One Piece (One Piece, #1) by Eiichiro Oda

One Piece (One Piece, #1)

From back cover:EAST BLUE Part 1As a child, Monkey D. Luffy was inspired to become a pirate by listening to the tales of the buccaneer "Red-Haired" Shanks. But his life changed when he accidentally ate the fruit of the Gum-Gum Tree and gained the power to stretch like the cost of never being able to swim again! Years later, still vowing to become the king of the pirates, Luffy sets out on his guy alone in a rowboat, in...

Details One Piece (One Piece, #1)

TitleOne Piece (One Piece, #1)
Release DateJun 23rd, 2003
PublisherVIZ Media, LLC
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Comics, Graphic Novels, Adventure, Fiction, Pirates, Comics Manga, Shonen, Action

Reviews One Piece (One Piece, #1)

  • Raeleen Lemay
    This was such a fun time! I LOOOOOVE pirates in general, so I had a great time reading this. And Luffy is so ridiculous and funny so that's a plus.
  • Novia
    For me, One Piece is best Manga ever written. The story always touch my heart, it is a combination of faithful friendship, laughter, loyalty and action.Some people might find this manga as silly and pointless (I’ve heard this before) but they never truly read the Manga and therefore judging it simply from the cover. I’ve been in that position too…and thank God I finally looked beyond the cover and found the greatest adventure any Mangaka ev...
  • Isti
    I wrote the review for the whole One Piece manga not only for volume one. One Piece is the only manga I've been loyal to for the past ten years.As I grew up I choose to read more serious book and leave manga behind. But One piece is an exception. If you read the manga, you will see how every character, mainly the protagonist have very compelling and charismatic personality. Luffy is the captain, a happy go lucky person who sometimes act stupid (a...
  • Jokoloyo
    The beginning of one of the most epic manga stories ever. I gave only 4 star for first volume because the world has not much revealed. But on next volumes you could see the fantasy world of One Piece is rich, fresh, and populated with many interesting characters.
  • Jan Philipzig
    The world of pirates seems pretty awesome when you are a kid! No rules and parents, just treasure hunts and palm trees and lots of laughter and maybe a colorful parrot on your shoulder - that's the life!! The genius of One Piece is that it perfectly captures these childhood fantasies, turning them into a rollicking adventure that is anchored by relatable characters while bubbling over with fun and enthusiasm. It is no surprise at all that One Pie...
  • Alex Scales
    I've gone on and on about my hatred for shonen manga. I've said before it's franchises like Naruto and Yu Gi Oh that form what most westerners conceive to be the whole of manga-- which is a problem, because as long as manga is seen as just a teen fad, some amazing works of comic art and literature are being completely overlooked by a large audience that might otherwise devour them. Sure, Seinen manga seems to have a small foothold now, but what a...
  • Χαρά Ζ.
    Let's get this straight. I am a hardcore One Piece fan. I have been since forever. I remember watching it on tv as a kid. Then they stopped airing the show for some reason. The problem was that it was dubbed in greek and they changed the title and i had no clue from where to start in order to find it. Since then i have been searching for it. I was in desparare need to watch it. And believe me, back then it was not easy to find anything cz interne...
  • Ilias
    Eiichiro Oda is an amazing Mangaka. One Piece is for a reason the number one bestselling manga in the world. The amount of work and dedication that goes into every page of One Piece is something special and makes you respect Oda as an amazing artist & mind.I have been following this series for the last 14 years and I can say with confidence that One Piece is one of the few long running mangas where there are hardly if not any story faults/gaffes/...
  • Artemy
    One Piece is famous for being that one manga that absolutely refuses to end. At 89 (!) volumes and counting, it's one of the longest-running series in history, and an extremely intimidating undertaking for many new readers like me because of that. Still, its insane popularity and the pirate adventure premise piqued my interest enough to check at least the first volume, and I have to say — I'm into it!One Piece is about a young boy named Luffy, ...
