Me and My Little Brain (Great Brain, #3) by John D. Fitzgerald

Me and My Little Brain (Great Brain, #3)

Tom, a.k.a. the Great Brain, is off to boarding school. Now his little brother, J. D., is free to follow in Tom's ingenious, conniving, and profitable footsteps. All of J. D.'s attempts at turning a profit fail miserably, and he soon realizes that he just doesn't have that crafty Great Brain knack. But when his younger brother is kidnapped, J. D. finds that his little brain may not be so ordinary after all....

Details Me and My Little Brain (Great Brain, #3)

TitleMe and My Little Brain (Great Brain, #3)
Release DateFeb 9th, 2004
PublisherPuffin Books
GenreChildrens, Fiction, Historical, Historical Fiction, Young Adult

Reviews Me and My Little Brain (Great Brain, #3)

  • Marika Gillis
    Me and My Little Brain is another fun selection I recently read for the Battle of the Books competition! This is the third book in the popular Great Brain series and, never having read any of the Great Brain books, I didn't know quite what to expect when I picked this one up. A clever little chapter book, Me and My Little Brain tells the story of J.D. who, now that his big brother Tom (otherwise known as the Great Brain) is away attending boardin...
  • Christopher Bunn
    Just finished reading #2 in The Great Brain series. Wonderful book! This one takes off right after John Fitzgerald's two brothers leave for boarding school in late 19th century Salt Lake City. John becomes the only child at home and immediately tries to take over the town Great Brain mantle of his brother Tom. He has rather disastrous results, of course.Again, Fitzgerald really cannot do any wrong with his writing in this series. Even as a 43-yea...
  • Heather Culley
    Goodness children's books used to be grim.
  • Amy
    A little darker than the first two but still so good. Full review here:
  • Scott
    Probably my least favorite of the Great Brain series but still far and away a 5 star book.It's probably my least favorite because there are 3 main plot points that spread multiple chapters (John taking over after Tom goes to school, Frankie Pennyworth, Cal Roberts) and I really like the usual format of the series with a contained story starting and finishing each chapter.Still, I do love this book and have read it dozens of times and will continu...
  • Jack Cheng
    This gets merely a "like" because a) the Great Brain himself does not appear and so it's not a great jumping on point for new readers and b) the last 3-4 chapters are all one extended story -- nothing wrong with that but tough for little brains to keep track of. That said, it's the first one in my re-reading that made me have to stop because I was crying (page 135). As part of a trilogy, that point hits a home run.In this third entry of the serie...
  • Shiloah
    You could hear a pin drop when we read this book aloud. We love the Great Brain series!
  • Todd Miles
    My ten, eight, and seven-year olds loved this.
  • Marie
    2 1/2, quite the adventure story. The reason I'm rating it low is because this book was in the JR chapter books and so I read it out loud to my girls but it sure talked a lot about outlaws and a 4 year old hostage and killing and said things like "slash your throat". Those are things made of nightmares for my already nervous 8 year old.
  • Katies_Faves
    My 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Embley, read this to our class in 5th grade. I fell in love with the characters and ended up reading (and rereading a gazillion times) the entire series. I love love love this book. It’s my favorite out of the bunch. I still think about it years later. Love it!
  • William Kolk
    This book is a great third book in the Fitzgerald series. This is probably one of my top favorite books, mainly because of the adventures John has without the Great Brain. It also introduces a great character named Frankie. This book is a must-read for the Fitzgerald series.
  • Shannon
    A childhood favorite series.Rereading this to my son. I feel the lack of The Great Brain in this one, and found it mildly less enjoyable to read, less lighthearted. We are looking forward to the next book in the series.
  • Laine Lund
    This is a great book. If you haven't read it yet you definitely should. It is also a really short read.
  • Nathaniel
    i liked it
  • Jill
    Such a fun book to read with kids
  • Holli
    Had so much fun reading this book with Holland and Anna! They love these sweet and funny stories!
  • Sean
    An amazing book about a brother who tries to follow in his siblings swindling footsteps but just can't get it to work.
  • R.K. Cowles
    3 3/4 stars
  • Lili
    It was great
  • Lily Freebairn
  • Ashley
    My 7 year old loves this series!
  • Elijah Libert
    I love this book!
  • Jenny
    This story follows J.D., the younger brother of "The Great Brain," through several adventures. The Read Aloud Handbook suggests that this one is for "experienced listeners," and I would have to agree. Our youngest often wandered away when we started reading and it was more work to get into than other books we've recently read.Having said that, there's good material here. It's dated in a much earlier era, a time when a penny bought you an ice crea...
  • Elizabeth
    Me and My Little Brain (which drives me crazy since it should be My Little Brain and I) is a much-needed addition to the Great Brain series. It dials back on Tom, since he’s off to boarding school, and focuses on the narrator, J.D., as he tries to figure out who he is apart from his brother.The first couple of chapters deal with J.D. as he tries to follow in his brother’s footsteps—and soon finds out that trying to be like someone else does...
  • Michael Emond
    Again, I'll start my review by saying this series of books is my favourite children series of all time. No fantasy or science fiction - just stories from the turn of the century (um..the century of 1900 not 2000 :). This book stands out as an anomaly in the series since the narrator JD, the Brain's younger brother, is also the main character since TD (the Brain) has gone off to school (his adventures there are in the next book). It is a nice chan...
  • Caleb
    John Dennis is always making stupid deals with Tom, who could swindle anyone out of anything. John was swindled out of his basketball and backboard just because he said Tom wasn't a Christian. Tom said he would tell on John for saying that he wasn't a Christian if he didn't get the ball and backboard. Tom was done with grade school and had to go away to a Christian academy for higher education. Tom told John to make everyone pay a penny an hour t...
  • Sri
    ** spoiler alert **Tom pergi dari rumah untuk melanjutkan sekolahnya. Tinggallah J.D. yang merasa yakin bahwa dia sudah cukup mendapatkan ilmu dari Tom dan berniat untuk mempraktekkannya. Tetapi, dua kali dia mencoba ujung-ujungnya malah dia yang apes wkwk. Ayahnya memberi nasehat kepada J.D. untuk tidak berusaha menjadi kakaknya, jadilah diri sendiri. J.D. pun mengakui, jika Tom adalah great brain, maka dia hanyalah little brain T_T.Dan saat itu...
  • Craig
    Another nice entry in the Great Brain series. In this third book, the author ships The Great Brain himself off to school in Great Lake City and leaves his brother J.D. (aka The Litttle Brain) behind trying to impersonate him. By this point, the plots are all familiar, and there is not as much period color as there are in the first 2 books, but it is still quite enjoyable to read. The chapter where the Fitzgeralds take in an orphan boy who is trau...
  • LobsterQuadrille
    While his mischievous brother Tom is away at boarding school in Salt Lake City, John D. decides to take Tom's place as the town's youngest con man. But he soon finds out that he doesn't quite have Tom's knack for planning out swindles. He also ends up entangled in some misadventures involving a very violent toddler and some escaped criminals. But ultimately, John D. and his little brain save the day! I like this book better than the previous one ...