
    Not as good as the Academy, but still, DANG hilARIOUS.