The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav

The Seat of the Soul

A NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This hardcover edition of The Seat of the Soul celebrates its tenth anniversary. The Seat of the Soul became a national bestseller when it was first published, but more people are buying it now than ever before. Why is this? It is because a new species is being born. The Seat of the Soul is about this birth. This new species longs for harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for Life. It uses higher orders of logic an...

Details The Seat of the Soul

TitleThe Seat of the Soul
Release DateOct 23rd, 2019
PublisherSimon & Schuster
GenreSpirituality, Nonfiction, Self Help, Philosophy, Psychology

Reviews The Seat of the Soul

  • Ryan
    This book is new-agey and written for an Oprah audience with no background in philosophy, religion (east or west), or science. The parts of the book that are good are the parts stolen (without citation or even a nod) from either Plato's Republic or Buddhism. Zukav makes many grandiose metaphysical claims but doesn't feel the need to once offer an argument as to how he has come about this knowledge he has about; for instance, Angels, Teachers, how...
  • Marty Ritz
    I gave this book 5 stars not for what I found in the book, but for what I found within myself when reading it. I found the book to be a spark which ignited a realization within me of who I really was and the experience of being who I really was, within my body and within this reality. For those who already experience life as Neo did within the Matrix or as the programers did within the video game(as in the movie Tron), you'll appreciate his eye o...
  • Anya
    Living a conscious life is the main thrust of this book -- be "awake" as you live your life to live a more meaningful life. As you become conscious of your actions you begin to become whole. One aspect of becoming whole is letting go of the mental baggage that keeps you chained to old bad habits, to fears and doubts that keep you from growing and realizing your own great potential.I found this book to be very thought provoking. Several times thro...
  • Sheherazahde
    The sole purpose of this book seems to be to set him up as a guru to sell his workshops. He constantly makes broad unsupported universal statements and asserts things without evidence. I felt quite manipulated and just wanted him to stop including me in his royal "we". He got off on the wrong foot with me on the first chapter "Evolution". Everything he says about scientific evolution is wrong. His point is that "our" beliefs about evolution are w...
  • Alejandro Teruel
    I found The Dancing Wu Li Masters interesting when I read it way back when, so I picked this book up expecting to find Gary Zukav moving, like Fritjof Capra from Physics (The Tao of Physics) to a wider ecological and psychological world view exploration (I found The Dancing Wu Li Masters interesting when I read it way back when, so I picked this book up expecting to find Gary Zukav moving, like Fritjof Capra from Physics (The Tao of Physics) to a...
  • Ange
    If you know me at all, you'll see that spirituality is extremely important to me. I've never been one for religion or labels, but I have been extremely intrigued by sources of truth and wisdom for as long as I can remember. This book was in my Nook library for years before I got around to reading it. It came at the precise time in my life when I needed it most and offered up its words as a sweet benediction. Have you ever experienced a dark night...
  • Holly Dietor
    This book, along with Emotional Alchemy, is worth every moment I have spent reading it, studying and pondering it. It really stretches one past the Judeo-Christian ethic of good and evil, light and dark, reward and punishment. It helps to solidify the niggling wonders you have about where we come from and where we will return. More importantly, it helps you to consider why you are here, why you wished to be here now, and what your mission could b...
  • Carol
    I read this book years ago after Oprah had the author on her show. I've never forgotten how much I detested this book. God help us there is now a 25th anniversary edition! This book is a complete load of horse puckies. I remember reading in disbelief the complete doo-doo that Gary Zukav had to say about dolphins beaching themselves (like he personally knows what dolphins are thinking). I did a search on the internet and was able to find the excer...
  • Lora
    To review the titles of the chapters-there is Evolution, Karma, Reverence, Heart, Intuition, Light, Intention, Choice, Addiction, Relationships, Souls, Psychology, Illusion, Power, and Trust. I found Reverence and Intention to be the most enlightening. Most self-help/self-awareness books do not approach the subject of respect, honor, and reverence within the karmic framework of actions and reactions. I think a great deal of this book could be sup...
  • hellaD
    This book has been really helpful. I had some trouble getting into it because some of the writing is a bit cyclical and hard to read. But I think this is mostly because the subject being dealt with doesn't really have a good language to express the ideas. Therefore reading it from this perspective it is a really well written book that deals with concepts that don't fit into the English language so well.He gave a really good explanation of how hum...
  • Stephen Gallup
    I remembered having read this book when rereading Alan Watts' The Wisdom of Insecurity , not that the two are comparable. Watts is carefully reasoning his way through the most profound questions of life, and Zukav simply makes bold claims without any indication of how he arrived at them. I got about two-thirds of the way through The Seat of the Soul before the accumulating weight of these claims (e.g., animals can be reincarnated as humans, but ...
  • Nada EL Shabrawy
    I don't think i'll ever be into that kind of books.
  • Steward
    Let me explain my rating of 3 stars first. I am required to put a rating on, but do not want to do so on this book. So the 3 stars are my attempt not to rate the book, rather than a rating so disregard it totally. Since the book argues that judging is harmful to the soul and I agree with that, I will try to avoid being judgmental as much as I am able, in order to be fair to the spirit of this book.Let me share with you my reactions to the book. T...
  • Kristi
    I'm not a quitter but in the case of this book I couldn't get through it. I'm a spiritual person. I believe in soul and much of what the author discusses, yet I just couldn't buy into much of what he says. His lack of references and authority combined with confusing, convoluted sentences made for a totally unenjoyable read. I'm surprised I stuck it out to chapter 5. Here was the final straw: "All of the energy of the soul does not incarnate. To i...
