Babylon Revisited and Other Stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Babylon Revisited and Other Stories

Written between 1920 and 1937, when F. Scott Fitzgerald was at the height of his creative powers, these ten lyric tales represent some of the author's finest fiction. In them, Fitzgerald creates vivid, timeless characters -- a dissatisfied southern belle seeking adventure in the north; the tragic hero of the title story who lost more than money in the stock market; giddy and dissipated young men and women of the interwar period. From the lazy tow...

Details Babylon Revisited and Other Stories

TitleBabylon Revisited and Other Stories
Release DateApr 23rd, 2019
GenreShort Stories, Classics, Fiction, Literature, American, 20th Century, Classic Literature, Historical, Historical Fiction, Academic, School, Read For School

Reviews Babylon Revisited and Other Stories

  • Elina
    Αγαπητέ Φιτζέραλντ...μόλις σε γνώρισα και πραγματικά ήταν έρωτας με την πρώτη ματιά...τί να πω...είμαι μια ακόλουθός σου που θα αναζητά τη μορφή σου μέσα σε όλα τα γραπτά σου...
  • Wildplumb
    Ten stories that are masterfully created, but I will focus solely on one: Babylon Revisited. No word is wasted or unnecessary in this greatest of F. Scott Fitzgerald's stories. Perhaps only Gatsby gets us to the finish line in such an eloquent and timely manner. In this story, the main character, expatriate Charlie, returns to Paris (His home during the 20's boom) after the depression (story is written in 1931). The city has changed, and so has h...
  • Jesse
    Over the years I've come to realize that my first encounter with "Babylon Revisited" is a crucial reason why I've developed a tendency toward preemptive nostalgia. Even at the moments I'm most blissfully content there's a part of my mind always already mourning the fact any present happiness is destined to quickly slip into the past tense. This line in particular has emblazoned itself into my memory, and still makes me shiver: "I didn't realize i...
  • Mahima
    Reading Fitzgerald is my favourite thing ever. There's this very naked and very stark beauty to Fitzgerald's writing that I haven't found in any other writer. I hadn't read a lot of his short stories before this, and I'm really glad I picked this up. Loved every story (except The Diamond as Big as the Ritz, which despite hearing good things about it I thought was just okay) in this particular collection, my favourite being The Rich Boy and Babylo...
  • Laurie Notaro
    There are some kooky stories here, but classics, too. Short stories were FSF's bread and butter, but they can't shine as much as the novels. Always a good, solid read.
  • Ορφέας Μαραγκός
    το διάβασα σε μια νύχτα γιατί τα Τρελή Κυριακή, Το Πλουσιόπαιδο, και Η Χαμένη Δεκαετία τα έχω διαβάσει ήδη, ωστόσο η μετάφραση είναι εξαιρετική όπως και η επιμέλεια του βιβλίου στο σύνολο της. Η Κατάρρευση το δοκίμιο με το οποίο κλείνει η ανθολογία...
  • Jenny
    I love F. Scott Fitzgerald, and it makes me sad that I've already read all his novels, but I'm happy that he wrote so many short stories for me to enjoy. I like this collection because the first story, "The Ice Palace," was written in 1920, pre-Gatsby, and the last one, "The Long Way Out," was 1937, when Zelda was already in the sanitarium, and Scott already lived in California. His writing is drastically different as is his subject matter. The b...
  • mwpm
    Babylon Revisited contains what I consider to be Fitzgerald's best piece. That piece, so-called because of its precarious length (somewhere between a short story and novella), is "May Day". Fitzgerald described the story as illustrating "general hysteria [...] that inaugurated the Jazz Age"; it has been described elsewhere Fitzgerald's most raw, most political, and most desperate work.
  • Samantha
    i can't find my exact copy of what i purchased from half priced books, so i'll just claim i'm reading the same one that jamie read. this book is so old. it smells like 1955, and the pages are a sickly yellow-brown. i cannot wait. for the stories of course.of course.despite smelling great the whole time, the book wore me down halfway through. if nothing else, this is a timeline for fitzgerald's own life, and the amout of autobiography one can extr...
  • Sam Tornio
    Like looking at the night from a library window.
  • Andy Miller
    The Fitzgerald short stories in this collection were selected well after Fitzgerald's death so do not reflect a particular time in his life or career; indeed the first story, the Ice Palace, was written in 1920 well before Gatsby was written and the last three, Babylon Revisited, Crazy Sunday and The Long Way Out, were written in 1931, 1932, and 1937 respectively-after the roaring twenties that is so closely associated with Fitzgerald and after A...
  • Jessica
    "Begin with an individual, and before you know it you find that you have created a type; begin with a type, and find that you have created—nothing. That is because we are all queer fish, queerer behind our faces and voices than we want any one to know or than we know ourselves. When I hear a man proclaiming himself an "average, honest, open fellow," I feel pretty sure that he has some definite and perhaps terrible abnormality which he has agree...
  • Kellen Blair
