The Snow Angel by Glenn Beck

The Snow Angel

The woman in the picture was so young she looked like a child. Her hair was loose, eyes wide, blue T-shirt stark against the pale lines of arching collarbones. I felt the air leave me in a quiet rush. Not because of the way the photo captured her fleeting youth, but because of the way it highlighted the bruise.It was a photo of me.Rachel Price has just one happy memory from her childhood: the moment her father took her hands while playing outside...

Details The Snow Angel

TitleThe Snow Angel
Release DateOct 25th, 2011
PublisherThreshold Editions
GenreHoliday, Christmas, Fiction, Christian Fiction

Reviews The Snow Angel

  • Sandra Bašić
    „Život je putovanje, Rachel. Dok hodaš, možeš se ili osvrtati ili gledati ispred sebe. Uvijek misli na sljedeći korak.“Na Rachel je izbor što od ovoga učiniti na svom putovanju. Nakon psihičkog zlostavljanja majke alkoholičarke, pasivnog oca koji ništa ne poduzima i bježi od istine, slijedi udaja za čovjeka, koji psihičkom zlostavljanju pridoda i ono fizičko. Gdje su granice gdje to prestaje? Izbor je na samim osobama, žrtvama ...
  • Megan
    So I've decided I have to have a different rating system for Christmas books than for all other books, because quite frankly, I've hardly found a Christmas novel that I can stomach. They are all contrived, poorly written, predictable, schmultzy and manipulative. Other than the original Christmas story--the one about the birth of Jesus--now I never get tired of that one.This one started off well enough. I even found myself impressed that Glenn Bec...
  • Knjigomanijak
    „Anđeo u snijegu“ je prije svega knjiga koja me navela na razmišljanje i prema kojoj pročitavši ju, nećete ostati ravnodušni ni jedan jedini trenutak. Zašto? Prije svega pisac se u ovoj knjizi bavi problemima zlostavljanja u obitelji. Ovaj put radi se kako o fizičkom, tako i o psihičkom zlostavljanju žene u porodici. Nemojte odmah pomisliti da je zbog toga mučna. Naprotiv , pisac na jedan sasvim drugačiji, reklo bi se emotivan na...
  • Natalie
    Na prvi pogled Rachel ima savršen život: Prekrasnu kuću, uspješnog muža i šarmantnu kćer. No, ispod te površine, stvari nisu tako lijepe. Rachelin muž je manipulativan i često pribjegava zlostavljanju Rachel, verbalno i fizički. Nakon što se udala njen muž uspio ju je izolirati od svih i izgubila je svaki kontakt s ocem. Rachel osjeća jedinu iskru neovisnosti kad se ponovo počinje rasplamsavati prijateljstvo s Maxom, starim krojač...
  • Donna
    I've seen Glenn Beck on TV. I wouldn't have expected a book like this to come from him. This is a Christmas book and with that being said, Christmas books are supposed to be happy. This one wasn't that, but it did have a message. However, it was mostly sad. There was definitely resolution at the end, but it wasn't equal to the sadness of the story. Maybe the author didn't want this to be considered cliche, but it is a Christmas story. So that wou...
  • Kav
    What a truly touching Christmas story! It has all the elements of a blockbuster holiday spectacular. Broken relationships that need mending, an exuberant little girl who still believes in miracles, the healing power of friendship and a woman who discovers her real worth. Goosebumping and sniffle inducing! A powerful story about love and forgiveness -- and the hope in second chances!I listened to the audio version of this book and I think that mad...
  • Christy
    I borrowed this from my Mom's Kindle. I can see why it is a best-seller. Rachel doesn't have very many happy memories from her childhood, her mother was an alcoholic, who died in an accident as a result of her illness. Her father was there and very much alive, but worked long hours and Rachel that he was emotionally inaccessible. She does recall one happy memory from before her mothers death and that is the night her Daddy played with her in the ...
  • Regina Spiker
    Glenn Beck writes another sad and heart-wrenching Christmas story that ends on a note of hope at Christmas Eve. Rachel Price had a lonely childhood, verbally abused by her mother and distanced by a unsure, overworked father. Her kind neighbors, the Wevers, who could see Rachel's sadness, took her under their wing, and gave her new skills, security, and love. But many years later, when Rachel marries, she falls into the same life she led at home. ...
  • J
    Really 4 1/2 stars ...A bit awkward to get into the story, but ultimately rewarding. This book definitely falls into the "life is hard" category, but there is beauty and truth in it. And surprisingly, little (religious) preaching. (And no politics.) There are scattered biblical references and a pastor's wife, but the story speaks for itself without the typical heavy-handed protestant voiceovers.I was moved by the obvious struggles of a parent to ...
  • Nancy Brady
    Abusive relationships can span generations, and this novel is representative of this as the abused tries to cover up for the abuser and those who see the abuse can only help if the abused can speak the secret aloud.Yet, this novel has so much to redeem those caught in this vicious cycle.Rachel grew up with an alcoholic mother and a father who seemed to ignore her with constant work. However, there were moments of joy, in particular the night of s...
  • Marie
    I read this book in one sitting, it is an uplifting story about how to stop to cycle of abuse. Having been in an abusive relationship I can relate to hearing that your ugly, worthless and never good enough. It's wonderful to see Rachel realize that these things are not true and it's helpful to see those realizations in my own life. Definitely a book that everyone should read.
  • Amber
    I read this book today while looking around at big lots. It was a cute story about a brother and sister who missed seeing their parents, tired of eating mac and cheese every night and wanted to spend family time with them. I loved the artwork in this children's book as well. A very good read. Definitely check it out.
  • Tejchy
  • Susan
