Discretion (Anna Curtis, #2) by Allison Leotta

Discretion (Anna Curtis, #2)

For fans of Lisa Scottoline and Law and Order: SVU, former federal sex-crimes prosecutor Allison Leotta's novel explores the intersection of sex and power as Anna Curtis investigates the murder of one of DC's highest-paid escorts.When a beautiful young woman plummets to her death from the balcony of the U.S. Capitol, Assistant U.S. Attorney Anna Curtis is summoned to the scene. The evidence points to a sexual assault and murder. The victim is one...

Details Discretion (Anna Curtis, #2)

TitleDiscretion (Anna Curtis, #2)
Release DateJul 3rd, 2012
PublisherGallery Books
GenreMystery, Fiction, Thriller, Mystery Thriller, Suspense, Crime

Reviews Discretion (Anna Curtis, #2)

  • Sebastian
    Some of the same problems the first book had.Sometimes it is hard for me to give up on an author. Especially when I see traits in their writing that I really like and are marred by other aspects in their stories. This is exactly what happened when I read the first two books in this series. Leotta is pretty good when she is focusing on the thriller part of the story, but for my taste she incorporates a little too much romance. Actually, maybe it's...
  • Shelli
    I enjoyed this quick fast-paced thriller. Perfect for the busy holidays as it grabbed my attention right away. I learned a lot about sex crimes prosecuting in Washington DC and it made for an interesting and exciting read. I like the strong female lead character. This might have even been a 5 star read, but for me, the romantic relationship felt a little contrived. I also felt that racial descriptions were overused, usually the reader can figure ...
  • Shanequa
    3.5 stars. A good, solid read just like the first book. I really liked the premise of the book and I was never bored reading it. I do think the ending was a teeny bit rushed but the reveal was still relatively shocking and enjoyable. Looking forward to more Anna Curtis!
  • Cheryl
    A high end escort tumbles to her death. So this is news how? You better believe it is news when it is discovered that the woman fell from Congressman Emmett Lionel's balcony. Sounds like a case for U.S. Attorney. Anna Curtis. She works for the sex crime division. Anna will have her hands full as she makes her way around the world of sex, secrets, and scandals. Luckily for Anna, she will be joined by her love interest, chief homicide prosecutor, J...
  • Gina
    This is book 2 in the Anna Curtis series in which Curtis is a sex crimes federal prosecutor who is dating a higher up, but in a different department (homicide) Jack Bailey. Leotta's books are based in Washington D.C. and the author is a former federal prosecutor herself so she knows her stuff. I love that her books have strong female characters and this book in particular has at least 3 females including the main character. "Discretion" is about ...
  • wally
    finished this one this rainy saturday morning, 2 sep 17. good story. 3 stars. i liked it. first i've read from leotta. washington, d.c. escort services, murder, politicians, lawyers, bing bang boom. makes use of the jefferson case, something to do with the constitution, searching, seizing, that sort of thing. some recent case...2007. good read.
  • Maribel
    Leotta's story lines are reminiscent to me of the show Law & Order SVU-which I love. As a former prosecutor Leotta has a solid grasp of her content and convey's it quite convincingly. I enjoyed this book and will be continuing with the series.
  • Elizabeth
    Much better than the first! I like the cases a lot more than the romantic drama, but that's usual for me.
  • Wendy Hines
    When a high end call girl plummets to her death from the balcony of one of Congress' powerful representatives, Anna Curtis is called in. She's a U.S. Assistant Attorney who specializes in sex crimes. She's in a relationship with Jack Bailey, chief homocide prosecutor and next in line for the US Attorney General position. Although they decide to work the case together, that decision is soon lifted from them. Jack is taken off of the case and Saman...
  • Pamela Kramer
    Allison Leotta will get some loyal fans after they read her second novel, "Discretion." It's a combination of mystery story, thriller, politics and love, and it all takes place in Washington, D.C.Not only will the reader vicariously visit DC hotspots like Poste (in the Monaco Hotel -- very posh and pricey) and Rosa Mexicano, but the reader will enter the Capitol building and learn about secret hideaways. Murder in the Capitol on the very first pa...
  • Evelyn
    This mash-up of chick-lit, romance and mystery features a plot that is probably torn from one of the "Law and Order" television shows. It tries to be politically correct, yet the relationships and office romances involving the principal characters would be considered conflicts of interest and bar people from working with one another on any legal matter or projects in most organizations. The inclusion of story elements designed to titillate the re...
  • Helen
    "Discretion" is book #2 in the adventures of federal sex crimes prosecutor Anna Curtis. The murder of a high-priced call girl, pushed from a Capitol balcony, is at the centerpiece of this story. Since a congressman is the chief suspect, you get a trip through the back hallways and hideouts of the Capitol and an interesting primer on the difficulty of investigating a congressman. There also is an ebook ("Ten Rules for a Call Girl") that's a preque...
