Man Hunt by Marisa Mackle

Man Hunt

Lara has been invited to be chief bridesmaid (or maid of honour) to her irritating, size zero, bridezilla cousin, Janine. She is determined to lose weight and get a decent man in time for the wedding.

Details Man Hunt

TitleMan Hunt
Release DateJul 11th, 2006
PublisherDodder Books Ltd
GenreWomens Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance, Contemporary

Reviews Man Hunt

  • Jo
    Ummm well this book was OK, I guessed the ending a little way into the book... While I enjoyed the book and enjoyed reading it, I didn't love it. Written with good humour and amusing tales - but nothing outstanding or excitingThanksJo
  • Cathy
    Story about a Dublin woman searching for THE ONE. Most of the book is a "stream of conscious" as she tells about her life. This was a good story just a little too long. It was interesting how everything worked out.
  • Rebecca
    This was a true chick lit book and I loved it! Very easy to read and little to no brain power! Which was great! I really enjoyed the characters, all of them! The book was a bit predictable, but funny!
  • Adele Wharton
    A fun, fairly predictable, but witty and entertaining read, which does exactly what it says on the tin. And sometimes that's just what you need!
  • Susan
    Very Bridget Jones. Cute book. I would give it 2.75 stars.
  • Lucy Chalmers
    Easy reading. Perfect for a summer holiday read. The end is a bit rushed an feel the book could have been a bit longer to make he ending better but it's still good !
  • Moon Love
    It wasn't anything special. I picked up because I was in the mood for a rom-com, but it didn't entirely hit the spot or live up to its premise.
  • Trish
    4 stars/Fiction; Chicklit