A Teeny Bit of Trouble by Michael Lee West

A Teeny Bit of Trouble

In this hilarious follow-up to GONE WITH A HANDSOMER MAN, Charleston pastry chef Teeny Templeton witnesses a murder and discovers that her laywer-boyfriend, Coop O'Malley, has been keeping secrets. It’s not every day that I bake a dozen Red Velvet cakes, learn my boyfriend may have a love child, and I witness a murder. After Charleston pastry chef, Teeny Templeton, witnesses a murder, she discovers that her lawyer-boyfriend, Coop Oâ...

Details A Teeny Bit of Trouble

TitleA Teeny Bit of Trouble
Release DateApr 10th, 2012
PublisherMinotaur Books
GenreMystery, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Fiction, American, Southern, Romance

Reviews A Teeny Bit of Trouble

  • Amanda
    LOVEDLOVEDLOVED it! I don't understand the other reviews for this book. I have read a "Teeny" book before and have always found the characters charming and the plot compelling. I think some of the other reviewers are nitpicking... if this kind of book just isn't your cup of tea that is one thing- but I happen to love murder mysteries! It may have had one or two characters that were just superfluous, but the ending made up for all of that! This ki...
  • Jessica
    I received this book for free as part of the Goodreads First Read giveaway program. I knew I would love this book because I loved Gone with a Handsomer Man sooo much! This book was just as amazing as that one if not better! I really hope that Michael Lee West writes a third book in this series! I want to see what else Teeny and Coop do in the future! I have a few more books left to read by Michael Lee West and I can't wait to read them!
  • Kim
    You had me at "red velvet cupcakes", but I was even more enamored with "Anything-You-Say-Can-Be-Used-Against-You Quiche". Of course, being an advance reading copy, there were things that hadn't been corrected. Usually, that bothers me. Not in this case! I usually can't stand reading books out of order in a series. Not in this case! It was laugh-out-loud funny, great mystery, characters I adore, and so much more. I hope my library has the first on...
  • Emily
    This was the first book that I've read by Michael Lee West. I was pleasantly surprised. She reminds me of across between Mary Kay Andrews and Janet Evonovich. Very Southern and very funny. I felt that the plot was well written, but even more than that her GA southernisms were dead on.
  • N
    " A Teeny Bit of Trouble" by Michael Lee West Is a fun quick read! I loved the Characters! The plot was fun and quirky!Great read with a few good laughs along the way!I highly recommend!I won this book through the Goodreads First-reads giveaway program,"Thank You!"
  • April
    This book was very captivating and fun to read!! Loved every page of it!!Emerson was a riot, although she does have a mouth on her for an almost 11 year old child!! Minnie was also a riot!! Now I have to go back and read the book written before this one so that I can learn about Teeny's history. Leave it to me to read the second book before reading the first!!
  • LiteraryMarie
    A Teeny Bit of Trouble is the second book in the Teeny Templeton series by Michael Lee West. It's not every day that a lady calls and accuses you of spying on her. Then when you actually do spy on her, you witness her murder. EEK! Then mix in your lawyer-boyfriend's secrets, a ten-year-old that may be his daughter, a flirtatious ex-boyfriend that keeps popping up bearing soul food and desserts, and trying to decode a stolen diary. It's a recipe f...
  • Emely
    I couldn't get past page 130 of this book. It was awful.The dialogue was horribly written. Some of it was completely unrealistic. Her and Coop's mushy dialogue back and forth was sickening. "Have you ever loved someone so much it hurts?" Really?Her "oh shit" smile? I'm still not sure what that's supposed to look like. Her friend always referring to her as "homegirl" was a lame attempt at portraying how cool he was. I think the characters in this ...
  • Shh I'm reading!
    It's been a couple of weeks since I read A Teeny Bit of Trouble, but I was really conflicted after my first read. The premise is great: Teeny, a pastry chef, witnesses a murder and the victim just may be the mother of her boyfriend's love child. It seems more people are dying than usual and signs are pointing to black market organs as the cause. With her name and her life on the line, Teeny searches clues to find the killers. The mix of mystery, ...
  • Jessica Davison
    It was so good I just didn't want to put it down!!! I suspected Dot the whole time and I couldn't believe Teeny couldn't figure out that Coop was in the hospital. Overall a really good book!
  • Cheryl
    Teeny Templeton suspects that her boyfriend, Coop may be hooking up with his ex. A few weeks ago out of the blue a young girl stops by and tells Coop that he is her father. Teeny decides to go on a spy mission. She puts on her black, wet suit. It is the only black outfit that Teeny owns and she does not want to stick out like a sore thumb. Teeny gets more than she bargains for, when she witnesses Coop’s ex being murdered. The murderer knows tha...
  • Kathy
    So excited I won this book, can't wait to read it. Thanks! This is the first time I have read an advanced copy of a book. With that in mind, I didn't get too upset with the minor typos found. Some reviews were not favorable because of then, but really, it was very minor. Teeny and Coop were likeable characters, with out of the ordinary situations they got involved in. When reading this book you know it is fiction, and will probably never happen, ...
  • Lauren
    I have a confession to make: I've always secretly wished I were a Southern woman, one with a hammy accent, who loves grits, and can handle a pistol as well as a pie tin. But I'm not, I don't, and I can't, so novels about sassy Southern women have always been one of my guilty pleasures. Luckily, Michael Lee West writes the perfect books for those of us suffering from a debilitating lack of Southern-ness and her latest is just the ticket - enjoy!
  • Eileen
    This is the second book in this series and I loved it! the author is such a foodie. she brings the same bit of humor to Teeny and now a new character Emerson. Love her name and they way she mixes up everything she says. Good story that had me guessing until the end on whodunit. Can't wait to pass it on to the rest of the family.
