Tower of Thunder (Tennis Shoes, #9) by Chris Heimerdinger

Tower of Thunder (Tennis Shoes, #9)

In a world where the great patriarchs of the Bible still reign, Rebecca and Joshua Plimpton face a terrible struggle to save not only themselves, but a small baby from a power-hungry king, a mighty hunter of the souls of men - Nimrod. Meanwhile, Harry and Steffanie Hawkins must face the warriors of Shinar - and another villain whose objectives are the most chilling of all.

Details Tower of Thunder (Tennis Shoes, #9)

TitleTower of Thunder (Tennis Shoes, #9)
Release DateApr 28th, 2003
PublisherCovenant Communications Inc
GenreLds, Lds Fiction, Christianity, Young Adult, Historical, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Religion, Adventure, Fiction

Reviews Tower of Thunder (Tennis Shoes, #9)

  • Karen Rowley
    #7 I read the book Tower of Thunder written by Chris Heimerdinger. It was so wonderful as always! Half of the family went to the time where Mary, Joshua, and Becky were and half of the family went to the time where Apollus, Meagan, and Ryan were. This book was only about the Mary, Joshua, and Becky side of the story. I loved this book! Its so amazing to me how this author has a lot of different books and they all are interesting. He hasnt bored m...
  • Brittany
    This book is good, and it's full of adventure, and has the craziest cliffhanger ending so far. BUT IT HAS NO MEAGAN AND APOLLUS IN IT. Therefore, it can only get three stars. I remember how livid I was that I waited years for this book only to have to wait several more years to find out more about my favorite Roman centurion and his modern-day girl.
  • Lori
    Again, I loved it. However, I hated that not a single word was mentioned about Megan or Apollus. I guess I just have to read the next one.
  • Becky
    I've completely lost track of who's who, not to mention when and where everyone is. The more chaotic these books get, the less I enjoy them. The plots get more convoluted and the cast gets more bloated and the feeling has gone from fun but reverent to over-the-top and magical. Don't get me wrong, I love fantasy, but when you mix magic and religion things get a little weird. I found the earlier volumes made me want to return to the scriptures and ...
  • James Biser
    Another good volume about LDS time travelers who go back in time to help scriptural heroes and prophets. This volume goes back to the time of the Tower of Babel and the complicated political situation around that era. It is another fun read.
  • Amandalynn
    Another great listen too in the car
  • Steve Center
    This is part two of this chapter of the Tennis Shoes series. Solid throughout. The ending was stellar.
  • Stephen Greco
    Once again, I read the previous 8 books and now I feel like I need to continue. Ok book but not as exciting as the previous books. I feel like we are really starting to stretch.
  • Jesse Whitehead
    It seems whenever Chris Heimerdinger picks a genre to write in then he does much better. His first book was firmly historical fiction with a contrived passage through time that worked was brilliant. The second one was quite decidedly a fantasy with a magic sword, sorcerers, coffers and assassins. This is my favorite of the series and is the only one where none of the main characters travel in time. The third and fourth books went back to being ...
  • Rebecca
    I was pretty impressed with how many different perspectives that Heimerdinger used to tell this story. He not only took on three new characters (not counting the one for the epilogue), but once again made each voice distinctive and convincing. I also think he is just a good writer. I love his descriptions of not only physical objects but feelings as well. I also think he has great word choice to portray his sentiments exactly. I loved the priesth...
  • Kimberly Fields
    Tower of Thunder is another exciting adventure in the Tennis Shoes series. I enjoyed the action-packed story. The plot was quick-paced, without too many slow parts dragging it down. I also liked that the various members of the family finally started to gather in the same area by the end of the book (it's so confusing trying to keep track of which family members are where in time and geography). I did think the idea of the City of Enoch floating i...
  • Lisa Brown
    This book picks up where the last one left off. Mary, Josh, and Becky are stuck in the time of the Tower of Babel, searching for a way to get home and to destroy the sword of Akish. Meanwhile, the rest of the family is still searching for them, and Harry and Stephanie having found the time they are in, but not having found them yet.The story is exciting and brings up some interesting things, but I have a hard time with parts of it, feeling that a...
  • Dad
    This is fantastic. With different narrators, it keeps more than one plot going to keep the interest level high. The Tower of Babel, Shem and Melchizedek, and tiny Abram plus the Jaredites kept me highly interested. To see how he related this was illuminating. I never thought that Abram may have known the Brother of Jared or Shem. It isn't for sure but it is good food for thought. I liked his summaries at the end of some of the chapters. Prince Ma...
  • Charissa
