The Wish (The Devil's Lover, #1) by Dahlia Lu

The Wish (The Devil's Lover, #1)

"An eternity is such a long time to rule alone. Will you join me in Hell?"The Archangel Lucifer, Sovereign of Hell, was awakened ahead of his time by the blood of a teenage girl. To satisfy his curiosity, he revived her from her untimely death and granted her a final wish worth dying for.Kali's life has been one tragedy after another. Orphaned since the day she was born, Kali was brought up by her unfeeling grandmother. She too passed away shortl...

Details The Wish (The Devil's Lover, #1)

TitleThe Wish (The Devil's Lover, #1)
Release DateJul 21st, 2011
GenreFantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Paranormal Romance

Reviews The Wish (The Devil's Lover, #1)

  • Elizabeth Mueller
    With such a spell-binding plot, excellent world-building, as well as enchanting and entrancing characters, I can easily forgive the little grammar mistakes.Lu can whip up a fabulous love-triangle that had me rooting for one boy, then the other until I gave up and just hoped for the best.I enjoyed how the author fictionalized Heaven and Hell, giving it a Greek Myth feel.The love of son for mother had me crying--great job for making me cry! ;) The ...
  • Michelle (In Libris Veritas)
    So thankful that this was free, because if I had spent any amount of money on this I would have been very upset. The story and concept is the one that drew me in because I am a sucker for this sort of thing. Lucifer falling in love sounds like it would pretty interesting, that is if it is written correctly. This wasn't. The writing was very simple, and not in a good way. It felt more like an amateur fanfiction story then a true novel, it was plai...
  • Czarinah
    Da eff? I gotta say this was one of the most frustrating books I have ever read! I mean I don't even know if it was a sad or happy ending. I can't decide!Just when things were going well, something happens that just makes you scream "the sh!t has hit the fan" arghhhhh!On the bright side, the premise is quite interesting and I'm curious as to how their love will end up
  • Danielle
    i loved this book i have read it for the first time and the ending made me burst into tears and so did parts in the middle, christ it was cooli want to read the next one but i cant get it on my kindel aww too bad i guess i'll just have to wait
  • Mona
    Ok, this was different. I don't think I have read a book where the devil might be in love. No that is not the main theme but it caught me by surprise. The character were well thought out and very rememberable. I judge a book on whether I can remeber everyone name and a good idea of their character after I finished a book. In this one I had no problem remember all the characters but also having a great feel for each character. I am looking forward...
  • Pam
    Wow! It was an amazing read. I Never thought I would feel sorry for the devil...but I did. It truly touched my heart.
  • Lauren
    As much as I loved the story I just couldn't fathom Lucifer having feelings for a mortal. We are taught his is so evil and everything he does is deceitful that to even imagine he could love was throwing me off. :smirk: Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and I'm interested to see what happens next on his quest for his beloved. This is a brand new author that I will say is constantly catching me eye.
  • Moon Love
    This book is really interesting. I'd rate it a 3.75/5. I'm wondering how it ends and it looks like there is another book maybe wrapping up the story.. The only disturbing thing is that the Kali is 15 when all of this goes down. Kinda hard for me to digest a 15 year old with someone who is 22 or older. But that's my own personal hangup. Once I got started, it was hard for me to stop and I reaad straight through.
  • Angie
    I can usually get over grammatical and spelling errors pretty easy- I read fanfiction A LOT. However, I got this book off of Amazon and although interesting, it had so many errors that I couldn't just read the book and it finally got too frustrating. Did the author even proofread??
  • P.A.
    This is an excellent novel. Very good plot and extremely likable characters. It's really sad that Dahila thanks her editor on the dedication page and yet the amount of grammatical errors almost make the book unreadable. Even with all the errors it was well worth stumbling through.
  • Angarad
    Who knew the Devi could be so in love. This is a beautiful story about a girl who didnt have anything, didnt ask for anything but was loved beyond measure. Who knew the Devi could be so in love. This is a beautiful story about a girl who didn´t have anything, didn´t ask for anything but was loved beyond measure.
  • Shannon
    I thought this book was really well written. That the storyline was very good, it was interesting and flowed quite well I am looking forward to reading the next book.
  • Scarlet
    Dahlia Lu is one of the most genius authors I have ever had the chance to read. Her story of Lucifer and this human girl Kali is genius because if you know mythology than you know who owns the name Kali. One of the most complex goddesses in Hindu mythology is Kali, the Goddess of Death. She also happens to have the power to transform one's ego, which she does to the almighty Lucifer. This little girl manages to not only enchant the lord and ruler...
  • Ana
    I read some of the reviews talking about the poor writing but I decided to read it anyway and I gotta say I'm not entirely sorry. The writing is indeed excruciating! The author writes only slightly better than a 3 year old child. It's too fast-paced to actually develop a sensible plot and it feels way too rushed. It's actually a shame because it has so much potential! The idea behind it is wonderful, smart and really interesting and it's pretty m...
  • Danielle
    Honestly, the story in this book was amazing.However, the structure was poor. This book had me agonizing over the smallest things because there were mistakes EVERYWHERE. There were mistakes in the words themselves (i.e. ignorance instead of ignorant; confident instead of confidence; "it is" and "is it" were confused in several places). Also, the story was not believable. This goes far beyond suspended disbelief. I cannot say how many times I had ...
  • Sarah Spelbring
    This was a bit strange, I mean apart from the grammatical errors. There were a few scenes that were never explained thoroughly and made me wonder why they were included in the first place (the scene with the monk, what?). There were also several instances where I was confused as to what was going on.Apart from that the heroine suffers from "everyone loves me syndrome" which is something I cannot relate to and makes the story a little bit silly. T...
  • Debbie Waters
    The book has an interesting premise but..l I believe it is in the forward that the author thanks her editor (sorry, too lazy to find the book again and double check). If I were the editor, I would be embarrassed to have my name associated with this book. I have never seen so many misspelled words, grammatical errors, words left out, wrong names associated with characters etc in my life. I would only hope that English is a second language for the ...
  • Dede Sanchez
    I am one who has trouble getting through anything that has grammatical mistakes but this book pulled me in so much that I just mentally corrected all the mistakes and kept reading. I read it in a day and a half then searched the second one and read it in s day. Give it a chance and you may fall in love yourself.
  • Yolanda Zea
    I found this book and series to be decent I adore the love triangle and found it insane how I thought of Lucifer as a "good guy" the only down fall of this book I find is it has spelling errors, but if not for that I would have gaven this book a solid 4 stars.
  • Andrea
    This is like soap opeda to me, way too many dramas for my taste. Ugh. I don't like this book at all.
  • Kathy Moua
    Love this book so much, it sink into my brain and I could feel the role each person..the grammar is totally fine with help create the image perfectly..super duper love it....
  • Katy
    This was pretty good - kept me engaged. And unlike most books, the ending was not totally predictable!
  • Jessah Marie
    ..the plot was simply amazing!!!!. Though it had some grammatical errors...well I guess nobody's perfect...
  • Lyndsey
    Yes the editing was poor, if nonexistent, but I liked the idea behind the story. Feels almost like a re-telling of a fable or fairy tale.
  • Beth
    Reminds me of Gena Showalter's work
  • Tamara
    I Cryed So Much. Loved it. Still Love Dark Gods Bride MoreBut This Comes In A Close Second.
  • Fre06 Begum
    Really enjoyed this book but I wish it could have been more in depth and not so rushed, the only problem now I can't get hold of the second part anywhere!!!