  • Christopher
    One Piece is the best selling manga of all time. And it's not close, with approximate sales at 380 million volumes.Normally, I wouldn't even review something this iconic. It's like giving my opinion on Batman. And not the most recent Batman, but iconic original series Batman. You just don't. It's Batman. But a large majority of my GR friends don't read manga, even among the comic readers, or at least don't review it here if they do. So let's talk...
  • Connor
    I already feel so invested in Luffy. He is so quirky and awesome. I can't wait to continue his story!
  • Sue Moro
    OMG! I loved it! One Piece is about a boy named Monkey D. Luffy who is determined to become the "King of the Pirates" by discovering the hidden treasure of the late King of the Pirates, Gold Roger. The only problem is Luffy is too young to join Red-Haired Captain Shanks's crew and he can't swim! When he accidentally eats the fruit of the gum-gum tree, he ruins his chance of ever being able to swim, and now he can stretch like rubber! Captain Shan...
  • Kogiopsis
    Hmmm...This has got to be the ugliest manga art I've ever seen. Sorry, but it's true. I really, really, really don't like this style and I knew that going in because I've seen caps from the anime. It's over the top and unpleasant and cluttered and sort of makes my eyes ache to look at it.and yetthere is something about the story. Don't ask me what, but there's something. It's not totally bad. It's absurd and banal at worst, silly at best, but I g...
  • Kaede
    I mean, One Piece is hilarious and epic. It doesn't get much better than that. I see the hype and Oda's brilliant series deserves every bit of it and more. But I refuse to rate every single volume of One Piece. I like to think I have a life. So, uhm, just read One Piece. One Piece is awesome.
  • Nba Fan 2000
  • Lara
  • Lashaan Balasingam (Bookidote)
    I've never had the chance to check out Luffy in action back in high school, but the popularity of One Piece was undeniable. I'm still a bit surprised that it's still an ongoing series too!I have to admit that there are some pretty subtle similarities with Naruto, yet it still remains its own thing. Good ol' Luffy and his goofy ways looks to become the greatest pirate and to do so, he looks to assemble a crew of his own.This first arc looks at som...
  • David Schaafsma
    A manga that is a silly and rollicking pirate story that reminds you of every (boy) adventure story you liked as a kid. Over the top, funny, inventive. One of the most beloved and best selling and longest running manga series of all time. I didn't love it, a little too goofy for me, so it's about a 3.5 for me, maybe that high because it is good and energetic and I get why half the world loves it, but that low because it's just not my favorite sty...
  • Sakib
    My first One Piece manga...And with Luffy, my journey begins, a long journey, with Luffy and so many characters to come, in the Golden Age of Piracy...I must be a brave guy, to start something so huge and detailed as this manga; those who watch its anime or are following the manga know how much time it'll take to see the finishing of this epic and long voyage of pirate adventures...I've decided to read the manga rather than watch the anime, it'll...
  • Sydney
    The author, Eiicho Oda, created, One Piece, because as a kid Oda was interested in pirates and being a manga book artist/writer. Af first, he submitted a book called Pandaman for a contest. At the age of 17, he submitted his work called, Wanted!, and this won several awards. At the age of 19, he looked back on all his work and decided to create, One Piece, which included some of the main characters from his previous works. He worked as an assista...
  • bakanekonomama
    One of the best manga, ever. And my most favorite manga all the time. It's part of my teen life and now part of my adult life. You have no idea how much i love this manga. I laughed like crazy one time, and cried like a baby the other time. So many tears have falling down since i read or watch this series. I cried when Nami lost her mother. I cried when they were in Sorajima. I cried (a little) when i read Robin Neechan's story of Ohara. Oh, i fo...
  • Adnan
    It is one of greatest Japanese manga. More than nine million copies are sold per month in the world. The manga is about one boy who will change and rule the entire world.Pirates King (Roger) lets everybody know about his treasure which is called ONE PIECE and he hides it in the grand line before he is executed by the hand of a Navy organization ruled by bad people. Twenty two years later, a young man(Luffy)starts his adventure journey to look for...
