Baby Bear Sees Blue by Ashley Wolff

Baby Bear Sees Blue

Explore the world of color with Baby Bear!Baby Bear has so much to learn about the world! From the moment he wakes until it’s time to curl up and go to sleep, he explores outside with his mama. They see green leaves, blue jays, brown trout, and—best of all—a patch of yummy red strawberries.From bestselling picture book creator Ashley Wolff, here is a clever concept book that combines engaging and intricate linocut illustrations with a story...

Details Baby Bear Sees Blue

TitleBaby Bear Sees Blue
Release DateFeb 7th, 2012
PublisherBeach Lane Books
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, Storytime, Animals

Reviews Baby Bear Sees Blue

  • Betsy
    I like to think of myself as having a low cutesy tolerance. Cute is fine. Cutesy is not. As a new mother, though, I find myself in the peculiar position of finding books cute that in my pre-maternal state I would have laughed off as saccharine. Suddenly When My Baby Dreams is a book I literally cannot stop staring at whenever it comes across my desk (it’s unnerving how it plunges me into a near vegetative state) and Someday by Alison McGhee act...
  • Destinee Sutton
    This is dumb, but I dislike the typeface used in this book, and so I just skimmed it and set it aside. Then I saw on Fuse #8 that it might be Caldecott contender, so I picked it up again. The text has a wonderful rhythm and the illustrations are great for young children. It's really a winner, even though I still question the font. Update: I shared it with my toddler story time group and it was a hit. The kids all covered their eyes at the end and...
  • Carolynne
    Beautifully written and illustrated by Ashley Wolff, this charming book tells the story of Baby Bear's dawning awareness of the colorful world around him. (The gender isn't apparent until the very end, when a rainbow is the culminating experience.) Good for teaching colors, bears, passage of time, bedtime. The carefully detailed llustrations are made with handcolored linoleum block prints. There is no Lexile measure available, but the repetitive ...
  • Elena
    I'm not normally a fan of color-centric picture books (so boring...), but this one has lovely illustrations a really nice, quiet story that would be a great way to end bedtime storytime.
  • Melissa
    Enjoyed this gentle book. I liked that it didn't try to get too fancy; just set up a rhythmic back and forth between the mother and the child and didn't get its own way. I really liked looking for the mouse, who wasn't on every page...but looking for her meant I found lots of other great details!
  • Samantha
    Nature, colors, animals, all in one good book! Baby Bear asks Mama Bear questions about items in his environment and each answer is an introduction to a new color. Great read aloud!
  • John
    A beautiful picture book for introducing colors.
  • Krysta
    Nice picture book that introduces various colors.
  • Aneesa
    I actually didn't see where this one was going.
  • Joanna Marple
    Opening Lines:Deep down in the den, baby bear wakes up. He yawns and blinks and stretches his stubby legs.Synopsis:All babies are inquisitive and Baby Bear is no different. As soon as he wakes up he starts asking questions. Who is waving at him? Who is singing? who splashed him? And for each question Mama Bear describes the aspect of nature Baby Bear is encountering, flora and fauna and thus Baby Bear discovers his colors. The waving leaves are g...
  • Christine Turner
    Explore the world of color with Baby Bear! Baby Bear has so much to learn about the world! From the moment he wakes until it's time to curl up and go to sleep, he explores outside with his mama. They see green leaves, blue jays, brown trout, and--best of all--a patch of yummy red strawberries. From bestselling picture book creator Ashley Wolff, here is a clever concept book that combines engaging and intricate linocut illustrations with a story t...
  • David
    Baby Bear Sees Blue by Ashley Wolff follows a baby bear who, with his mother, wanders through the day discovering colors, animals, and changing weather.Wolff's bright, detailed illustrations were created by printing on linoleum blocks in black, then hand coloring with waterclors. Among the many animals pictured are mice, squirrels, blue jays, birds, brown trout, bees, ladybug, grasshopper, butterflies, frog, snake and deer. My favorite images are...
  • Jessica Maynard
    Baby Bear Sees Blue is a great book for teaching basic concepts. This book is about a curious Baby Bear who has many questions for Mama Bear. With the turn of every page, Baby Bear learns something new. From colors to thunder, Baby Bear is discovering everything in his world. The illustrations are beautiful and immediately captured my attention. The illustrations also follow exactly what Baby Bear is seeing for the first time. Ashley Wolf did a f...
  • Charolette
    I love the bold illustrations in this book. The printing was created on linoleum blocks in black and then the hand coloring of watercolors was added. This technique made the images stand out. I like that it is a story about a mother teaching her cub about the world and patiently answering the questions in their journey outside the cave. I like the it teaches children to discover and look at the environment around them and take in everything. I li...
  • Kaytlyn Rosynek
    Baby Bear Sees Blue was a hit! The illustrations stand out because the illustrator uses bright, bold colors throughout. The technique she used in the illustrations also stood out. I choose this book to be the winner of the Caldecott Medal because the book's illustrations pictorially represent the story. A baby bear is asking his mother questions throughout the story, and once his mom answers the questions as to what the baby bear sees, the page a...
  • Chantee Jordan
    A story made for the curious child, Baby Bear Sees Blue is a perfect nominee for the 2013 Caldecott Award. The reader is first introduced to Baby Bear and his Mama Bear in what appears to be Baby Bears first adventure. What first captured my attention of course what the artist's style. Wolff uses a very textured watercolor style that is very appropriate for the young reader. The contrast of the bright colors the black Baby Bear sees work exceptio...
