The Lost Scrolls (Tennis Shoes, #6) by Chris Heimerdinger

The Lost Scrolls (Tennis Shoes, #6)

Harry and Meagan face the awesome challenges of courage and survival in the hostile world of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.

Details The Lost Scrolls (Tennis Shoes, #6)

TitleThe Lost Scrolls (Tennis Shoes, #6)
Release DateNov 3rd, 1999
PublisherCovenant Communications
GenreLds, Lds Fiction, Christianity, Fantasy, Young Adult, Historical, Historical Fiction, Religion, Fiction, Adventure, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Church

Reviews The Lost Scrolls (Tennis Shoes, #6)

  • Jesse Whitehead
    I find that Heimerdinger’s formula is starting to tire me. A significant number of the decisions that the characters make seem to have no other reason than to place them in the best position to observe some recorded historical event or meet some famous person.Meagan now sounds exactly like Melody did in the previous books. She even says things like “the good part… that is the part about me,” which is annoying and totally out of character ...
  • Crazy Uncle Ryan
    OK, let me get this straight. Harry at the age of 15 goes back in time and gets stuck in ancient Greece for three years. But only 6 months has passed in modern time. So, Harry comes back after being gone for 6 months and is suddenly three years older. This doesn’t raise any eyebrows? He than decides to go serve his mission. Hold on, even though he has aged 3 years he is still only legally 15 or 16. Shouldn’t his Bishop be a little confused? O...
  • Daryl
    As always, Chris Heimerdinger does it again. I am really enjoying this series.
  • James Biser
    This is another great story in the Tennis Shoes series. Harry and Meagan wrap up their work in the Holy Land and surrounding provinces. They learn about and preserve ancient scripture. They also increase the strength of their testimonies.
  • Aaron
    Excellent way of learning about post resurrection Israel and the Roman Empire. Phenomenal storytelling that keeps you on the edge of your seat and not wanting to stop.
  • Peter K
    Definitely the best of the three I've read. It's fun to have Meagan's perspective.
  • Danny
    He’s are all entertaining but none of them are as good as the first one.
  • Stephen Greco
    This book is a continuation of the story from the previous book. Just a fun and exciting. Easy read.
  • Lauren
    AGHT. I get way too in to these books. I can't focus until I am finished, then I can't focus until I have the next one. It's not even healthy. I pretty much had a breakdown in the ten minutes between finishing this book and logging on to Goodreads to see if they do, in fact fix the space-time continuum or if they have some issues. Because that conclusion was nothing like the treat-of-death-held-for-ransom-ultimatum like the end of Sacred Quest. B...
  • J.D.
    I first encountered "The Lost Scrolls" as a missionary many years ago. Arriving in a new area, I found the audiobook on cassette in a desk drawer of my apartment, presumably left there by a previous missionary serving in the area. With not a lot of fiction books allowed or available for me to read. I decided to give the book a try and started listening to it each night before going to bed. I remember finishing it rather quickly and really enjoyin...
  • Kenzie Payne
    In this book Henry and Meaghan travel back in time to an ancient land. Where they encounter unfamiliar situations. Everything goes wrong and they end up in the worst case scenario.I started reading this book when my brother recommended the series to me. Ever since I started this series I couldn't put it down.I love the relationship between Harry and Meaghan in this book. Its funny and fits perfectly with the story.The villain in this book was a l...
  • Amy
    These Tennishoe amoung the Nephites series are AWESOME! My dad read these books to me and my siblings when I was a kid and I loved them at a young age. I have read them when I was in highschool and now as a young mom I want to own the series and I would love to read them again. THis is a must have in your library. It makes the people that lived in the book of mormon time period real. YOu read the book of mormon with a new perspective that these p...
  • Lisa Brown
    This book picks up where "Tennis Soes and the Seven Churches" leaves off. Harry and Megan are stuck in Jerusalem during the Roman seige in 70 AD. Megan and the boy, Jesse, have been kidnapped by the crazy Simon Maggus, and Harry must recover a precious scroll to exchange for their lives. Luckily, Harry has Gid to help him out, but it still a dangerous and deadly journey he must take to get the scroll, hoping that Simon will keep his part of the b...
  • Aaron Hubbard
    Book goes like this, kidnap-escape-kidnap-escape-kidnap-escape etc. Not too much creativity in the plot line. The book becomes extremely predictable and you know that the characters can escape from any situation.The book follows two story lines both written in first person. To be able to distinguish the two the font is italicized which seems a little amateur. Harry has taken over as the main character in books five through seven. I know he is the...
  • Quinton Baran
    This re-read was listened to as I vacationed with my family. We listened to it on the road. I think this book is the weakest of the three books of this series within the series. It wraps up as if it is finishing the series, but the next book clearly continues the trilogy. Of course, this is all enclosed in the long running series that still is not finished yet. I found that there was a bit too much drama and cheesiness in this book, my complaint ...