    I know I've read this at least once, but it's been so long I basically forgot the whole thing. I absolutely loved it! This twisted plot takes Mary, Rebecca and Josh back to ancient times in Babylon during the building of the Tower of Babel. Other family members--Harry and Stephanie--try to come rescue them and, suffice it to say, the plot gets quite crazy! I enjoyed learning about that biblical time (the chapter notes are so enlightening). The st...
  • Angie
    I wonder if it's ever occurred to the author that if he wasn't so descriptive, he could tell a story in one book instead of two. And I also wonder whose decision it was to replace all instances of the word "further" with "farther." It doesn't always work, you know. Geez.This is another one I loved as a teenager. Sure, a time portal in the Tower of Babel is silly. Floating through the City of Enoch is a bit much (and so is the dinosaur). Mary is t...
  • Todd Cannon
    I liked the Temmis shoes books but by the time Heimerdinger got this far he seemed to lose focus. So many story lines are going on that you lose track of them and wonder what is happening when you switch story lines. He also seems to be just writing the story and ending the book when he has enough pages to make an averge sized book. It's one thing to have a cliff hanger ending that makes you look for the next book and it's another to have an endi...
  • Rebeccah Mildenstein
    Once again a good one! This book after each chapter gives a history of the bible portion being used in the story. I love it!! I have been trying really hard to study more with the scriptures and well we have a lot of history books in our house but the wording is so above my head it has been hard to understand. Chris Heimerdinger is totally on my level for learning the history of scriptures. The story too is exciting and actually creepy and suspen...
  • Stephanie
    So this book was tough for me to rate. It was a very thought provocing book. I learned some stuff about the Tower of Babel that I just didn't know! That was the good part. The bad part was...reading all of the footnotes at the end of each chapter really broke up the story. Maybe it would have been better to not have read those, but then on their own they were very interesting. So I am undecided. How did I really like this book?
  • Greg
    Mildly entertaining. Like the other books in the series, it is really directed at a young teenager (or younger) age group. I read this and subsequent books in the series at the insistence of my daughter who was a big fan. Though I enjoyed them, I appreciated them even more because they served as a catalyst for discussing related doctrinal concepts and concerns with my daughter, and later my son.
  • Francie
    Heimerdinger's tennis shoes series is really great -- except for its taken him what, 20 years or more?, and its still not finished yet? That's a long time to maintain interest in a series. I'm afraid this was one of the last one's I read, although I know I bought #11 just because I had the whole rest of the series. Haven't read it though!
  • Crazy Uncle Ryan
    I admit that I have been pretty hard on this series. However, this book is actually surprisingly good. I think what makes this one better in my mind is the setting. There is very little in the Bible about what actually happened at the Tower of Babel so Heimerdinger was just able to have fun with it.
  • Melissa
    LOVE this series! The Book of Mormon takes on a hold new light. Amazing read the whole series never gets old. Adventure, romance, spirituality! I would recommend these to 12 and up because of the violence.
  • Dave
    Now that Heimerdinger decided to continue on with his "Tennis Shoes" series, I figured that I needed to re-read a few books so that I could pick up the the story line.I particularly like the notes that he includes at the end of each chapter. The notes could be the best part of the book.
  • Kimber Lybbert
    Same as others. Interesting plot; mediocre, often cringe-worthy writing. Seriously? In one of the most important paragraphs closing your book, you mix up homonyms that even my sophomores consistently get right?
  • Emilyn
    Wow. quite amazing. I couldn't put it down. it was way complicated though. and that kind of bugged me. I can't believe there's only one more so far!! I hope he writes more, but I also sort of hope it ends soon. it's too much for my brain to handle. :D
  • Kristen
    great book. It really got me thinking about the tower of babel days, Brother of Jared, and was neat to think of how they all came from the same place and time. It got me studying the old testament.
  • Ashley
    This book was absolutely amazing. Christ Heimerdinger has some of the best books out there. The story is so interesting and it doesn't really sound fake. Other than the time travel it is mostly a normal story, with twists and turns like none other. It is absolutely amazing!!!!
  • Melissa
    Much better writing than the 2 prior books in the series. The storyline was really captivating but I still get tired of all the twists in the plot. It seems the author creates these so he can write more books. It gets tiring to never seem to have an end to the series.
  • Stephanie
    I enjoyed this part of the story much better than the previous one. Much better, and it left me wanting to dive into the next one.
  • Heidi-Marie
    Definitely one that I could not put down. Such imagination to create such an amazing story! Absolutely fantastic.