  • Indah Threez Lestari
    #Program BUBUPertama kali dibeli dan dibaca pada bulan November 2002.Yesss, akhirnya aku menemukan satu set lengkap dari nomor 1 - 59, untuk menggantikan set One Piece-ku yang menguap tanpa sisa!Ini salah satu serial komik favoritku yang wajib kubeli ulang. Dan, ya... tentu saja kalau dibeli ulang juga wajib dibaca ulang :D
  • Sercan Çelik
    mükemmel bir manga daha.. korsanlar kralı olmaya çalışan Luffy yi anlatıyor hem macera hem komedi ya :Dtamamı ne zaman çevrilir Allah bilir keşke bunları da Death Note kadar hızlı çevirseler :))
  • Tarinee Prasad
    Awesomeness overloaded :):):):):):):)
  • Patrick Adekunle
    I am probably gonna give every volume 5 stars.Because One Piece is one of the greatest adventure stories ever.I started it 12 years ago and since then...well, you can imagine...Eiichiro Oda never fails to come up with new exciting adventures for Luffy and co., and don't even get me started on the Straw Hat pirates...To cut the long story short, One Piece is a masterpiece!
  • Gavin Abdollahi
    So, this is where it all began...This is the beginning...Of a masterpiece.One Piece is by far, the best anime/manga that I've ever seen/read. My one regret is that when I started watching it, I was still pretty immature, and wasn't able to "experience" it the way I should have, which is why I'm tempted to re watch and or read it again. Though, of course, 700+ episodes and 600+ chapters are kind of a letdown...It may be long, the anime's been runn...
  • Maria
    Here we go: 913 chapters and running. I’m really curious how long it’s going to take for me to catch up. Let’s go, man.
  • Jan
    Entah kapan terakhir kali aku baca komik ... Gara-gara ke'cupet'anku,, gara-gara short judgement-ku,, gara-gara ego,, bertahun-tahun aku gag nyentuh komik sejak terakhir aku baca komik detektif yang IQnya 160 tuh sapa namanya sampe lupa,, akhirnya,,Aku memaki teman-temanku yang maniak komik,, aku mencak-mencak karena seolah hidup mereka untuk baca komik,, aku bahkan jadi kelewat sensi karna tiap ada yang bahas komik, kupingku panas,, terlebih One...
  • L A i N E Y
    Awesome start to an awesome series. I ADORED this earlier art style so much so that I can't get over the fact that it's changed exponentially. It's like 'I don't even know who you are anymore' kind of feeling as the seires goes on. LOL
  • Huda
    Oda is really a genius mangaka. One Piece is one of those masterpieces that will continue to be an all-time- favorite.
  • Mo
    I want to to say Oda is amazing. The story and art are gifts to the reader. Iove the pirate concept. It totally adds frivolity to the story in a good way. I will elaborate later after work. I just finished this manga at lunch. :-)
  • Jamie (Books and Ladders)
    Chapter 1: 4*Chapter 2: 3.5*Chapter 3: 4*Chapter 4: 4*Chapter 5: 4*Chapter 6: 4*Chapter 7: 4*Chapter 8: 3.5*Overall Rating: 3.875*I think this is a really interesting opening to what seems to be a really promising adventure. The chapters are short which makes it really easy to read. However, this also doesn't allow too much to actually be developed in each chapter. There were some character backstories in this volume that were over in the blink o...
  • GrilledCheeseSamurai
    It's summer and I wanted something fun to read in the park -- so begins the looooong ass journey of working my way through this series.I'm not a complete newb to One Piece - I have seen a lot of the anime but this will be my first time reading any of the Manga.First impression? God damn, Eiichiro Oda, you draw a pretty awesome picture. I mean - that art though, hey? Perfectly suited for the tone of the story! I have to remind myself not to breeze...