  • Mackenzie
    Fallow the story of harry and megan to survive in Rome, 70 A.D. But things are looking kinda grim. Megan and Jess are still in the handds of Simon Mags and his evil men. harry and gidgiddoniah must find the knowlege scrollin jerselem, a war zone, full of death and disaster, and not to make things worse they have to do it in less than 10 days and find some mountain. Megan and Jess are able to escape, and find themselfes with help of the Romen army...
  • Hailey Gregg palagar
    In this book, Harry and Megan find themselves in Bible Times. They are challenged with the task of protecting the scrolls and delivering them to an apostle. There are a lot of ups and downs in this book thanks to new villain, Simon Magnus. This was one of my favorite books. We are introduced to a few new characters that are a lot of fun. I walked away appreciating the scriptures, those that wrote them, and those that protected them much more. Gre...
  • Dad
    This book was riveting. I got uncomfortable it was so exciting. Everything worked into place by the end of the book. It was very, very interesting. I also got a glimpse of apostasy and how it could have taken place within the early Church after Christ's death. It portrayed the fall of Jerusalem being held by the Zealot faction of the Jews and being taken by the Roman soldiers. It was a time falling into darkness. The bad guys in this were really ...
  • LeeAnn
    My highest recommendation? I want the next book! This one wraps up the adventure in volumes 5 and 6, but obviously leads to the next adventure. It is amazing that I'm still sucked into this series. I tend to divorce myself away from series if only from force of will, but this one is a keeper in my opinion. Hopefully I can find someone to borrow it from although it seems a shame not to have the whole series in my own library.
  • Angie
    It took six books, but the horrible editing bothers me slightly less than it did before. I've gone from being indignant and offended by the travesty of poorly structured written language to resigned that it just isn't going to get better.A desert really isn't an interesting setting, which is a big reason I've never been a fan of this story arc. And Meagan is annoying. Things get better in the second half, though.
  • Cherry Burrows
    Picked up one of these books again to read for this class. It was really just as good as I remembered. Jim and his family are still time-travelling to ancient America. They're still learning about the Book of Mormon times. And there's still a lot of action. Not a lot of romance. My type of book. Would this be considered historical fiction, though? I really don't know.
  • Greg
    Mildly entertaining. Like the other books in the series, it is really directed at a young teenager (or younger) age group. I read this and subsequent books in the series at the insistence of my daughter who was a big fan. Though I enjoyed them, I appreciated them even more because they served as a catalyst for discussing related doctrinal concepts and concerns with my daughter, and later my son.
  • Kirsten
    This series just keeps getting better and better. Love how the characters grow and go through some real tough trials in order to accomplish their goals. Sure helps them to become the kind of people that are complicated, understandable, and kind especially when they rely on God to be their strength. Love this!
  • Andrew
    It's really hard to rate any of these books under four stars, the endings always make me so incredibly happy. This book, all in all, would be maybe three stars. A lot of the other books are better. But the ending just made up for it all, just like the last one, and the last one before that. Even if the reunions and goodbyes are a little gushy, they're just feel-good scenes. I love Mormon books.
  • Kimber Lybbert
    I feel like I need a meme with that guy from The Princess Bride who says "I do not think that word means what you think it means." This author is an intriguing mix of engaging enough plot line with an annoying amount of writing incompetence sprinkled in. And yet. Guess who is still going to read book 7?
  • Kimberly Fields
    Another fun adventure by Chris Heimerdinger. I don't really love the addition of Meagan, though. She's just too sarcastic and snotty to be very likeable. I also didn't see what she saw in Apollos. Other than his good looks he was pretty arrogant and ruthless. The action was interesting, though, and I enjoyed the way this story portrayed how easy it is to slip into apostasy.
  • Charissa
    2nd or 3rd time reading this (but it can't be much more than that, because I had forgotten so much). I must have got my kids to read this by themselves by time we got to this point in the story. Anyway, I still absolutely love this series. This takes place in Holy Land and Greece for much of it. Great plot and I love the characters, Harry and Meagan.
  • Benji Smith
    You can guess what I was reading over the break. Did a lot of reading with the kids. It's fun to read the same books they are and then be able to talk about them with the kids. I like the way Heimerdinger weaves a tale.
  • Melissa
    LOVE this series! The Book of Mormon takes on a hold new light. Amazing read the whole series never gets old. Adventure, romance, spirituality! I would recommend these to 12 and up because of the violence.