The Great Brain Does it Again (The Great Brain, #7) by John D. Fitzgerald

The Great Brain Does it Again (The Great Brain, #7)

"As entertaining as ever...readers will fall happily under The Great Brain's spell."--School Library Journal.

Details The Great Brain Does it Again (The Great Brain, #7)

TitleThe Great Brain Does it Again (The Great Brain, #7)
Release DateAug 15th, 1976
GenreChildrens, Fiction, Historical, Historical Fiction, Young Adult, Humor, Middle Grade, Adventure, Classics, Juvenile

Reviews The Great Brain Does it Again (The Great Brain, #7)

  • Heather Culley
    Girls ruin everything.
  • Galion Public Library Teens
    Review by O.P. : "T.D. is so intelligent and skipped 6th grade and mainly uses his brain to help his money loving heart."
  • Lili
    It was great
  • Rachel
    Great story that fostered a lot of discussion with my 9-year-old
  • Nathaniel
    i liked it
  • King Ævil
    When I was little I loved the Great Brain books. Does It Again is not one of the better ones. I forgot just how much of an asshole Tom is, and how much of a Wimp John is. Mr. Fitzgerald also has some odd notions about justice.
  • Dominick
    This was hard to rate. It's an odd, interesting book. One tends to assume that this sort of series thing is going to be fairly light and generic, and I haven't read any of the earlier volumes so didn't much know what to expect. Furthermore, I usually find Mercer Mayer's art--though lovely and polished--a tad too saccharine.However, this book is generally much better-written than the format might suggest. Fitzgerald uses a more complex vocabulary ...
  • Elizabeth
    I really don’t know how Fitzgerald keeps coming up with original stories for this series. The Great Brain Does it Again is a familiar mix of Tom the Exasperating and Tom the Helper incidents, with the Great Brain being praised just as much as he is criticized for his antics. Though there are new stories, the core of the book is the same as the others, and Tom is equal parts frustrating and brilliant, as always.One of the best moments in this bo...
  • Rick Stuckwisch
    This is probably my least favorite book in the series. There are some sweet and thoughtful parts to it, and it's not bad, but overall the tone is not as fun and lighthearted as the rest of the books. It seems more cynical, and Tom comes across more mean-spirited than he has previously. Makes me wonder what was happening in the lives of the Fitzgerald brothers at the point when this one was written. It was likely getting close to the end of John's...
  • Michael Emond
    I am on record as saying this is my favourite children series. Smart, well written, well developed characters and a main character that has flaws but also has heart. We get to see less of the heart on display in this book and that is a bit of a shame, but there is still one or two chapters that show us the Great Brain doesn't just have a money loving heart. My fav chapter is when his actions lead to helping out an Indian tribe and my least favour...
  • Jeff Mayo
    The great series came to an end here (at least for 19 years until the authors death when his notes made for an 8th book in the series). I love the series and this one is no different. Many people complain that this one darker in tone with the protagonist being more mean spirited. The characters were getting older, and although we don't hear about teen angst in the 1890's, some of that must have existed. Tom is more cynical here, but so are the to...
  • Matt456789
    These are children's/teen books, describing the antics and shenanigans of a group of brothers growing up in Utah in the 1800s. Although that may not seem very interesting, these are probably the best written and most entertaining books of the children/teen adventure genre. I highly recommend all the Great Brain books.
  • Tyler
    This one was okay. In book four Tom is in Salt Lake city and the new setting made the series fresh and exciting. The books since then are back in Adenville and it feels sort of like they are just parodying the earlier books in some ways. Still funny, just not as great since I've been reading all the other books before them.
  • Jack Cheng
    Kind of wondering why I'm still reading these. As with #6, Tom has "reformed" which means that it's the same old thing with a more cynical point of view. The capers are also kind of lame. Tom tries to get a fat kid to lose weight! The fat kid does not lose weight! I'm curious to read the last in this series because it was finished after Fitzgerald's death.
  • Katie Kwon
    Alex insists we continue on to book 8, the posthumous compilation from the author's notes. These books have faded a little for me as I read them to him. Tom seems like a budding sociopath. I did always like the chapter about the little boy with diabetes in it.
  • Robb Christopherson
    This is a series that I read as a kid and loved them. I am reading them with my kids now. They are fun and based in a Mormon town. If you're looking for literary quality, you should check elsewhere; they are well-written, just not the highest of quality. The stories, however, are very fun!
  • Katie
    Although these books are probably 3rd grade level, I can never read them without laughing! They're very cute, and if you know anybody with elementary school kids who need a good book, I'd recommend any of the books in the series!
  • Chipp
    see The Great Brain
  • Dheeraj
  • Mary Ann
    This is the last book, and they were delightful to read. It was so great to revisit Adenville for a while and forget about my modern-day troubles.
  • Adam
    I don't remember exactly what happens in this book, but its good!
  • The Badger
    These books were so fun to read!
  • Richard
    I still recall when my younger brother received The Great Brain box set from the ZCMI Center Deseret Book, but I do not recall if he ever completed them (at least I did).
  • Anthony Ventrello
    Although this is the "official" last book in the series, it is one of the best. After finishing it makes you wish there was more to come.
  • Amie
    Read all these as a kid and loved them!
  • Caleb
    I liked it.
  • Tina Yates
    I loved this entire series and, now that I've remembered it, I'm going to get it for my son. I think he'll love them, too.