  • Frederick Jackson
    I heard his "Dancing Wu Li Masters" was an interesting read so I picked up this one as the title seemed interesting to me. I thought I might get into something deep in the way of the relation of matter to energy and information. Nope. This guy has gone off the deep end (as a sufi friend of mine so generously put it). This gem of a book contains not only (really stupid) unsupported speculation without so much as a reference or footnote, but to add...
  • Jenny
    I couldn't put this book down. I even read some chapters over and over, again, before moving on to the next. I'm a Christain who loves being a Christain; who loves God, the Light; and who loves Jesus, my Savior. Reading this book not only enlightened me, but gave me clarity to things that I could not quite understand. This book gave me a more in-depth understanding to the Word. During my reading I laughed, cried and rejoiced. I can related so muc...
  • Doug Dillon
    Gary Zukov's easy to understand book goes right to the essence of who we are under the surface of our exterior selves. In simple terms, he explores the nonphysical aspects of our beings and shows how we can perceive existence using more than just our usual bodily sense mechanisms.Our soul is there to be understood and explored, Zukov maintains. The more we recognize it and how it functions, he says, the better able we will be to make effective co...
  • David Lentz
    I read this book with a group of friends and it was chosen by another member of the group as we wanted to gain a better sense of the nature of our souls in a common faith journey. The amorphous concept of a soul is one that we hear much about over the course of one's spiritual life. But what is it, really? How can it be shaped by our own conduct for better or worse while we live? And what happens when life ends? How could the concept of sculpting...
  • Claudine K
    Disappointing. I usually really enjoy books by authors featured on Super Soul Sunday. This book started with promise. I loved the idea of soul variety and unfinished karma. However, he lost me at animals don't have individual souls. Here we go again with an author that features humans as the top soul host. Really? How is the conclusion reached? He gives not one shred of thought to back up any of his claims. It's a book that is pulled straight out...
  • Vani
    I absolutely adore this book. So many times I felt that the author was speaking to me. My copy is all underlined, nearly all of it, every page. This book really helped me understand so many things about my authentic self, about the difference between five-sensory and multi-sensory humans, about the difference between a personality and a soul, about LOVE and LIGHT and WISDOM, and it taught me how to live my life as a centered human being, rather t...
  • Stacey
    Maybe if the author's writing style was different I could have finished it, but I couldn't make it through a whole page without my mind starting to wander to other things. On top of that, the author doesn't give any rhyme or reason why he thinks these things. I could get past that, if the majority of what he suggested resonated with me, but some of it just seemed so arbitrary. Teachers, Guides, Souls, Personalities, something imbetween Personalit...
  • HRM Maire
    I have to admit that I only read half of it. My friend and I were reading it together and finding a lot of things that we didn't like and didn't agree with. That being said, there were things we *did* like, but we were already far along enough on our own spiritual journeys that we knew them already. This book left us questions like, "Where did this information come from?" and "Why do you believe this?" etc. This book felt like a person who had co...
  • John
    I don't know how Gary Zukav does it, but this book speaks to me like very few books ever have. I just read this book for the third time and I am reminded why so many people love this author so much. Every time I read it I find new meanings, new inspiration and new ways of looking at myself and my circumstances that help me grow as a person and be happier. I also highly recommend "Open Your Mind, Open Your Life" by Taro Gold which makes a great co...
  • Farnoosh Brock
    I had heard about this book for years. I started it at a dentist's office while waiting and read the first few pages. Didn't care for it at the time and forgot all about it. After reading The Untethered Soul, which I ABSOLUTELY ADORED!, I wanted another book that talked about 'the seat of the soul' and well, this book has the NAME on the cover so it was a no-brainer. I listened to the audio version, narrated by none other than Gary Zukav.Struggle...
  • Charlane Brady
    The first couple of chapters left me wondering why I was reading this book, then I hit Chapter 4, Heart. Reading that "emotions are messages from my soul that bring me priceless information" and "the path to spiritual growth leads through my heart" caused me to pause. I read, and re-read, this chapter on a day I was experiencing overwhelming fearful and painful emotions. Up until this point, more often than not I had run from my emotions if they ...
  • Susan
    I was flipping through the TV channels, and paused for a few seconds on OWN. Oprah Winfrey was talking to Gary Zukav about The Seat of the Soul. I thought it sounded interesting. The next day for some reason I lost audio on OWN and Oprah never spoke to me again. I got the audiobook and it sounded familiar. It was written in 1984. In the 1980's I read a lot of New Age stuff, and I figured I had it all memorized. Then in the second-to-the-last disc...
  • Jacqueline
    I found this book to be really mind opening. I agree with some of the other reviews in that the author does come across as relaying hard evidence... but without the evidence. However, I feel that his approach is effective for the purpose. He does a fantastic job at allowing the reader to look at life from a much deeper perspective than we are normally used to. The information and theories presented have really resonated with me. I truly enjoyed t...
  • Stephen Mitskavich
    I quote from the book says it all, "Without an awareness of your emotions you are not able to experience reverence. Reverence is not an emotion. It is a way of being, but the path to reverence is through your heart, and only an awareness of your feelings can open your heart," Gary Zukav.
  • Paganalexandria
    It's been a while but this was the book that made me promise never let Oprah trick me into another book. There was a definite disconnect between what was said on the couch and what this book was about. I could not relate to this.
  • Kathryn
    STUPID!!! I get mad when I think about it. Oprah did wrong by us when she recommended this book.