Blackhorse Riders by Philip Keith

Blackhorse Riders

Deep in the jungles of Vietnam, Alpha Troop, 1st Squadron, 11th Armoured Cavalry, the famed Blackhorse Regiment, was a specialized cavalry outfit equipped with tanks and armoured assault vehicles. On the morning of March 26th, 1970, they began hearing radio calls from an infantry unit four kilometres away that had stumbled into a hidden North Vietnamese Army stronghold. Outnumbered six to one, the 100-man American company was quickly surrounded, ...

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TitleBlackhorse Riders
Release DateFeb 14th, 2012
PublisherSt. Martin's Press
GenreHistory, War, Military Fiction, Nonfiction, Military, Military History

Reviews Blackhorse Riders

  • Mike (the Paladin)
    I won't say too much about this book. I recommend that it be read by anyone who has an interest in the history of this period. I especially recommend it to anyone who's picture of Vietnam and Nam vets is formed by some of the movies that came out of that period.This is sadly a little known battle that somehow "fell into the cracks of history". many of the people who participated in this battle were somehow "lost" and only received their decoratio...
  • Mike
    Let's see...a small unit stumbles upon an large enemy unit base area in the jungle and is surrounded and outnumbered; after hours of fighting and running out of ammo, a general flies his helicopter over the triple canopy and kicks out water, medical supplies and ammunition to keep the fight going; a desperate cavalry "charge" to save the good guys surrounded by bad guys in "Indian Country"; another cavalry charge directly into the fortified posit...
  • Paul Pessolano
    “Black-Horse Riders” by Philip Keith, published by St. Martin’s Press.Category – Military/VietnamThis is an unbelievable story that should be read by everyone regardless of their feelings about the Vietnam War or any military action. This is a story of courage, bravery, and sacrifice that transcends any book I have read concerning a military action, both fiction and non-fiction. In fact, the book is so well written the reader will sometim...
  • Fredrick Danysh
    The story of of soldiers in Vietnam fighting on the border near Cambodia. When an American patrol stumbles on a larger Viet Cong bunker complex, they engage in a fight for their survival. Running short of ammunition and taking heavy casualties, their only hope is a mixed infantry and air calvary unit five kilometers way. This is an excellent tale of the true life struggles of American fighting men in vivid detail. It took forty years for recognit...
  • John Nellis
    Very good story about a forgotten battle in Vietnam in March 1970. It sets the stage of how things happened, and then tells of the battle itself. It also tells how the battle was forgotten and the partipants efforts to get it recognized. Which ends up with the unit getting the presidential unit citation from President Obama, and getting the recognition they deserved long ago. I really thought the book did a good job of representing what an armore...
  • Piker7977
    The events that take place and the soldiers described in this book are highly commendable and are great Americans. This story is of the pinnacle of bravery and sacrifice. These actions described give me a deep respect of the individuals involved in the Vietnam War. Even though their experiences and senses are described in these pages, I don't believe I could ever fully grasp what these brave souls went through.The afterword and epilogue are worth...
  • Albert Town
    The day is hot, humid, and it is about to become even longer when a young Troop Commander makes a hard call to move to the sound of the guns. Their brothers in arm are in dire straights; they have found, walked into the enemies trap. It becomes a nightmare for the infantry company commander. He is running out of the B3- beans, bullets, and band aids. The air support has a tough challenge in providing the B3, and evacuating the wounded, and dead. ...
  • John Cheeseman
    I have a penchant for factual war books and a particular love of Vietnam ones for some reason, this book filled all of the criteria I was hoping for and is a truly courageous tale of bravery in the face of an overwhelming heavily fortified enemy undertaken to rescue fellow soldiers.The book is very detailed, some parts intricately so and might bore people who are less interested in the minutiae of military life however I lapped it up and loved ev...
  • Vern
    One of the finest histories of a small unit battle I have ever read. Well written, well organized, and dramatic.
  • Tsquires
    Philip Keith’s “Black-Horse Riders” is a stunning account of bravery in the Vietnam war. The book tells the story of a heroic rescue operation in Vietnam. The accounts of the brave soldiers that took part in that operation is one of heroism and horror. Each section of the book is able to keep even the most stoic reader on the edge of their seat, desperate to learn more. The author’s purpose for writing the book was to inform people of the...
  • JD
    I won Phillip Keith’s Blackhorse Riders in a Goodreads giveaway way back in June 2012. Due to the weirdness of life, it’s taken me this long to get a review written.Blackhorse Riders is literally one of those “cavalry to the rescue” stories—in this case, Alpha Troop of the 11th Armored Cavalry regiment. Being the only “boots on the ground” within range to lend assistance, Alpha Troop cut through four kilometers of dense jungle to as...
