Tyler's Ultimate by Tyler Florence

Tyler's Ultimate

As his millions of fans know from watching him on Food Network, Tyler likes to rock the kitchen with big, bold flavors and sophisticated yet accessible fare. Whether you’re dishing up a family favorite like spaghetti and meatballs or pulling out all the stops with a succulent tenderloin steak topped with spicy crab salad, Tyler Florence believes every meal can–and should–be the ultimate dining experience. At last, in Tyler’s Ultimate, he ...

Details Tyler's Ultimate

TitleTyler's Ultimate
Release DateSep 26th, 2006
PublisherClarkson Potter
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Nonfiction, Food, Reference

Reviews Tyler's Ultimate

  • Nathaniel
    I had high hopes for this book after seeing Tyler make an absolutely mouth-watering looking fried chicken on his program. When someone bought this off my Amazon wishlist later on, I was hoping that we would at least have that one recipe, plus a whole lot of other good ones. I was wrong. The recipes in this book are awful. Many are flat out inedible (macaroni and cheese topped with onions and peas comes readily to mind), and few have obviously bee...
  • Cheryl Schibley
    Try the Ultimate Spaghetti and Meatballs on Page 172. Full of beautiful food pics too. Very Good!
  • Tamra Lagrone
    I have made some of the most fabulous meals from this book. And he is the son-in-law of a friend of mine, so I'm pushing this one ;) Great photos, beautiful book - I have it right on my counter!
  • Ariel Celeste
    While I generally despise the idea of the celebrity chef, I have used the Delaware County Public Library to explore the world a bit. While Tyler's book has absolutely nothing vegan going on, I did pick up some great tips and learn of new foods that I look forward to experimenting with. Here's a few: Carmelized onions w/ olives, buttered cabbage and carmelized apples; fenugreek in a vinaigarette; and quince paste. YUM!
  • Morgan
    I love this cookbook. Tyler is one of my fav's on the Food Network. He seems to make food more, well, approachable. His meals are always beautiful and "fancy", but it's nothing more than good quality, fresh ingredients prepared in innovative ways. I've made and loved so many receipes in this book. Each time I look through it, I chide myself for not having made more of them. A great find for cooks.
  • Lori
    My sister gave this cookbook to my dad for Christmas one year. He must not have tried to make anything from it or he would not have given it to me! I have made several things from it and have not had a failure yet. The ingredients are all easy to find and the recipes delicious. I've made dishes from it for my dad and he has asked where I got the recipe. I laugh when I tell him they all came from the book he rejected and sent my way!This cookbook ...
  • allison
    This cook book is fantastic. I have a major crush on Tyler. And I love everything that he makes. He keeps things simple yet creative. A lot of his recipes are old school italian cooking with a hint of modern flare. He is a big fan of procuitto and so am I. He also does a lot of sweet/savory dishes which are great for your taste buds.
  • Ashley
    This book is full of beautiful pictures, and written in a very approachable way. The only reason I didn't give it a higher rating is that I found that many of the recipes didn't come out as tasty as I would have expected from Tyler. A lot of effort goes into most recipes to impart flavor, and many fell short of the desired result.
  • Liz
    This went back to the library yesterday. We made the crab salad with avocado and the shrimp bisque, and every night Charles and I would have the same conversation:Me: Do you want the shrimp bisque for dinner?C: Not really...Me: Yeah, me either...The food wasn't bad, per se, but we didn't want to eat it. Ever.
  • Monique
    Many of the noodle recipes I've tired and my family loves them. Now I will say that most of the other recipes are too intricate to make after work. I love Tyler on the Food Network but I have to admit that this was not my favorite cookbook.
  • Barbara
    3.8 but not 4 (because if it were 4 I'd have to go buy it. Got it from the library). I copied several recipes and particularly look foward to making Lemon Curry Chicken and The Ultimate Baked Beans.
  • Andrea
    This is a great companion piece to his tv show of the same name. Tyler Florence takes his favorite dishes (mac and cheese, spaghetti with clams, fried chicken, etc) and kicks them up a notch. The pictures alone are worth the money and the recipes look fairly easy- nothing too pretentious here.
  • Missy
    I thought that this one was going to end up as one of my enjoyable-to-skim-but-not-really-going-to-make-anything-from-it cookbooks, and then I hit the dessert section. My post-it note bookmarks are entirely clustered there and they're rather crowded.
  • Ryon
    Another amazing cookbook in the "quick and easy" vein. My favorite recipe in this book is the one-pot ratatouille recipe. When a potluck comes around I invariably get asked to cook it. This book makes you feel like a pro in no time at all!
  • Marianne
    I've already covered the fact that I'm a cookbook geek. These recipes LOOK too hard for me! I enjoyed the book, the photography was beautiful and the presentation was impeccable. I just won't use it.
  • Jane
    One of the our go-to cookbooks in the Hahn household. Never steers us wrong, easy, simple directions and well put together meals that make you look like the pro. Great gift to others who like to cook and are confident in the kitchen.
  • Trish
    I have a humongous crush on Tyler Florence. And I'm not ashamed.
  • Natalie Olsen
    Got this for Christmas
  • Cassandra
    I love this cookbook! The sea scallop recipe is my favorite. I highly recommend this cookbook.
  • Beka
    Really great recipes with yummy looking pics.
  • Ian
    It 's better than two stars, and there are some really nice recipes here, but they are certainly not the ultimate. Find it in a discount bin? Snap it up
  • Adrienne Bibb
    great recipes but long book...not ideal for a beginner cook.
  • Bridget
    Beautiful cookbook and the recipes look like they are the ultimate! Still need an autograph for this one. Tyler, please answer my requests! :)
  • Mary Hattum
    Some of my favorite recipes! Great Pictures! So Soulful.
  • Jane Anne
    Even though this guy salivates a lot of tv when he's cooking, I still like him and he does cook brilliantly simple food.
  • Jennifer McWilliams
    make the cauliflower soup in this book. It is amazing. Don't forget the topping for it.
  • Heather
    Well doneLiked the recipe selection. Simple recipes that seem like winners. Looking forward to making a few particularly the chicken dishes.
  • Angela Haygood
    Great book the Mac & Cheese is serious!