  • Catarina de Carvalho
    This is my first time reading manga and I really enjoy it, gonna be honest.
  • L. McCoy
    Heard lots of good things about this series, now I know why!What's it about:The main character of this story, Luffy, has wanted to be a pirate ever since he was a little kid. 10 years later he starts sailing the seas and if he can find a treasure that has been being searched for ever since the golden age of piracy he will officially be king of the pirates.Pros:The story is a good one. I haven't read many pirate books. My knowledge of pirates come...
  • Nyaore
    Ah, One Piece. One of the few shonen titles I can not only actively stomach but also love a good deal. Many might be turned off by virtue of the art style, slow start, and the target demographic - that being adolescent pre-teen boys - but if you stick with it past the Baratie arc you'll find a real gem of a series. Eiichiro Oda is the kind of author I wish more aspired to emulate. While his stories aren't overly complicated, and some twists can b...
  • Yue
    I have finally! read One Piece. It has been like a 'must read' in my list. Why? a) Because it popularity (looks like it is a tie between this and Naruto). b)Because there is going to be a convention in my town next month, and there are always TON of stuff related to One Piece. c) Because my favorites Japanese idols LOVE One Piece.Honestly I barely had an idea about the manga. I only knew that the MC was Monkey D. Luffy and that it was about pirat...
  • Adelaide
    One Piece is definitely a series I would recommend. I admit that the overall plot of the Straw Hat crew's adventures is getting somewhat repetitve and some variations. But, the part which captured me the most is the characterization.Eiichiro Oda is good at drawing the readers in through the characters' past and their interaction. A web is woven between the characters, connecting them together (whether as enemies or allies) and drawing us into the...
  • Adam Spanos
    AND SO IT BEGINS!!! * sound of intense jungle drumming *One Piece, Vol.1: Romance Dawn is the beginning of what promises to be a grand adventure. The story is very interesting and it keeps me wanting to read more. Also it helps that Luffy is a great character. I loved every chapter in this volume. It is definitely a great read and I look forward to more adventure. The missing star is because of the art that is something to get used to. Overall th...
  • Kaja
    One Piece will probably be forever one of my favourite mangas. The main plot is really easy to understand: Whoever finds the treasure of Gold Roger, the King of the Pirates, will become the new King. And Monkey D. Luffy is one of the pirates that sailed out in the world in order to find the legendary One Piece. The more the story progresses though, and more characters are introduced, the more complex everything becomes. I can't tell anything beca...
  • Larka Fenrir
    Romance Dawn Arc ☸ 0001 ~ Romance Dawn - L'alba di una grande avventura☸ 0002 ~ Rufy, il ragazzo dal cappello di paglia☸ 0003 ~ Roronoa Zoro, il cacciatore di pirati☸ 0004 ~ Il capitano della Marina Morgan mano d'ascia☸ 0005 ~ Il re dei pirati e il più grande spadaccino☸ 0006 ~ La prima persona☸ 0007 ~ Amici Orange Town Arc (1di3) ☸ 0008 ~ Arriva Nami
  • Книжни Криле
    Какъв по-добър начин да отбележим 20 годишнината на „One Piece” от ревю на първите седем тома, знаменитото начало на епичната (и комична) сага, издадени на български от „Студио Арт Лайн”! Прочетете ревюто на "Книжни Криле":
  • Min Li Li
    Hmm dört puan mı versem beş puan mı versem kararsız kaldım ama dört verdim gitti. :D200 küsür sayfa olsa da manga olduğu için bir sayfada beş ya da en fazla altı cümle oluyor,bu yüzden yarım saatte bitti ve beklediğimden iyi çıktı.Fuardan ikinci cildi de alınacak. :D
  • Leah
    I don't know how much more of this series I will read, but this is a fun book, with some good characters. I still don't don't know how I feel about manga, but this was a nice way to spend a few hours.