  • Randy
    I found several really positive things about this book. It was extremely well researched and the author lays it out early on there are limits to memories and relies on cross referencing for putting the details together. Good explanations of the equipment, locations, and environment were provided. A point was made about how movies portrayed some aspects, e.g. being on point. Coincidentally, I watched the movie "Platoon" on OTA TV (i.e. non-cable) ...
  • Steve Woods
    An account of one desperate battle in War Zone C in 1970. There were tens of thousand of them over the years.This one was an outsatnding episode but then there were many others, as a vetera of Vietnam I am always interested in the experience of others. I had a little to do with tracks from time to time so I have some familiarity to help my imagination along. It was an interesting account and I could certainly feel for those involved, the loss of ...
  • Patrick
    Blackhorse Riders is an intense ride into the heart of a desperate rescue mission turned near-last stand. Philip Keith writes with extreme skill and realism, creating a true story that reads like a novel. The heroes in this book really come alive, as if you were sitting at a table listening tothem. The action is also intense and draws you in. One chapter I found especially interesting was where Keith breaks the experience of battle down into tast...
  • Steve
    A great book on the U.S. Army's Alpha Troop, 1st Squadron, 11th Armored Cavalry, known as the Blackhorse Regiment, was a specialized cavalry unit equipped with tanks and armored assault vehicles. On March 26, 1970, in the jungles of Vietnam they responded to a call from an infantry unit four kilometers away that uncovered a hidden North Vietnamese stronghold. They were quickly outnumbered and surrounded but kept fighting. Captain John Poindexter,...
  • Lon
    Fantastic story about group of men fighting at the end of the Vietnam war. Author does a great job oa placing the battle in the context of events. Then through the eyes of the men there tells a great story of men in battle. Should be a classic. Story does not end there... 2nd part is of gaining the lost recognition for their actions. Can not wait for the authors next book a story of a battle a few days later of NVA attack on fire-base that was eq...
  • Jared Bryson
    Good, but not electric book.The author details a day long firefight in which a lightly armored cavalry troop rides to the rescue of a pinned down infantry company in March of 1970. The most interesting portions of the book centered around how the armored cav fought in Vietnam. The descriptions and uses of the ACAV and M551 Sheridan were particularly interesting.A good book - well worth the read.
  • Raymond Thies
    Purchased this book from the author just days before its release when he gave a presentation at a state veterans home. reading it brought back memories of my own experiences as it took place just months after I returned home from the same area. It is hard to believe that it took so long to honor these brave men. It is hard for anyone who has not experienced combat to understand what the experience is like, not only in war but also in policing.
  • Axie Barclay
    I'm not one that enjoys war books or Vietnam stories, but this book had me from page one. Nonfiction that reads like a novel. A truly interesting and inspiring tale of a battle the world almost forgot.
  • Len Roberto
    One of the most moving stories of men in combat I have ever read. March 26, 1970 and the events surrounding this rescue mission are vividly told and the reader is fully engaged with the men described. Anyone interested in learning more about the war in Vietnam has to read this story.
  • Toni
    I might be biased since my brother-in-law was part of the armored tank division during the Anonymous Battle. He was a hero to me BEFORE I read the book, but I have even more respect for what he did for our country now.
  • Hockeynancy
    The first chapter or two were hard to get through...had to reference back and forth to information listed in the back. That said, once things got going, this was a fascinating and important book, and I highly recommend it. Well researched, well written.
  • Lee
    Well-written. I would make my usual request for more maps, but I was able to keep the battlefield in my head pretty well throughout.
  • Richard
    Excellent account of desperate men in a desperate situation.
  • Christopher Taylor
    It is an easy read of a time left with many mixed emotions of young men doing what was asked. You can feel the angst and tension of close combat in a sweaty jungle.Good book!
  • Fordan Bonardi
    The book was good, in parts very good. Phillip Keith has the Talent, I though his book Fire Base Illingsworth was better. I would read another book by him if he writes it.
  • Jfarley
    Interesting story, that the author pieced together from first hand accounts, but seeing as how it isn't well known, it isn't well documented, and... the book's a little thin.
  • Gina
    Blackhorse Riders really is an extraordinary tale of the lengths servicemen will go to protect their own.