Tribute by Lisa Henry


When the fearsome warlord Brasius chooses Kynon as his tribute, Kynon tells himself it’s the price of peace, and that he can endure anything. If his slavery will save his father’s kingdom, then he will be a slave and submit to every indignity the warlord and the senate of Segasa require of him. He can live with the shame; it’s the mind-blowing pleasure that frightens him. When the fearsome warlord Brasius chooses Kynon as his tribute, Kyn...

Details Tribute

Release DateJul 19th, 2011
PublisherLoose Id
GenreErotica, BDSM, Romance, M M Romance, Fantasy, Adult Fiction, Dark, Sociology, Abuse

Reviews Tribute

  • Kat
    3.5 You can read the blurb for yourself, so I’m going to skip summarizing the plot today. Although I recommend taking the warnings into account. If only because you won’t have to end up feeling obliged to 1 star this book for it not matching your expectations of beautiful submission and star-crossed lovers love. There’s nothing beautiful or swoon-worthy about Tribute. Not in the conventional sense anyway. Harsh, porn-packed pain and humilia...
  • Julio Genao
    insanely master-slave fapmatter.erotica with this kind of feel for language is my cuppa. i've learned how to identify it quickly and efficiently; within a paragraph or two on the first page i already know whether to fetch extra towels and/or a saline drip for the kind of long-haul, compulsive onanism that would put a lesser mortal in the hospital.very minor structural/conceptual flaws inhibited my opinion of the overall success of t...
  • ♆ BookAddict ✒ La Crimson Femme
    UPDATE My official review is approved and below. I loved this book. I realize there has been some very negative reviews and accusations of porn. Since I read a lot of porn, I'm pretty sure I know porn when I read it. I tend to read quite a bit of BDSM stories and I can safely say, this is not porn. I did feel ill at ease at times because I was just as confused as the poor Prince. I also want to clearly state, this is not your mother's romance nov...
  • Emma Sea
    Um ... I agree this book truly is PWP torture/humiliation porn: I find it hot. I may be a bad person...
  • Jo * Smut-Dickted *
    Updated for 4 re-reads in 2013/2014/2017. I've upped the star rating to 5. I still have the parts that make me cringe a bit but it seems every time I re read it there is some other whole way of sort of viewing the story that seems completely different than the last way I viewed it. The more I read the more I understand and the more my humiliation trigger just isn't there. I think I get it. The 5 stars is a compliment from me because I nearly NEVE...
  • ElaineY
    This is pure porn. BDSM porn. I'vew only read one or two medieval books so I may be wrong if I say it's set during those times. Kynon, th2 19-year old prince from Caralis, is taken by Brasius, the warlord who's conquered Caralis.Brasius takes, of course, other prisoners and one of then is Alysia whom Kynon had had his eyes on since he was 16. Naturally, Brasius (who's around 30 years their senior), fucks Alysia and Kynon - in front of each other....
  • Martin
    Lisa Henry is a great author! Some of my favorite books are hers.But this was...I'm not a friend of BDSM stories, but sometimes they can be entertaining, especially in a historial/fantasy setting such as this one.But Tribute was actually just a long sequence of sex, violence, 'character development' that consisted of a constant back and forth and an MC so flat and weak, it made me wonder how he ever made it into the king's army...There's a k Li...
  • The UHQ Nasanta
    2.5 - 3 starsReview writing in process.This one is hard for me to review. On the one hand, it gave me what I was looking for: slavery, humiliation, pain, non-consent/dubious consent. On the other hand, I ended the book a little dissatisfied. Because I fail at explaining myself without using comparisons, there will be many references to Concubine by Jill Knowles. It had the same basic premise as Concubine: prince of conquered nation, for the sake ...
  • C
    So this started out for a as a pretty fair to middlin story with BDSM / slavery, pretty much what I was looking for and I started to anticipate the romance. What I got was back and forth between tenderness and cruelty until it just became exhausting, and clear that Brasius was just cruel (and a coward when Kynon needed him most). I would say I can tolerate a pretty healthy amount of non-con and humiliation in my slave fic but wow this one was ove...
  • Chris
    4.5 stars for this hardcore fantasy - had a Claiming of Sleeping Beauty feel ... tributes, BDSM, and all things D/s. This was a unique relationship but one I could see evolving. If you enjoy the darker side of fantasy then you will probably love this !
  • Optimist ♰King's Wench♰
    Tribute exemplifies everything I enjoy about Lisa Henry's writing. She puts her characters through hell and puts her readers in the passenger seat for that ride and make no mistake, Kynon goes through hell more than once.Kynon's journey reminded me quite a bit of Beauty's from The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty. The difference being that Kynon is more insightful than Beauty. Well, and Beauty was fickle. Cute lil thing. Anyhoo, Kynon is a born prince...
  • Marte - Thunderella
    ** 2 stars **While I appreciate a great story, and I can see it here, this did not work for me personally. For me, much of it was on the "wrong side" of uncomfortable. I liked some of it, but overall I didn't enjoy reading the story, so I can't give a higher rating. Bummer.So, great writing as always from Lisa and an intriguing world, it just wasn't for me this time.
  • Valentina Heart
    I haven't got the faintest idea how to rate this book. There were some points at the beginning where I really just wanted to stop reading and scrub my brain to forget the hard humiliation displayed in the pages. It was hard, extremely, from rapes and imbalance where even Kynon wasn't half as confused as I was. The confusion probably lasted the longest. I couldn't see the point in the training and forced seduction, plus the few vague notions of af...
  • Cory
    A quick read by an author that I love. I really enjoyed the relationship between Kynon and Brasius. I've stated before I'm a big fan of enemies coming together and this followed along that path. Great story with a great ending!
  • Kynthos-the-Archer (Kyn)
