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StandOut introduces the next-generation strengths assessment from Marcus Buckingham, co-author of Now, Discover Your Strengths, the book that launched StrengthsFinder. The product of a massive data set and rigorous statistical testing, the StandOut assessment unveils your two key strength roles and shows you how find your edge and win at work. Where other assessments stop at description, StandOut takes the next step and provides practical advice ...

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Release DateSep 13th, 2011
PublisherThomas Nelson Inc
GenreBusiness, Leadership, Nonfiction, Self Help, Personal Development, Psychology, Buisness, Management

Reviews StandOut

  • Shaun
    If you've spent any amount of time in the corporate world, it's likely you've encountered some sort of a strengths assessment book such as 'Now, Discover Your Strengths' (Free Press, 2001) or 'StrengthsFinder 2.0' (Gallup Press, 2007). Your initial reaction to the thought of doing another online strengths assessment is likely been there, done that. Honestly that's how I felt when I first heard about 'StandOut.' I used the 'StrengthsFinder 2.0' as...
  • Summer
    I always enjoy reading Marcus Buckingham books. His books are very engaging and they make you want to be a better person. Marcus has worked a long time with Gallup to develop a series of questions to help you be a stand out leader. I am a General Manager for Hampton Inn and Hampton uses Marcus quit frequently when helping to produce more engaged leaders at their hotels. His books have really helped me with my career at the hotel. I find that not ...
  • Jeremy
    I should probably refrain from rating the book until after I have taken and applied the assessment, but the three stars is based on the perceived merit of the book itself. The concepts in StandOut appear to be a bit less universal than StrengthsFinder, as they appear to be especially geared towards leaders. I am a bit confused by Buckingham's distinction that this assessment is more about application whereas StrengthsFinder was more about diagnos...
  • Stephen
    READ MAY 2018This is not your typical "assessment-based" book. The instrument is unique and the way they unpack it is helpful.Best quotes, "you have to own your own genius before you can responsibly offer it up to others" p. 196; "In life we find ourselves cursed and blessed with things we can't control. Yet we have choices; and we have time." p. 209.
  • Alina Ramona
    oamenii au anumite caracteristici personale pe baza carora ar trebui sa isi gaseasca telul in viata. Nu oricui ii vor placea aceleasi joburi in aceleasi industrii, dar fiecare poate fi sales, leader etc
  • Maria Kiguthi
    I think the paper version of this would be much easier to follow than the audio.
  • Cheryl Gould
    Still not fond of this stuff and it feels like each author has to write a new book to keep their name out there.
  • Halim
    A great reminder to focus on one's strengths rather than improve one's weaknesses.
  • Ryn
    interesting and helpful. Short and to the point. The assessment and it's design was pretty genius. I am the stimulator in every way.
  • Cathy Allen
    According to Marcus Buckingham, I am a Provider/Connector and the greatest contribution I make to my team is watching out for long-term interests. This is based on the new strengths assessment he developed and makes available online to the book's readers. Armed with the knowledge of our unique personal assets, we can then leverage them to maximize our value and standout in our workplace. By measuring how we would instinctively respond in a variet...
  • Charmin
    Highlights:1. INNOVATION: The problem and the power of innovation: namely that innovation is a practice, not an idea. Innovation is “novelty that can be applied.” This means that there is a person involved, someone actually doing the doing. An innovation is transferable only if the person you are delivering the innovation to has the same strengths as the person who created it in the first place. What is effective and authentic in the hands of...
  • Barry Davis
    Fascinating little book that describes itself as The Groundbreaking New Strengths Assessment from the Leader of the Strengths Revolution. Each book comes with a password in the back to complete the Standout assessement online and determine your two top Strength roles from the list of nine: Advisor, Connector, Creator, Equalizer, Influencer, Pioneer, Provider, Stimulator and Teacher. The assessment itself is taken online in 15 minutes. The author ...
  • Brent Keck
    Buckingham's approach for maximizing success is for each person to focus not on improving their weaknesses, but on determining and exploiting natural strengths. An online assessment tool is used to determine strengths. I like this approach as it offers a better method to creating value in your life that can be translated into success in the workplace, at church, and all areas of life. I am considering having the IT staff take this test. It will, ...
  • C
    I was required to take this assessment for my job. I've taken other similar personality type tests, and usually found a lot that I could relate to. However, when I took this test, I found it so incredibly far from my personality. The areas that it told me I excel in are areas that I struggle with, dread, and receive negative feedback on. I emailed the company to tell them I didn't think it was accurate. They did not make any efforts to find out w...
  • Curious Minds
    The examples and anecdotes included are very clear and came across as relevant to the subject matter discussed. Explanations of the elements were clear and crisp.The online assessment was useful, it provided insights and made one reflect on the outcomes. Overall, definitely a beneficial read and an enjoyable one.
  • Soundview Executive Book Summaries
    StandOut: The Groundbreaking New Strengths Assessment from the Leader of the Strengths Revolution by Marcus Buckingham was chosen by Soundview Executive Book Summaries as one of the Top 30 Business Books of 2012.THE SOUNDVIEW REVIEW:StandOut introduces the next-generation strengths assessment from Marcus Buckingham, co-author of Now, Discover Your Strengths. The StandOut assessment unveils your two key strength roles and shows you how to find you...
  • Chris Miller