  • Emily
    this is classic chick lit, but i enjoy that every now and then :)
  • Denise Taylor
    Sorry. Didn't really like it. Poor editing. I'm not sure the author has ever actually used Scotch tape. I am from the South and the author appears to be from the South, but the characters are like somebody has never met a real person from Georgia. How was all that food kept in an unused kitchen? A 'light read' does not involve finding corpses stripped of their skin and eyeballs.
  • Molly
    Loved this book. Can't wait to start the next one. It was fun, interesting, and intense. Reminds me of myself always getting into something.
  • Diane Wall
    This book was funny! I had people looking at me because I would just start laughing as I was reading.
  • Annie
    This is the second Teeny Templeton story by author Michael Lee West. I discovered West when my friend Lori Wilde sent me a copy of the first "Teeny" story,"Gone With a Handsomer Man" I loved that book. I had discovered yet another author I wanted to follow. So when I saw she had a second book out about the petite, Georgia peach-growing, trouble-seems-to-follow-her-everywhere, sweetheart Teeny Templeton I just had to read it. It's like a "southern...
  • Beth
    I didn't even have to read inside the front cover to know I'd love this book. I love Michael Lee West's books! She is an awesome southern writer. I checked the book out and brought it home without even opening it- and it did not disappoint. Teeny, like all Wests heroines, is easy to love. Wests' females are human- imperfect, sometimes a little neurotic, and always easy to identify with. Teeny makes mistakes. She can be impulsive and stubborn. She...
  • Jenee Rager
    I won an Advanced Reader Copy of this book through goodreads so I'm hoping that by the final publication date that the multidude of spelling and clerical errors will be caught and removed by the final publication date. As it was they were distracting and in at least one case totally changed the context of what was being said. "A Teeny Bit of Trouble" is a fun breezy book. I found out that it was a sequel to another book when I was several pages i...
  • Beth
    I love Teeny Templeton and her hair-brained schemes, to satisfy her being a truth-junkie. I'm less enchanted by Coop, but that's neither here nor there. Our new character of 10yo mouthy Emerson is more fun added, and Red makes a reappearance.There are issues within the book...some typos that I'm surprised were not caught were distracting, "I went to the door of Mama's door." I'd get caught on this and have to reread it a couple of times to make s...
  • Michelle
    This is the sequel to "Gone with a Handsomer Man". Teeny is enjoying her relationship with her former high school sweetheart, Coop. But things get complicated when her formal rival calls implicating that Coop is still involved with her and had a child with her. When Teeny goes over to confront her, she sees a wild scene as she sees her attacked and strangled. Running away, fearing to be implicated she goes to Coop for help. On returning, their is...
  • Jean
    A disappointing sequel, primarily due to very poor editing. The story was fine, and the main characters still appealing (tho this was somewhat marred by some inconsistencies in the characterizations), with a very engaging new character in Emerson, who may or may not be the daughter of Teeny's maybe-boyfriend, Coop. However, one character--and not the one who's given to malapropisms--says "paradigm" when she means "paragon", one character's surnam...
  • Ellen
    Oh my goodness! Such a fun, hilarious, and suspenseful book! I love it when I read something that makes me laugh out loud! If you haven't read Gone With A Handsomer Man, you have to read it first. Teeny is an asthmatic, good Southern girl from Georgia that loves to cook and is a magnet for trouble. While trying to find out if a 10 year old from hell is her boyfriend's daughter, she witnesses a woman being murdered by someone wearing a Bill Clinto...
  • Brenda Martinez
    I received this in a Goodreads Giveaway and I am glad I didn't buy it. First off, to be fair, when I find numerous typos in the first few pages of a book I get turned off. It sets the tone of book that the author or publisher didn't care enough about the book to check it a little better and this book didn't get any better. I had a hard time finishing it. The characters are not likable people that I care to read about any more. Teeny is suppose to...
  • Jessica Haider
    3.5 out of 5 stars (I seem to be rating a lot of books that way lately). I won an Advanced Readers Copy "A Teeny Bit of Trouble" from goodreads several months ago and finally got around to reading it. Unlike many of my other goodreads wins, I have actually read other books by this author in the past, which I on average enjoyed...particularly her food-centric non-fiction. "A Teeny Bit of Trouble" was a light & fluffy chick-lit mystery whose centra...
  • Jessica
    I got this ARC from first reads and I was excited to read it, it looked like it would be a really fun read. I figured out early on that it was a sequel and I wished I would have read the first one in order to get some of the things the characters talked about in the books. There were some spelling mistakes in the novel, that i'm sure they will fix before it is available to the public...well at least I hope so. I really liked Emerson she was a bra...
  • Carol
    "A Teeny Bit of Trouble" is the second book in the Teeny Templeton series. It is a fun read with romance, cooking, and intrigue. It is a cross between chick lit and a mystery. I enjoyed it because it kept me thinking without the heaviness that some crime novels have. The character, Teeny manages to get into a lot of trouble, but she is fun and likable. As a parent and teacher, I did have a difficult time understanding the character, Emerson. She ...
  • Stephanie
    Teeny Templeton has gotten herself right in the middle of another mystery. Her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend turns up claiming that he is the father of her 10 year old daughter. Teeny is in more trouble now than she ever has been in before. It is guaranteed that she will find the answers she is looking for even at the expense of her safety. This novel was more gruesome in my opinion than the last one. That would be my only complaint. What I like most...