DEFCON One (Steve Wickham, #1) by Joe Weber

DEFCON One (Steve Wickham, #1)

The United States and Soviet Union are at the brink of war. Fearful of US plans for an anti-missile defense system that could defeat a USSR first strike, the Soviet General Secretary, the conservative successor to Gorbachev, conceives a plan to act first.Russian Bear bombers violate US airspace, leading to a response by American F-15s. A US Navy battle group is attacked in the North Atlantic. And in orbit, a Soviet hunter-killer satellite attacks...

Details DEFCON One (Steve Wickham, #1)

TitleDEFCON One (Steve Wickham, #1)
Release DateNov 1st, 1990
GenreFiction, War, Military Fiction, Thriller

Reviews DEFCON One (Steve Wickham, #1)

  • Mark
    Military thriller reminiscent of Tom Clancy's "Red Storm Rising"...An unstable soviet leader, at the end of the Gorbachev reforms, is threatened by the final stages of the SDI going on meet this threat he readies a 1st strike on the United States...The race is on to stop Armageddon...Weber does a wonderful job of portraying the emotions of leadership and the line military would go through to launch such an attack...god stuff!!!
  • Michael
    When I read the jacket of this book in the library I thought I would be in for an enjoyable reading experience. Sadly, I was very, very mistaken in that estimate. One would assume that it would be very difficult to make a book about nuclear brinksmanship boring, but Joe Weber succeeds brilliantly. He does manage to show some escalation, but it is done in a terrible manner. If the Soviets had attacked and seriously damaged a US Navy cruiser on the...
  • Ed
    A debut military techno-thriller.Military Thriller - US Forces repel Soviet feints and engage in skirmishs as an unstable Soviet Premier puts into action his plan to defeat the US in an all out nuclear war. This gripping techno-thriller is set in the early 1990s, with the Soviet system falling apart and the U.S. about to take a commanding lead in the arms race, thanks to a combination of Stealth technology and SDI. The assassination of the Soviet...
  • Cactuskid
    Started out with too much background but got interesting as it moved along. A story about a Russian president that wanted to wipe out the US with nuclear and chemical weapons. They would start being aggressive and the US would respond, then both would back off and Russia would then hit the US with all they had. Lots of flying and pilot talk, aircraft people would really like this.
  • Don McCale
    Unreadable military read!!!!This is one of the best thriller/military political books I have ever read! It insight to the political actions,military actions was so very hard to put down although I finished it in two days.
  • Horace Clinard
    All-in-all, quite enjoyable with plenty of action. Some parts are less than plausible, particularly about the Russians being largely semi-inept and evil in the classic manner where Americans are portrayed as exceptionally superior in every way. As always, which suits me fine, is that we Americans triumph in the end, although the end pretty much slammed shut abruptly.
  • Dan Dobler
    Wow! Nicely written!I'm not a fan of doomsday novels, and being ex-military, I'm a little skeptical about a good military novel. However, this is a very well written story with a good cast of characters. It is fairly well thought out and has some pretty good air action sequences. Nicely done, Mr. Weber!
  • Hayden Remer
    Was pretty awesome book. I like books that switch off from other characters. Some parts were intense and kept me to the edge of my seat. I would give this book five stars but the ending wasn't the greatest it just ends out of nowhere but still a great book.
  • Kevin Rich
    I'd probably consider this a technical thriller. While the technical aspect of the book is fantastic, most of the characters are one-dimensional stereotypical caricatures. I can't help but think this is the way my wife feels about a cheesy romance novel; cheap action without much depth.
  • I.F. Adams
    Red storm rising lite. Some neat elements, but the plot and tension was very predictable. Inexperienced president, unhinged Soviet leader, spies... ultimately an entertaining, if uninspired cold war thriller.
  • Brian
    Throw away characters contained in an insightful story about how one madman could bring us to the brink of the end of the world. As applicable today as when it was written, hopefully less so in the future. Finished in 6 hours.
  • Elly Wendy
    I do not know enough about war, politics, and military matters so frequently got lost in the jargon. But still, I finished it and found it entertaining enough.
  • Tyler Beil
    I thought the end of the book was great. But it took awhile to pick up. Plus some of the book didn't seem very possible. Not counting main story.
  • George
    Hard to put down. Tracks 4/5 different happenings at the same time.
  • Wayne
    Chilling! Let us all hope that this scenario never develops in our lifetime.
  • Trevin
    Great read, or should I say listen. Looking forward to The next title. Narrator dies an excellent job.
  • Chuck
    A realistic story about an unbalanced Russian General Secretary bringing the world to the brink of nuclear war.
  • Phillip Mager
    A good book that has a good story and fast action.
  • Craig Pearson
    Now a little out of date but the excitement is still there. Hopefully, the politicians are not the total idiots the author portrays them to be.
  • John Lobenberg
    ExcitingThe book kept me on the edge of my seat. I couldn't put it down. The suspense right up to the end was excellent.