    Love the eroticism in this book. The exquisite humiliation/degradation is maxing out the angst meter for me. Yum! just the way I like it.I like the storyline and the pace. The pet play is my favorite part too. (view spoiler)[Being fed by his master like a real pet and sleeping at the foot of his master bed - leashed and all. The drugging was nicely done too. (hide spoiler)]
  • Madeleine
    It's difficult to write something about this one! Well, I would not recommend it, for starters.I was somehow expecting something more private, a slow seduction where submission is something beautiful, turning into love in the end. Instead we begin with a flat out rape, followed by pages of humiliation and pain. May that be someone else's cup of tea - to me it at so many times just felt unnecessary and just bothering, rather than means to reach th...
  • Vivian ♪(┌・。・)┌
    It seems I'm not the only one who was looking for something like Concubine. Though this book did deliver many aspects that I did enjoy from Concubine, it was different in many ways.Though I did enjoy this, there was something -and I won't really delve deep into reasoning, musing, trashing and what not- lackluster about the story that didn't quite make it dig as deeply into my heart that Concubine did.And - I know this sounds stupid since I'm a wo...
  • Catherine
    *** 2.5 Stars ***Unique and compelling world building and a total mindfuck. Wish there had been fewer lady bits in it, though. "He didn't know what to think of the monster when he was kind."
  • Ayanna
    I'm not entirely certain what to think of this. In many ways, it reminds me of What Worse Place Can I Beg in Your Love, but with flashes of Blind Space thrown in, especially since (view spoiler)[Brasius is all "NOEZ I DON'T WANT YOU AS A MINDLESS SEX DOLL RAWR" (hide spoiler)]. At the same time, though, I have a hard time balancing out the fact that he expected Kynon to go through all the training and stuff but still come out "intact."It actually...
  • Boycop
    A study into extreme humiliation.This book splits opinions, because it is different in one aspect. There is a lot of degradation, extreme humiliation and then some.A lot of reviewers blame this book to be pure porn. Well, it depends upon your definition of porn. Certainly, there is a *lot* of erotic scenes, but not that much more than in your usual MM erotic fiction. The main difference for me is the extreme humiliation. The humiliation is so ove...
  • Vivian
    3.5 starsGood offering for a non-consensual slave story. A sociological thread of rulership with the basis of a modified Roman model. The world building and description were well done and didn't drag on ad nauseum. I've read a few along this veins and it is enjoyable if cruel at times. Humiliation, floggings, noncon, and a vicious whipping as well as psychological taunts. At points I couldn't understand why Kynon didn't just take a dive out of th...
  • Trio
    That was so damn fantastic that once I finished, I scrolled back to the beginning and read the whole book over. I haven't done that in such a long time and I needed a book like that so bad, I just can't even say.There was so much going on, so many issues the author was exploring, it almost overwhelmed me and just to soak up even half of it needed two reads. It was absolutely brilliant and I just can't say enough about how I'm feeling right now. W...
  • Spynonu
    I am puzzled by the negative reviews. This book contains slavery, dubious consent m/m and m/f sex, flogging and humiliation. If that isn't your kind of kink - don't read it. Those who enjoy BDSM novels will find this book an enjoyable read with a satisfying ending.
  • Sunne
    There were moments I thought of laying the book aside. I like a good BDSM book from time to time and the story interested me. But this was far to cruel and sometimes even not logical for me. First - I don't think that rape is acceptable - even if the raped one enjoys it because of drugs. The whole drugging was the second annoying part. Make the tributes with the drugs addicted to sex? Duh..Why I finished it? Because I liked the MC Kynon even if I...
  • Simsala
    2,5 starsAfter reading many reviews to Tribute I expected something much,much worse.Glossed over non-con galore but the real torment was left for the reader.Listening to Kynon`s - the tribute - endless inner struggles over not knowing what was expected of him were...tiring.On the other side,some direct questions and equally direct answers and the story would have been over after 50 pages... 2,5 starsAfter reading many reviews to Tribute I expec...
  • MsMiz (Tina)
    This book gets more like 3.5 stars. I like my hard core books to be hard to read, make me uncomfortable and excited at the same time. Tribute had its moments, especially with the humiliation. To put yourself in Kynon's place must have been excruciating. That worked so so so well. Where I think the book lost a bit if the edge was when they got to Segasa. I needed more...More interaction between Kynon and Brasius, to feel the submission on Kynon's ...
  • Trix
    This proved to be a book of contradictions for me. I vacillated between 2, 3 and 4 stars depending on where I was with the story. Finally, I opted for 3 stars though it does not reflect the overall book. And this is partly my fault.(view spoiler)[ I started the book on the premises that I would read about a dashing young man, brave and fearless forced to sacrifice himself for the good of his country. He wo This proved to be a book of contradict...
  • Margo - this job thing really screws up my ability to read/review
    SummaryTribute by Lisa Henry is a dark, fantasy novel including forced sex and BDSM. It's reminiscent of Game of Thrones only with a lot more gay sex and whips. When Kynon's country is defeated in battle, he is given to the warlord Brasius as a tribute, and made into a sexual slave. Kynon's sacrifice is the price of a deal which saves his family and includes an entire group of high born tributes all be sent to the conquering country of Segasa. Th...
  • Yblees
    Okay, wow!This was surprisingly good. I didn't like Lisa Henry's "Dark Space" so wasn't expecting very much from this book. But wow, this was unexpected.For me, the most interesting thing was the mental conflict Kynon goes through. He's trying to be a good Tribute on behalf of his country, but his "master" Brasius really seems to be derailing his efforts at every turn. Both Kynon and the reader don't really understand why this is happening, or th...