  • Elizabeth
    I'm really enjoying listening to this series. The characters are interesting and the story moves smoothly along.
  • Chris
    THIS SUMMARY/REVIEW WAS COPIED FROM OTHER SOURCES AND IS USED ONLY AS A REMINDER OF WHAT THE BOOK WAS ABOUT FOR MY PERSONAL INTEREST. ANY PERSONAL NOTATIONS ARE FOR MY RECOLLECTION ONLYDiscretion is a murder mystery. One that revolves around sex and romance. Allison Leotta is a former federal sex-crimes prosecutor. Her thriller explores the escapades of our elected government officials with sex and powerful secretive worlds in Washington D.C.A yo...
  • Gwen P
    I enjoyed this book over all, though I thought that something was lacking from the reveals with regard to the mystery, and I'm also not a big fan of Jack as a love interest. I can definitely get past both of those gripes because the story was so fresh and I felt like I learned a lot about a world I had never really even thought about before (secret men's clubs, high priced escorts, millionaire madams). Without getting into specifics/spoilers, I f...
  • Dana Killion
    This is the second Allison Leotta I've read. Started with Law of Attraction after hearing Leotta speak at a conference. Clearly falls into the the romantic suspense column so if you want heavier crime detail, this might not satisfy. The strengths of the book are Leotta's deft weaving of legal background into the story and creative premise. I didn't figure out who the killer was until revealed. I did have moments of wishing her protagonist were a ...
  • Margaret
    Entertaining escapist legal mystery series set in D.C. (for those of us who usually enjoy paying attention to national US politics but not so much anymore, but who also don't want to give up the D.C. fix).Anyone else bothered by the mention of the man (the killer) who looks over the balcony during the act and is spotted by the Capitol guard, but this is then never mentioned again? Wouldn't that guard be, oh say, a WITNESS? Kept waiting for this o...
  • BookWorm
    Another captivating read in the series. I could see where the plot was going but it was still an enjoyable journey. I liked that it wasn't all smooth sailing in the main romantic relationship. Although the decision Anna comes to at the end of the book is rather corny. I was on board with her rediscovering some independence so it was actually a bit disappointing and silly to read her intentions. Also, this has got to be one of the most expensive e...
  • Barbara
    4/5. "Discretion" is the second book in Allison Leotta's legal thriller series centred around Anna Curtis, a D.C. prosecutor specializing in sex crimes.In this case, picking up six months from the previous book, Anna is called to a murder scene where a young woman is found murdered outside of a respected congressman's office. Anna soon realizes that their victim isn't just any young woman; she is actually the city's highest paid escort, and the c...
  • Mary Clare
    3.5 stars. This was better than "Law of Attraction." Leotta nails the courtroom, legal, law enforcement stuff. The dialogue always leaves something to be desired though, and I actually think the romantic elements detract from the strong story. I'm not a big fan of Jack & Anna...curious to see what happens in #3.
  • Mom2nine
    Interesting mystery. Leotta spared no opportunity to remind the reader that this was a sex crime and to elaborate on the related grit and graphicness. Part of the reason may be due to Leotta's past profession and the need to get the word out that this is not a victimless crime.
  • Lisa Fedders
    Solid writing and great story line. I loved Leotta’s first book, Law of Attraction. This one didn’t compare, but I enjoyed it and it kept you guessing right till he end. This was not a page turner until the last 75 pages, pretty slow to start.
  • Judy Morris
    This is the last book of Allusion Leota. I'm sorry to say until another book comes out. Loved all her booms. This was so exciting that I couldn't put it down just like all the rest of her books. They are all page turners and good reading. Thank Allusion keep them coming they were just GREAT
  • Raffaella De Leonardo
    Molto bello anche questo secondo libro della serie, dove le vicende mantengono sempre un buon ritmo narrativo. Molto scorrevole risulta comunque sempre avvincente e coinvolgente. Una serie che continuerò a leggere.
  • retronerd Steinkuehler
    I read it out of order and it didn't matter. Too lovey-dovey and not enough crime. But she does improve as her later books were slanted the opposite way - more crime and less love. I read them prior to this....
  • Leah
    Did not disappoint. 2nd book down now onto the 3rd - Allison Leotta, thank you for this indulgent series!
  • Umi
    It was hard to put the book down!!
  • Conni Harness
    Another really good read from this author. I love the Anna Curtis series!!!
  • Alissa
    A good second outing for Anna. Interesting plot and she's playing in the big leagues now.
  • Ellen Listens 24/7
    The first was definitely the best so far. This had a good storyline. Very gritty in places. That’s good!