  • Jessica
    The concept of this book is very simple, and nothing new if you're pretty familiar with picture books. Baby Bear and Mama Bear are out in nature, and Baby Bear keeps seeing/smelling/feeling something new. "What smells so good, Mama?" he'll say, and she'll reply, "Strawberries." Then the text will read: "Baby Bear Sees Red." (I'm paraphrasing here because I don't have the book in front of me.) There's a lot of repetition, which means that kids wil...
  • Kris
    Lovely blend of narrative and color concepts. And springtime. Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers, can't wait to use it at storytime, especially after reading previous reviews! Bright and bold, the colors are beautifully blended into the illustrations -- children have to search them out, just like in the natural world. Wish I had a preschooler, so I could go out to the woods for a color walk! And the ending is perfect. 1 starred review: PW.See ...
  • Ed
    Very cute book. According to the author the book is influenced by Blueberries for Sal, and it shows. The book is a lot of fun to read aloud, and the colors make it very vibrant. I loved the illustrations, but I do think some of them appear a bit sloppy, and detracted a bit. I still think this is one that could possibly be considered for the Caldecott Honor, and even got mentioned in Fuse 8's spring predictions Very cute book. According to the a...
  • Tasha
    Baby Bear wakes up next to his mother in the den. Sunlight peeks into the den, warming him and Baby Bear sees yellow. At the entrance to the den, the oak tree waves its leaves at him, and he sees green. The jays in the trees are blue. The trout in the stream is brown. The scent of the strawberries leads him to discover red. The tickle of a butterfly on his fur shows him orange. The storm clouds are gray, but then they leave behind a rainbow. Fina...
  • Mari
    I mostly LOVED this book. I will happily recommend it and use it in storytime. As I read, I was thinking, "hmmm. . .Caldecott perhaps?" There was one thing that bothered me, though, and kept me from giving it 5 stars. Most of the pages where "baby sees" a color, the color is very prominent. I love the way she featured blue, green, and orange particularly. But the red page was very disappointing. Visually, it is a wonderful image. It's beautiful, ...
  • Saba N Taylor
    This is such a cute book. We often forget that children have another perspective in which they explore the world around them. In this story, a baby bear explores his rich and colorful environment with his mother by his side. Children will love the rich and vibrant illustrations. They will identify with baby bear's curiosity as he discovers that the leaf waving at him is green. The trout swimming in the river is brown. The grumbling thunder is gra...
  • Heidi
    This is one of my favorite picture books published this year. Not only are the illustrations amazingly gorgeous, but the text reads smoothly and simply. I also appreciated how patient Mama Bear is with her very curious cub. She answers all his questions and lets him explore, but she is nearby should he get in trouble. This is a great book for teaching children to really see the world around them and the sights and smells that bring that world to ...
  • Tricia
    This title focuses on the concept of colors without the usual plodding and somewhat boring delivery that may occur with concept books. Baby Bear explores nature and sees the colors in different objects around him---from the yellow of the sun to the gray of storm clouds. Nice option for storytime that will delight an older toddler and preschool audience. Opportunities for audience involvement as the objects are not named...rather "Baby Bear sees y...
  • Laura
    A fabulous book about a bear discovering the colors in his world. After Baby Bear wakes up in the den, he discovers the sun warming him and sees yellow. The story continues with Baby Bear discovering his world and colors. At the end of the story, he and his mother see a rainbow after a thunderstorm. In addition to being a solid text to introduce and review colors, the illustrations are charming. Full of life and energy, I especially like the fuzz...
  • The Library Lady
    Love this--and the note that it was inspired by the immortal Blueberries For Sal only makes me love it more. It's a gentle book--not sure whether my twos will respond to it, but I think it will certainly be worth trying, and should be fun with my three and up set--either in a "spring" or a "colors" program. Love this--and the note that it was inspired by the immortal Blueberries For Sal only makes me love it more. It's a gentle book--not sure w...
  • Jennifer
    What a lovely book! It reminded me of Blueberries for Sal and Brown Bear, Brown Bear. The book is multi-dimensional in that it goes beyond just introducing colors but also new elements of nature (e.g., trout) and active verbs (e.g., splashing, tickling, rumbling). And the artwork is vibrant. Definitely Caldecott worthy. If my girls were younger, this would definitely be a favorite at our house.
  • babyhippoface
    I'm pretty sure Baby Bear is the co-star of Robert McClosky's classic Blueberries for Sal, and this book is the prequel. My favorite illustration shows Baby Bear cross-eyed, staring at the bright orange butterfly on his nose. This is absolutely perfect for sharing with Preschoolers when learning about colors. Absolutely perfect.
  • Maria Burel
    My favorite part of this book are the illustrations, but the text is wonderful, too. Baby Bear wakes up from hibernation and as he begins to explore the world outside, he is introduced to all the brilliant colors of spring. My 3yo caught on to the story's pattern quickly and was soon "reading" along with me.
  • Kifflie
    This is a warm and fuzzy picture picture that shows Baby Bear learning about all the beautiful colors in nature, under the loving guidance of his mother. The book didn't really break any new ground for me. But it would be nice to share either one-on-one with a small child or in a group storytime. The watercolors in the artwork are lovely.Might be a Caldecott contender for some.