Beyond All Price by Carolyn P. Schriber

Beyond All Price

This is an award-winning historical novel.  Nellie Chase was a fascinating and complex young woman, but she played only a small part in the machine that was the Union Army. History books have recorded only a few lines about her experiences as a Civil War nurse. She left no personal letters and no formal records, but those whose lives she touched remembered her as an angel of mercy. Her story, told here by a trained historian, is factual whenever...

Details Beyond All Price

TitleBeyond All Price
Release DateJan 1st, 1970
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Nurses

Reviews Beyond All Price

  • Melinda Lang
    This novel read more like a history book and a very boring one at that. I skipped entire paragraphs just to get through and I finished it thinking I hadn't missed a thing. As much as I tried to like Nellie, I just didn't. She was hasty and emotional and childish through most of the book, always "holding back tears" or "biting her tongue." I didn't get her at all and as she was the heroine of the book, it was disconcerting to not be able to connec...
  • Sara
    I thought she made the nurse unbelievably stupid about men. I realize this was a women in a man's world but she kept on making things worse for herself with those that wanted her out of the picture. Maybe it was just the lackluster writing. I just read it to finish. Not that I was interested in any of the lives here.
  • Dana Sahm
    This was an extremely enjoyable story based on the life of Nellie Chase, a well known and much loved nurse for the Union Army during the Civil War. I highly recommend this book, especially those who enjoy well researched historical fiction.
  • Angela
    Every week I randomly download a free book from Amazon just to have something on the side to pass free time. Most of the time the free books are either okay or poorly written (I'm not complaining because they are free, but just stating my general consensus). Therefore, I was quite surprised when I found this little gem. This book is an easy read and I was able to easily sympathize with the main character. The details in the book are very descript...
  • Joyce Faulkner
    Beyond All Price is a five-by-eight inch paperback book. The cover has a pleasant design portraying a gun battery at Fort Donelson, Tennessee. As Civil War fiction, this book presents a well-researched chronicle of Nellie Chase’s career as matron and nurse to the 100th Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteer Infantry Regiment.Nellie Chase existed. The 100th Pennsylvania Regiment existed. This fictional account of Nellie’s efforts gives the reader an i...
  • Shari Larsen
    This is the fictionalized of Nellie Chase, a real woman who served as a nurse during the Civil War. She originally volunteered with the 100th Pennsylvania Regiment to escape her past, which was considered scandalous back in those days, but today would barely raise an eyebrow. She had little training as a nurse, but she was a fast learner, and her organizational skills helped to develop the veteran hospitals that we have today.I really enjoyed thi...
  • Laurie
    Great historical fiction of a young lady, Nellie Chase, from Maine who volunteers for the the 100th Pennysylvania Voluntary Infantry in the Cival War as a matron nurse. She has no experience when she begins but earns a reputation as an extremely capable nurse despite her background. Her struggle to be recognized and respected shows amazing strength in a setting which does not welcome females amongst their ranks. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and...
  • Val Wilkerson
    Historical fiction. This was about a volunteer nurse named Nellie Chase. During the civil war she claimed to be 25 years old, actually she was only 19, and literally talked them into letting hergo along with the troops as the matron. Her medical experience was only what she had learned fromher grandmother about what herbs to use for this and that. She ended up caring for the seriously injured, aiding with amputations out in the field, and it was ...
  • Janet C-B
    This is the story of young woman who becomes volunteer "nurse" in military during the Civil War. The story was a bit slow going until towards the end. The characters were well developed and realistically flawed, as we all are. Overall it was worth spending this time reading historical fiction, because I am very weak in history. Story + history was palatable in this case.
  • Kathy
    Very good historical novel. Based on Civil War history. Enjoyed following the main character as she followed a group of former farmers into the Union Army down through the East coast into Georgia. Good details without being boring. Characters are well developed.
  • Jina Howell-Forbes
    This is an historical novel based on true events but fictionalized in order to add dialogue and connect events together. It is an interesting subject, but the telling of it here came out dry and rather boring.
  • Georgiana
    The book was more than okay, especially for a free Kindle book. However, many dialogues read as if they are examples from self-help books, with bits of wisdom phrased in a way that makes them seem fake in speech.
  • Susan Clingman
    Fictional account of a real-life Civil War nurse. What is known of Nelli Chase, was gathered from letters of soldiers who were cared for by her.
  • pcb
    One of the few books I just couldn't make myself finish...
  • Peggy
    Another freebie from Amazon...OK
  • Lorena Engen
    History of the civil war but in novel form. Highlights one woman as she nurses her way through the war.
  • Kristin De
    I really wound up liking this book, even though it was kind-of hard work to get through. it helps to know that it is historical fiction, based on a real person.
  • Sue
    another historical fiction that I find I enjoy. This one about the Civil War and a nurse Nellie Chase and the hardships she suffered as a female at the forefront of war.
  • Virginia Hlavaty
    I couldn't finish.
  • Maryellen
    This was an interesting book about a nurse during the civil war.
  • Linda
    A beautiful story about a woman who became a nurse for the Union Army during the US civil war.
  • Elba
    Nice read. Enjoyed the historical and medical prespective.
  • Aubrey
    Eye opening for what a woman had to go thru in the 1800's. Great story!