    Who knew F. Scott Fitzgerald was such a good writer?? I guess everybody. This is a great collection of short stories! Always fun to watch drunk socialites enjoy New York City in the 20's -- and incredible how little some things have changed in the last 100 years. The Diamond as Big as the Ritz was also a favorite, though a major diversion from his usual style. Two big thumbs up all around!
  • Mandi
    “The Ice Palace” was an interesting play on the cultural differences that once existed between the north and the south. Being in the DR in the Peace Corps while reading this, it made me think of how easily the story could be told between someone from the DR and an American. “May Day” was interesting to me because I have interest in understanding more about Socialism and how people felt about it in the US during that time, plus it gave Fit...
  • Mark Hiser
    Literature from the 1920s and 30s is some of my favorite. The "Lost Generation" writers (including Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Dos Passos and others) captured a moment when the world struggled with its loss of innocence following World War I as it realized the horrors people could commit on a mass scale. Though writers like Fitzgerald often captured the decadence of the times, under the surface of the parties is a tension that suggests that decadence ...
  • Naoms
    The writing is A plus and filled with the usual genius, but not even my beloved F. Scott Fitzgerald can make me love short stories. I always feel bereft, wanting more. Needing to know more about characters, story, details, etc. Just too short. I need fullsize novels, but I am glad I read this, I have some new favorite quotes. Like...Nothing affects them," he thought. "Stocks rise and fall, people loaf or work, but they go on forever.and..."I spoi...
  • Tricia
    I always pull Fitzgerald or Hemingway off my bookshelf when I'm in between library books. Re-visiting the classics as an adult that I originally read as a teen is like discovering an entirely new story. We change, and evolve, our perspective is different. The depth of character that Fitzgerald can produce in just a small amount of pages has always impressed me, and, like Hemingway, his beautifully worded descriptions of time and place are what dr...
  • Elizabeth
    I loved this book, it was wonderfully funny, gorgeous use of language, absolutely drenched in the period, so insightful of the human condition. I read it after I had seen the Woody Allen film, Midnight in Paris. It is a book of short stories and to my shame I have never read any of Scott Fitzgerald's full length novels, but this experience has made me determine to.
  • Kaethe Douglas
    It's a shame that short fiction (and short nonfiction) aren't afforded more honor. Fitzgerald is stronger when he has less scope to flail around. His characterization and humor are more in evidence than his moody melancholy which suffuses the novels.
  • David
    Gets a five for the title story alone, my favorite thing Fitzgerald ever wrote.
  • Shana
    Every sentence is pure quality. Definitely worth reading, even if it's over a few years, one story at a time.
  • Josh
    Much as I love 'Gatsby', Fitzgerald's short stories (even the ones he wrote in a desperate cash grab) are his best works. He is an underrated master of short fiction.
  • Heather
    I like F Scott Fitzgerald quite a bit more than my high school self. Who knew?
  • Bill S.
    Well crafted story of a man who cannot entirely escape his past. He struck it big on the stock market which led to him and his wife coming to Paris to live a life of drinking, partying, and acting cruelly to one another. We meet him at the start of the story as an older man, his wife dead, and his daughter cared for by his sister-in-law who was made her legal guardian. He has returned to Paris as a new man to reclaim his daughter. He drinks only ...
  • Chanamon Wangthip
    เราเคยคิดวาหากชีวิตอันรุงเรืองของนักเขียนผูเปียมดวยพรสวรรคคนหนึงจะตองลมสลายคงมีเพียงสองสาเหตุทีอาจพอทำใจยอมรับได หนึงคือโชคชะตาของเขาอาภัพเหลือราย สองค...
  • Ronald Koltnow
    BABYLON REVISITED AND OTHER STORIES is a sort of Fitzgerald's Greatest Hits package. Packaged in 1960 and intended to remind the populace of the greatness of F. Scott's writing, it collected ten stories, many of his best. The title story has always been my favorite, about a man trying to piece his life together after the excesses of his youth have blown up in his face. Conversely, "The Rich Boy" dramatizes the exact moment when the excesses of yo...
  • S.M. Thayer
    I've read this collection several times over the decades. Growing up, I read and re-read Fitzgerald's short stories incessantly, seeing them as life lessons for the gilded life I one day hoped to read and as an examination about what it means to be an American. What I'm getting at is that Fitzgerald helped form the person I became-- but not necessarily in the ways I hoped. Vast wealth never flowed my way. In fact, I barely make ends meet. But the...
  • Tanner
    Babylon Revisited and Other Stories is my first experience reading Fitzgerald's short fiction. Prior to this I've only read Gatsby and Tender is The Night. I always hear how he is the master of the short story and that BR is his best collection. After reading, I was left with mixed feelings. A lot of the stories seemed too similar and kind of blend together in my opinion. Especially the earlier ones in the collection that all seem to be about rom...
  • Karanyapas
    งานของฟิตซเจอรัลดนันมีสเนหทังทีไมไดใชภาษาทีใหญโต ภายใตความเรียบงายนันมันกไดดึงดูดผูอานใหเขาไปอยูในเรืองราวทีละนอย ๆ แมแตฉากงานเลียงเรากจะไดรับรูถึงเสียง...