    This was an interesting book, but the real value is that it gives you a key that you can enter on Buckingham's company website to take a survey and find your specific strengths. After you take the survey online, the site identifies your best strengths, and then gives some insight into how best to apply your talents. There is only about five to eight pages on each strength role, so this is a quick, high level exposure to the strength role. I will ...
  • Heidi Kelsch
    I was given this book, and thus the Standout Assessment by the company I work for. I had glanced through the book before taking the test, and then read the book more thoroughly afterwards. I really have learned a lot from this, both about myself and my coworkers. The assessment results are very thorough and clear - and very eye opening. The book goes through each type of result you could have and explains it. This is helpful when you know the top...
  • Ian Harrison
    This book helped me get clear on what strengths are uniquely mine, how to win by sharing them, what i look like at my most powerful, and many other wonderful insights into areas i measured strong in. The detailed description of each strength was helpful in determining what i wasn't. It was an easy book to read and left me wanting to apply my strengths in areas where i've been chronically underperforming. I feel like it could have used some soul. ...
  • Isabella Bertelli
    Ótimo livro, seguindo o best-seller Descubra Seus Pontos Fortes, com um teste que revela dois perfis predominantes dentre nove possíveis. Aqui cada perfil é tratado com mais detalhes do que em Descubra, pois há as seguintes descrições: Definição, Você no seu melhor momento, Como se descrever (em entrevistas e avaliações de desempenho), Como causar um impacto imediato, Como elevar seu desempenho a outro patamar, Com que você precisa to...
  • Stacy
    Are you really a Teacher (like I thought I was) or is teaching just one way to do what you love best--like connecting ideas to people? Or maybe you're a Pioneer who loves to try out all the new gizmos, or an Advisor who is always listening to others and building them up.StandOut is a self-help book that has you take an online test to determine your top two inner strengths (it is focused on those who work outside the home but I reframed the questi...
  • Frank
    The author gives descriptions of the different working-world personality types and how to use your personality to stand out at work. These personality types are categorized according to strengths. If you don't know what your type is, you can take the author's online test, which, of course, will cost you.You don't need to take the author's test, I'm sure you can figure out your working world personality type from reading his descriptions of those ...
  • Troy Swinehart
    19 books for the year. I really am going to try and finish this off this month. I've already taken the online assessment and was really surprised about the results.Major: CREATOR - You make sense of the world, pulling it apart, seeing a better configuration, and creating it.Minor: EQUALIZER - You are a level-headed person whose power comes from keeping the world in balance, ethically and practically. (I think most folks would argue my minor side....
  • Blake
    This was a great book overall. It forces you to start thinking of the strengths and weaknesses of your leadership 'role'. The book tries to help you get your edge at work and to avoid the pitfalls common to your personality type.The entire book could have just been a series of bullet points. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, almost every self-help style book can be reduced to such. There are a few nuggets to get from this book which ultimately m...
  • Victoria
    I'm a sucker for any and all personality tests. The bummer about this book is that the test is online and you need to scratch off the "key" in back of book; no problem if you bought the book. I, however, read the library book so I couldn't take the official test. (Unless I pay for the test, no thank you. I guess I'm not as devoted as I thought.) Grrr. But that's okay. Instead I glimpsed at the descriptions of the nine "strenth roles" and determin...
  • Tentmaker
    I read the book before I did the online questionnaire and thought I had my type nailed. In fact, after doing the questionnaire, my top type was the last one I had considered! I was initially sceptical but humbled myself to the system and found that it, and my number two type, were pretty much spot on. So, persevere and allow this book to speak to you despite any reservations you might have. The world is pretty rubbish at telling us who we are - a...
  • Catherine Gillespie
    StandOut is a more in-depth look at the “strength types” described in Find Your Strongest Life and how to apply your understanding of your strengths in your work and in group situations. The book does a great job of helping you understand the ways you work best, and is quite insightful in its suggestions for how to leverage your strengths in groups, in leadership, and in selling your products, services, or ideas.{Read my more detailed review ...
  • Gwen
    What do you want to be when you grow up? What are your strengths? What careers would you enjoy more?I like this approach better than the Strength's Finder series. Because the online assessment asks participants to make decisions and react to situations instead of rating themselves, I think it is a more realistic snapshot of a person's strengths as others experience them.The personal profiles are more user friendly and practical than the Strengths...
  • José Eduardo Amaral Leal
    Li a versão em português "Destaque-se". Para quem leu e gostou de "Descubra seus Pontos Fortes" de Buckingham e Clifton, também editado pela Sextante, é um desdobramento do trabalho anterior, agora desenvolvido fora do Gallup Institute. Ótima leitura e oportunidade para muitas percepções individuais, após a realização do teste de perfis. Passei a utilizar como ferramenta de diagnóstico no meu processo de Coaching Centrado em Valores. R...
  • Jean
    A newer Buckingham book about strengths at work, this assigns a "type" based on an online timed test. All on my team took the test, but not everyone read this book. We all felt the assigned "types" really fit each individual. In addition, tips to best manage,, sell, build client relationships were developed for each type. Once the online test is taken, emails are sent with interesting information, i.e. how to work best with a certain "type."