Intimate Apparel - Acting Edition by Lynn Nottage

Intimate Apparel - Acting Edition

This is the acting edition of the play "Intimate Apparel" by Lynn Nottage, who was born in 1964 in Brooklyn.

Details Intimate Apparel - Acting Edition

TitleIntimate Apparel - Acting Edition
Release DateJan 1st, 2005
PublisherDramatists Play Service, Inc.
GenrePlays, Drama, Academic, Read For School, Theatre, Cultural, African American

Reviews Intimate Apparel - Acting Edition

  • Trish
    In the past several weeks I have reviewed two Pulitzer Prize-winning plays by Lynn Nottage, Sweat and Ruined. Both were brilliant works, simple in concept and staging, complex in emotional resonance and social commentary. The prizes awarded for those later plays included the promise of her earlier plays, like this one, which first came to the stage when Nottage was thirty-nine. It is 1905. An exceptionally-talented unmarried black seamstress, Est...
  • Nishta Mehra
    Oh, to be able to write a play like this one.
  • Shirleen R
    review - tba - -Set in 1905, INTIMATE APPAREL IS about a single Black 35 yr old seamstress and her romantic prospects in NYC. The play stands out to me for its establishing factors - period, class, occupation, and demographic mix of the cast. Meaning, Lynn Nottage sets this play prior to the harlem renaissance/jazz age; she writes a working-class laborer's story (a seamstress, rather than a performing artist or student). Of courses, the Great Mi...
  • Karen Chandler
    Wow. I had a chance to see this wonderful play a few years ago, and passed on it. I'll try not to make that mistake again. The play beautifully portrays the conflicting aspirations of Americans trying to find themselves in New York at the turn into the 20th century.
  • Sarah
    Lynn Nottage is one of my abosolute favorite playwrights, and she rewards my loyalty here. Intimate Apparel is the inspiring story of one woman's triumph over her expectations and others', and while the route she travels to this win is poignant, the result is no less beautiful.As finely crafted as the clothes our heroine works on, this play surprises with its character revelations, and allows for intimate moments to be examined and gently reexami...
  • Nina
    What an amazingly moving story. Each character is so clear, and their desires and the frustrations so real. This is the kind of play that makes me want to produce and direct theatre, to insure that others get to experience this play.
  • Nicole Fairbairn
    One of the best plays I've read in ages. Achingly beautiful.
  • Cary S
    A quiet ending risks an anticlimax for a very strong journey throughout.
  • Rod
    Looking forward to seeing this play performed this summer. It was a well-done and moving story...having just seen some stories about Internet dating scams and debacles, it was interesting to read about "long-distance dating" gone awry at the turn of the 20th century (1905).
  • Mel
    I was just at my library when I picked up this play, which honestly was very good. The year is 1905 it is the time of segregation. The main character, Esther, I loved her right away. She's hardworking and in her 30s. George is a piece of crap of a man.
  • Roya
    Beautifully developed characters tell a rich story about the lengths we go to in order to find love. Some events are predictable yet still poignant. The insecurities of the characters are those that all can relate to.
  • Jay Lewis-Young
    my second time reading this play...
  • Nahed
    It touches every female in the world!
  • Chambers Stevens
    Read this then saw this at the Mark Taper.It was the only play I've been to where the audience screamed at the play.They loved it that much.
  • Peter Nickowitz
    Just re-read it again. And now I'm onto BY THE WAY, MEET VERA STARK.
  • Ha Li
    It was... okay. Interesting, but only okay. This one might be more interesting to see on stage.
  • Nathan
    Really sharp writing, a poignant, painful story. I love the epigraphs at the close of each act: "Unidentified Negress Seamstress, 1915."
  • Rachel Pollock
    This script blew me away and made me cry.
  • Jien
    Good, not great, but a fine way to spend that time.