    A beautifully written novel about love, heartbreak and the decisions we make.This novel is narrated by two people Mitch and Rachael. Mitch has Alzheimer's for him every day is a struggle to remember who he is and the ones he loves. Rachael was abused by her alcoholic mother while her dad did nothing. Now she finds herself in an abusive marriage and trying to keep it all together for her daughter. This novel puts you in the shoes of both Mitch and...
  • Donna Mork
    Little boy and girl are tired of their parents being gone to work all the time. Then grandma tells them a story about when she was young and her father went off to war. She made him a snow angel and the love was stored in their hearts. They decide to do the same for mom and dad, but with paper since there was no snow.
  • Andrew
    I picked this book up a few weeks ago at the Scholastic Warehouse sale. It has been on the New York Times' Adult Best-Sellers List for several weeks. Yes, this is a book by conservative political commentator Glenn Beck. The book has nothing to do with politics, and there is not one political statement in the whole book. To be real honest, I don't care what your politics are, this is a book anybody could get something from. It is a very touching s...
  • Mj
    I select a number of books to read during the holiday season and The Snow Angel was one of my favourites this year. It is worthy of 4 stars for both its feel good aspects during a feel good season but more importantly for the realistic aspects of abuse that were addressed in the story. The Snow Angel is guaranteed to educate anyone unfamiliar with abusers and their methods but despite the harsh topic honestly discussed, the book was uplifting.The...
  • Maryellen
    Breaking the cycle of abuse has to be one of the most courageous things that a parent can do for their child. In THE SNOW ANGEL by Glenn Beck, Rachel Price was a child who grew up in an abusive household. Rachel’s mother was an alcoholic who broke Rachel’s heart and her spirit. Rachel’s father, a hard working man who couldn’t find a way to break that cycle, did his best for his daughter. His best though, just wasn’t good enough. Rachel ...
  • Lori Henrich
    Rachel Price doesn't have many happy memories from her childhood. Her mother drank, and her father worked a lot to provide for his family. Her mother called her names made her feel small and unloved. Max and Elena, neighbors, offer young Rachel a job help them in the taylor shop they set up in their home. She spends many happy hours help them, escaping from the pain her mother inflicts with her words.With her past history is it any wonder that Ra...
  • Anna
    Really 3 1/2 stars. Not your typical sweet, feel good Christmas story. Rachel, a child of a dysfunctional, abusive home growns up to marry an abusive, controlling husband. The one person, Max, who has loved and nurtured Rachel through her difficult childhood sees Rachel's husband for the person he is and therefore her husband forbids Rachel to have any contact with Max. After the death of his beloved wife, Max asks Rachel to return to help him at...
  • Wendy
    I probably should have given this book four stars but because I've heard "this story" so many times in real life as a counselor, frankly I was a little bored. I can state that the depiction of events rang true as far as they go. The syrupiness of the book is a little hard to swallow, when you know in real life the bad guy will probably kill the old man or something. Am I too jaded? Sorry for that.. The writing flows pretty well and I liked the ch...
  • Tonya
    Perfect Christmas reading! This story was so amazing, I had to stop several times and tell my family members. I thought at first, oh another sappy Christmas story.But this one hits home, in way or another for everyone I am sure.We alternate between 2 different people, Mitch who is an elderly man, obviously has Alzheimers, living in an assisted living facility.Then we have Rachel who is married to Cyrus and has one daughter. Cyrus is a jerk. As yo...
  • Gail
    This is a sad book. Rachel has had a rough life so far. It is too funny that when she was little she tried to make cookies and they were out of baking soda so she substituted baking powder. The cookies looked good but tasted bitter. When we were first married I was making blueberry muffins and I didn't know we were out of baking powder and I substituted baking soda. I figured they both make stuff rise so what was the difference. Well it does make...
  • Brandy
    I'm very pleased at how well Glenn beck goes from a man to a womans view point so beautifully. To me it shows that you can either keep a cycle going.... Or you can stop it in its tracks. About how love is given and how it is recieved by your actions. That its never to late. To make it right. Great holiday read!
  • Lisa
    Not my type of book--it was like a soap opera minus the steamy romance. Cast of characters include an alcoholic mom and an abusive father. While I feel bad for people who are born into troubled circumstances, I don't have the patience to read about drawn out dysfunctional families.Maybe it gets better, but I could not get into this book.
  • Andrea Šikić
    Topla, lagana i dirljiva priča, no kao da joj nedostaje nešto posebno za malo bolji dojam i veći ocjenu. Svakako godi, osobito ako je čitate oko Božićnih blagdana, zasigurno ćete pogledati sebe, svoje bližnje i zapitati se....
  • Beth
    I found this story to be very well written. It was a compelling story of true love between parents and children. I found the parallel story telling of Mitch's and Rachel's stories to be very interesting. It was a great story about how true love can conquer no matter who that true love comes from.
  • Pamela
    A good read, though somewhat too diminishing and flowery regarding the thematic domestic abuse elements and the overly convenient "perfect" resolve ending. But a valiant effort on Beck's behalf.
  • Tonkica
    Lijepa prica o nadi, ljubavi, prijateljstvu, obitelji, prastanju.. Bas nekako za ovo predblagdansko vrijeme. 3.5 bi bila tocnija ocjena.
  • Stephanie
    3.5 stars